How much does it cost to open an online shoe store in Canada?

BluCactus - How much does it cost to open an online shoe store?

How much does it cost to open an online shoe store in Canada? Maybe your dream is to set up a shoe store, but you don’t have enough resources to set it up physically. If so, don’t worry! Don’t panic. All is not lost. You can mount it online. After the pandemic, it will even be a better business. After all, since 2020, online purchases have been increasing at a significant pace.


In this case, footwear and fashion are currently one of the busiest businesses in the world. All you have to do is go to the nearest mall to see the number of shoe stores.


So, if you want to open your own store, you’re in the right place! Today, Blucactus will teach you how to set up an online shoe store in Canada.


To set up your online shoe store, you must consider these previous steps because even if it is necessary, you must assess the situation in terms of the location. And your case, being online, you have more skills which should lead you to analyze that shoe store online, competition and investment. All these aspects correspond to the feasibility plan.


  • Viability plan. As you can see, this plan is the study of the market, starting with your SWOT matrix, which means: Strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats. You can use models collected online.
  • Operations plan. Once you make your SWOT matrix, you must create a document called an operation plan where you write down everything you will need in terms of personnel, machinery, suppliers, and supplies such as electricity, water, and everything that includes services.
  • Marketing plan. Once the operations are finished, I invite you to develop the marketing plan, which is a document that includes the most specific study, for example, how many online shoe stores you have in the area, how often people buy, what they look for, what they need, prices, how is your buyer persona. After you have this information, you will be able to calculate how much the cost of your online store costs and maintain it and obtain the prices taking into account the competencies and the benefits.
  • Financial plan. After the marketing plan, we come to the financial one, which is a study that provides the initial investment you need to set up an online shoe store and the monthly maintenance and investments. From this result, you can assess if you need something else or have the money to start. I am more than convinced that after you finish this article, all doubts will be resolved, and if not, we invite you to ask us in the comments because we are more than active in helping you. Follow me to know more!


How much money does it take to open a shoe store in Canada?


If you are a shoe lover, I invite you to dream and fantasize, above all, to make that dream of achieving it come true because it is possible. As I told you before, 2020 and generation Z has caused an incredible impact of an increase in online stores, so I invite you to follow it and give your all to meet the needs.


We all need shoes, everyone. So I invite you to learn what is involved when it comes to opening this online store, where you include the determination of the amount of money needed.


Also, you will need to meet certain factors for your online shoe business to succeed, such as:


  • Inventory. To obtain this inventory, you need to make your business plan that I proposed above and then, from there, find the shoe suppliers and depending on the cost. You will be able to get the investment.
  • Location. We already know that it is online, but segmentation also depends so that people know where to locate you. In addition, will you make international shipments? Only national or regional? That is why it is important to make it very clear.
  • Advertising. The publicity of your new store is important that you take it into account because this will promote your business and make it better known. Ads on social media, ADS, and supplementing it with advertising on television, magazines, or billboards will also help attract customers.
  • Operating costs. Your shoe store will be an instant sensation. However, to achieve this, you must build a customer base that will follow you and help you become profitable. Determine how much you should spend on the web, cleaning, development, programming, updates, and hosting to have an exact amount of what you need.

How to start an online shoe business in Canada?


I recommend that you follow these steps so that your online shoe business is prosperous. I assure you that you will not fail!


  • What is the name? The name is identity. It is by where they will know you, so you must register it in an administration office of your city or county. Get a supplier license through the same office for taxes.
  • Target customer. Do you already know who you are going to sell to? Women, men, children? Sectorization is important and determines what type of footwear you are willing to sell: casual, dress, beachwear …
  • What is your provider? I recommend looking for a wholesaler or manufacturer for your online shoe store. There is a website called, and there you will find wholesale distributors. You should call and find out what services they offer, as this will keep inventory low. Choose the one that offers you the lowest cost per unit.
  • Create a website. At BluCactus, we have the best ideas for you and your online shoe business. We have designers who will make your website look spectacular, and we also generate the necessary content to position it.
  • Create a URL with the name of your store. Check sites like to make sure that the address is available, and buy the domain to open up more sales opportunities for you.
  • Submit the site to search engines in this step, where we can also help you. We have the best specialists to boost your business and position it on the main google pages. We will help your business be seen and known with content through slow marketing.

How profitable is it to put a shoe store?


Easy, a lot… like… a lot. As you already know, footwear is a basic need. We all need it. If you choose a good focus, more people will be interested in you and what you sell.


For this, we recommend analyzing your buyer persona. Identify their needs to cover them as much as you can.


Besides, it would be best if you also studied customer reviews. After all, this is where you will know the pros and cons of your skills. It will help you not fall for them or give you an idea so that your online business is the best.


Would you like us to help you open your shoe store in Canada?


BluCactus - Linn Larsson - Contact usAt BluCactus, we can help you wherever you are. We specialize in the creation of web designs and in addition to SEO positioning in related searches. Within our expertise, we can help you position your online shoe store so that you can reach more people.


We also specialize in understanding the creation of the branding and content of your business, and we help you develop it.


Likewise, we guide you to put together strategies to promote it. You can contact us on our website for more information! Are you interested in getting the best help from the best specialists? Contact us! We are here to assist you.

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