How much does an advertising campaign cost?

BluCactus - How much does an advertising campaign cost?

How much does an advertising campaign cost? A lot of businesses use advertising campaign to enhance brand visibility and drive customer engagement. However, one of the most common questions that arises is, “How much does an advertising campaign cost?” This is a very frequent and recurring question. Giving an exact amount isn’t an easy task. After all, today some many freelance companies and individuals offer advertising and digital marketing services with a variety of costs. Whatever option you choose, everything will depend on the plans or services you select for your company or business.


A complete digital marketing plan is going to be much more expensive than if you go for individual services. An example of this is a person who only wants paid advertising from Instagram.


In a case like this, the expense will be less than that of someone who chooses a plan with paid Instagram advertising, email marketing service, auditing, segmentation, etc.


But what is the price of each service?


Determining the specific price of each advertising service is challenging because costs can vary widely based on numerous factors, including geographic location, industry, campaign goals, and the specific strategies employed.


Advertising cost will depend on the type of service and who provides it. For instance, a company with a recognized track record and reputation will have higher prices than one that may be in its infancy. 


Besides, for people who work independently, their cost will depend on where they work. That is if they work from home or a place or office. After all, they must pay rent or a team for other activities in charge.



So, the price will depend on:


  • The type of project to contract. Everything will be subject to the plan you choose.
  • The amount of money to invest in advertising campaigns, for example, the amount of money to invest in Ads.
  • The level of competition in the market where your product or service lives.
  • The labour costs of the agency or person you hire.
  • Before proceeding, note the following:
  • Advertising is a plan made up of a set of strategies to promote the image of your business in the first place.
  • Its visibility, as well as its position in the market and, of course, generate and boost sales.


A well-prepared and applied advertising campaign must be positive. This way, it can give you a return of more than double what you invested. Thus, giving you fruitful results constantly every month.


For this, the most appropriate thing is to lean towards the preparation of a personalized budget. Here, you must focus on the needs of your company and what you want to achieve in the short, medium and long term.


Advertising services


There is a wide variety of services that you can choose to start your marketing plan, among which are:


Digital advertising


It seeks to quickly attract new people to convert them into customers. It does this through advertisements on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, online games, etc.


The strategies it uses are:


  • Images and layouts for ads Any design that is made to be shown in advertisements on the web, social media, and mail, among others.
  • Writing the copy or message for the publications All that writing that will accompany your publications.
  • Advertising campaign by product or project All strategies aimed at promoting your product or service.
  • Landing Page or Landing Page in the ad The landing page is a page within another, which seeks to attract and invites the person who is browsing to enter it. In this case, the Landing Page would be that of your company.
  • Replies to comments  It is a service in which the person who manages your page or platform is in charge of responding to the comments, messages or questions that the public carries out.
  • Weekly optimization It’s a follow-up of statistics and metrics on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. This is where you can see the growth or decrease of your website or social media. It includes its movement, and interaction, among others. Now, in this area, prices can range from $120 when they are basic services to $205 when they already include more specific products.

Social Media Management


It’s a service responsible for publishing the posts of images, videos, and stories, as well as interacting with the public (replying to messages, and comments) and creating advertisements within the application.


The tools to apply are usually the same as those used in digital advertising: design and writing of publications, response to comments, landing page, incorporating it:


  • Promotional video It is based on the creation of a short video in reel or TikTok format, adjustable to the requirements of social media. All this is to present a brand, product or service in a dynamic, simple and easy to remember way.
  • Creation of paid advertising Or as it’s also known, they are ads, which is the abbreviation of “advertising”. This is basically about choosing a publication, normally the one with the most interaction, to promote it. This is done by paying directly to the application. So, if we want to promote on Instagram, we must cancel within the same platform and choose the promotion options. About this type of social media management service, prices range from $179 for a basic package to $260 when they include more specific services.

Web-page design


BluCactus - How much does an advertising campaign cost?Another highly requested and necessary service for a company is the design and creation of web pages, for their support and help to your business, since there you will be able to gather all the necessary information so that your clients can access it quickly and easily.


Part of the actions that are executed to create a web page are:


  • Domain name It is the name that your website will have and by which it will be identified, known and found in search engines.
  • Web hosting Explaining it simply, it is the rental of space within the server, where we are going to place all our information so that it is available on our page and works optimally.
  • Writing messages refers to all the texts that are going to be included within the page.
  • Images Those images that will illustrate your site. They will be a complement to the graphic content that is designed.
  • Contact forms It is the design and placement of forms to capture customer data. It is a very important tool because in this way you can create your client portfolio.
  • Administrator This is a service in which a person is in charge of periodically updating the content of the page, as well as carrying out the proper maintenance of it for its proper functioning. Costs for this range from $125 to $420.

SEO positioning


BluCactus - How much does an advertising campaign cost?It is responsible for ensuring that your website appears among the first at the time of an internet search related to your product or service.


This type of service works through:


  • Keywords It is responsible for introducing keywords on your website and in the articles, blogs, and texts that it contains so that thanks to this your site is one of the first in sight.
  • Writing articles Given the above, it is the writing of texts for articles or blogs within the web page that contain phrases, data, words that redirect the person to your company’s site in the search.
  • Traffic report Like social media metrics, this report is about the traffic within the website, based on visits, subscriptions, interaction, etc., delivered periodically to the client. Costs range from $66 to $150.

Design and logo


This is a super important stage when managing your advertising campaign. It is strongly linked to the branding of a brand and contains all the graphic content, design, colors, logos that will be created to give your brand identity and distinction from the rest. Through design, you will be recognized and identified in the future. A design package can range from $80, $85, up to $115


Now, since you know the costs per service individually, you can get an idea or calculate a budget based on this. However, in global terms, these are the general costs agencies offer for each specific package:


  • Digital Advertising: between $100 and $750
  • Social Media Management: between $50 and $1,000
  • Design and creation of web pages: between $65 and $300
  • Web positioning: between $100 and $1,000


Be clear that, as we have already defined, these prices will depend on the services you choose, the type of project you have for your company or business, the type of product, the frequency with which you request products such as tracking, paid ads.


If you hire a company or go with a freelance.


In case you go with the second, you need to know that this person probably works together with other people, who charge separately, and the amount has nothing to do with the freelance you initially went to.


Besides, your needs and objectives are what will determine the services you should hire and the breakdown of expenses will start from there.


Also, remember that many companies adapt to your budget and can work according to it.


Just define what you want and start your action plan for digital success.

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