How much does it cost to start an haute couture line?

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How much does it cost to start an haute couture line? There is no doubt that when it comes to dressing, many people are attracted to expensive clothes. That’s why nowadays it’s very common to see a line of haute couture even in shopping malls. So, if you plan to start in this fashion sector, you should know how much it costs to start with an haute couture line.


And is that the question of how much does it cost? It is usually the most common when starting a business. First, you must start by knowing that if starting a clothing brand requires a lot of money, an haute couture line will require a lot more.


How much does it cost to make a garment?


BluCactus - haute couture lineMaking a couture garment is expensive, which is why an evening dress or tailored suit can cost thousands of dollars. That’s why, to start with an haute couture line, you must invest in all the necessary elements to make pieces of clothing of the highest quality.


To start creating an haute couture garment, tools are required to make the designs. Then, it is necessary to detail which are the materials needed to begin the work.


Haute couture is characterized by the use of the best fabrics found around the world. That’s why designers have to travel from one place to another to find the best fabrics and textures. The more exclusive the fabrics, the more expensive they will be.


Appliques for dresses are also a detail that cannot go unnoticed. Expensive beaded appliques, pearls, lace, and much more are used for haute couture dresses. At this point, we could not give an exact price since it will depend on the elements you choose for your haute couture line.


Finally, we cannot fail to mention other essential materials such as needles, buttons, threads, mannequins, colored bobbins, scissors, tape measure, etc. In short, these items are part of your initial investment for your haute couture line.


Haute couture also has a large following


BluCactus - haute couture lineAlthough haute couture has a large following, be aware that not everyone can pay a high price for an evening dress or a tailored suit. So when you start your business, you probably won’t have a lot of sales. This, unless you’re already close to luxury fashion and meet celebrities and important people who don’t skimp on prices when it comes to complementing your wardrobe.


In the same way, to attract the attention of your target audience you will need to carry out actions that surpass the competition or otherwise few people will be interested in your brand. Consequently, apart from having the money to invest in a couture line, it is important to use marketing strategies to create an action plan that will boost your brand, but on this point, we will concentrate later.


For now, the most important thing would be to focus on all the money it will take to start a couture line. However, if you don’t have enough money to start your clothing line in a physical store, you can create a website for online sales. Similarly, this process requires a lot of money since an e-commerce site must have a perfect interface for the customer to enter and to follow the purchase process with ease.


How to start an haute couture line through an e-commerce site?


BluCactus - haute couture lineAs we have already told you, if you want to start your haute couture line on an e-commerce site, for now, you have to take care of a lot of details. To begin, if your line focuses on making evening dresses, you should be in charge of displaying them well. In other words, in an image your product should be the highlight, so the background illustration should not steal the limelight.


Similarly, your e-commerce site should have an interesting aesthetic and a professional appearance. After all, being an exclusive site for haute couture, it must be associated with luxury and exclusivity. Remember that the public looking for haute couture apparel loves the word “exclusivity”. That’s why they don’t mind paying a high price for the products of their choice.


For example, if a customer is looking for an haute couture dress but the website is poorly organized or not related to the prestige it should offer, this customer will look for another e-commerce site that has a design that truly represents high fashion looking to acquire that evening dress that they want so much. In fact, put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think about what your choice would be if you find yourself in a situation like this.


Starting a couture line is expensive


There is no denying that starting a couture line is expensive, regardless of whether you create a brick-and-mortar store or an e-commerce site. So we will refer to the costs related to both options.


Cost of an e-commerce site for a couture line


Creating an e-commerce site for a conventional clothing line isn’t the same as creating an haute couture line. A website requires a good design and functionality. After all, if it’s slow there will be problems related to the time people stay on your site. As a result, your conversion rate will be at a disadvantage.


In the same way, it will be necessary to create an infrastructure. And for this, you will have to make considerable expenses to boost your e-commerce site dedicated to haute couture. These would be other expenses that cannot go unnoticed when creating an online store:


  • Domain
  • Applications and plugins.
  • Theme
  • Configuration expert.
  • Web development.
  • Marketing and SEO.
  • Personalized design.
  • Accommodate
  • Payment process.

An investment worth carrying out


As you can see, an e-commerce site to start your haute couture line takes a lot of investment. However, you can be sure that as long as you do the whole process correctly this investment will be worth it. To do this, you can hire the services of a web design agency, as well as a team with experience in marketing strategies for haute couture.


Regarding prices, you should take advantage of your e-commerce site to display all the clothing items for sale. It’s best to use one page per product. So, if you have many products, the development of your site will require a minimum investment of $ 5000.


Then the maintenance for this service can be up to $ 30,000. However, this price could be less depending on the number of pages that you remove or include. To do a complete estimate for your e-commerce site, you could pay up to $ 100,000 to display your haute couture line if you hire a web design agency.


Of course, these prices could be lower depending on the items you add to your e-commerce. Although you must remember that for an haute couture line the investment will always be higher.


Cost of a physical store to start an haute couture line


BluCactus - haute couture lineIn general, a physical store is usually more expensive than an e-commerce site. However, this will depend largely on your goals. Of course, it’s worth understanding that a physical store of traditional clothing will be cheaper than a couture line.


You must also look at different data. For example in Spain, clothing stores have high profits. This is because its streets are full of haute couture stores.


To start with an haute couture line you will need to rent a store. And to find one with a good location you may have to pay around $1000 per month. Besides, to this amount, you must add the costs of services or the improvement of the premises, if warranted.


Real Estate


BluCactus - haute couture lineSimilarly, for your haute couture store, real estate will be essential. This alongside other elements such as fitting rooms, shelves, point of sale, among others. You must buy for your haute couture store items of the highest quality to create a luxurious and sophisticated environment. As a result, there’s no doubt that you will need to spend a large amount of money. Only in this way will your store be a functional and characteristic space of haute couture.


In a conventional clothing store, you would need to invest a minimum of $2,900 to acquire the most useful items. This means that for a couture store you may need to double or triple this amount.


For a physical store, you should also think about your employees who will be in charge of customer service. Followed by this, you must hire professional seamstresses. After all, haute couture dresses require a perfect finish. And as you can imagine, this also takes a lot of money.


These prices are only an estimate. Since you need to take into account other expenses that correspond to the initial inventory ($30,000 as a minimum amount), or other factors.


Did you like this post?


The information in this post can help you create your budget to start your own haute couture line. In the same way, you must analyze this market. This way, once you start creating your garments, you won’t leave aside the distinction and exclusivity that fashion lovers expect. After all, these people have no problem paying a lot of money for their clothes.


Now, merging a physical store and e-commerce is the right choice to keep up with the fashion world. Let’s not forget that it’s full of talented haute couture designers.


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