How to create a LinkedIn Ads strategy to attract (and convert) more B2B customers

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LinkedIn has become one of the best platforms to land B2B prospects, that’s why businesses everywhere invest part of their budget in creating content and networking in this professional social network. So, on this same note, today we’ll show you step by step how to create a LinkedIn Ads Strategy to attract (and convert) more b2B customers.


This platform has become popular among professionals around the world and is an excellent way to get new clients for your business. As a result, here’s a guide on how to create a LinkedIn Ads strategy to attract more B2B customers.


What is LinkedIn Ads or LinkedIn Advertising?


BluCactus - how to create a linkedin ads strategy - computer with important informationWe know that LinkedIn Ads are all those previously paid ads created with the purpose of advertising on this platform. In it, we can find different types of campaigns adaptable to the needs of all companies.


However, if you want to create a successful LinkedIn Ads strategy, you must first have a clear set of objectives. With this in mind, you can start by asking yourself what you want to achieve with these campaigns.


Once you establish your goals, you must then start to work on those strategies that will grant you the best results for your company. In this sense, we know that advertising on a social media platform targeted towards professionals is no easy task. However, we promise you that with the correct knowledge and practices, you’ll achieve all your goals.


Why should you create a LinkedIn campaign on LinkedIn Ads?


BluCactus - how to create a linkedin ads strategy - computer with important informationThis is a social platform with many potential users as it targets many companies and professionals.


Because of this, it’s the best platform to carry out a paid campaign to attract B2B transactions and thus make them part of your fixed customers.


Due to the great growth of its users and a large amount of valuable information, LinkedIn Ads campaigns have become one of the best strategies to get new deals.





The 11 advantages of advertising with LinkedIn Ads


BluCactus -BusinessThis type of advertising has many benefits for your business or account. Because of this, we’ll show you 11 advantages you can get by learning how to create a LinkedIn ads strategy.


More business opportunities


The wide amount of professionals from different fields that this platform offers allows you to connect with a specific target suited for your business.


Besides, what’s also great about this platform is that thanks to it, you can grow your list of contacts. As a result, you’ll be able to give your brand a greater reach.


BluCactus - how to create a linkedin ads strategy - person workingThe ability to contact professionals and leaders in your sector


LinkedIn paid ads allow you to easily connect and reach your target audience.


As a result, this makes it one of the biggest advantages of this type of advertising.






BluCactus -InShareRecommend and be recommended by contacts


We know how common and powerful word-of-mouth recommendations are for businesses.


However, social media took this to another level by working on these aspects from the digital point of view.


On this platform, you can become an opinion leader within your sector and thus improve your reputation.




BluCactus - how to create a linkedin ads strategy - person workingBeing part of opinions, debates, and forums


This platform has several specialized groups for each sector and industry in which you can attract your target audience.


Besides, within these groups, you can also get involved and be aware of the newest trends.


As a result, you can discuss new discoveries with people from your sectors.



BluCactus - how to create a linkedin ads strategy - person workingFinding the best contacts for your business.


This tool is perfect to meet and discover those providers who suit your business best.


Promoting your products or services.


Social media is great to promote your products and services.


With the help of a paid tool like ads, you will have the opportunity to reach new consumers and different companies.


BluCactus -StatisticSee statistics about visits to your profile.


Ads bring with them a lot of interaction and are ideal for statistical studies and analysis.


On the other hand, this tool won’t only help you discover who your followers are, but also the behaviour of those new customers.





BluCactus -NetworkingNetworking and traffic.


Even if we talked about this before, you must know that networking is a fundamental aspect of this platform.


This is because it allows you to keep in contact with those in your sector who may find your content relevant.


Besides this, traffic is what will help you boost your social media and with it, all your business’s channels.




BluCactus -CellphoneProfessionals who provide you with other knowledge.


Being a platform filled with human talent, you’ll be able to get more information from different professionals in your sector. As a result, you’ll be able to add new knowledge to your network of contacts.


Connect with other social media platforms or with your blog.


If you want to make yourself known to new followers, LinkedIn Ads is ideal for promoting your content through its different communication channels. Hence, why ads of this type are so special to your business.


BluCactus - how to create a linkedin ads strategy - computer with important informationPromote courses, seminars, conferences.


Thanks to this type of advertisement, spreading the word about your events has never been easier.


With it, you’ll be able to easily promote your events to people interested in your materials, courses, seminar, and webinars.





Objectives of LinkedIn ad campaigns


BluCactus - KnowledgeThe first step of any advertising campaign is defining the objectives you want to achieve with it. Moreover, these objectives can be in terms of knowledge, perception, or conversions. Defining your objectives is a vital aspect that you can’t leave out to create a LinkedIn ads strategy.




This type of objective focuses on reinforcing how your brand is perceived by others.


On the other hand, it also helps new users know about you and have a good impression.


BluCactus - how to create a linkedin ads strategy - person workingPerception


The perception objective refers to how you see yourself represented in different communication platforms and channels. These are the ones that will bring you the most interaction on your website, in the visualization of videos or different online platforms.




Conversions cover many aspects. For example, these can be the generation of new contacts through advertising, conversion on the website with increased traffic, or sales conversion.


The factors that determine the price of LinkedIn Ads


BluCactus - how to create a linkedin ads strategy - cell with important informationSeveral elements will shape the cost of a LinkedIn Ads campaign.


Here we explain the most relevant ones.


  • Target audience: depending on the number of people you want to reach, the cost of your campaign will increase or fall below a budget.
  • Objective: Depending on your advertising campaign, you should consider certain strategies when creating paid ads. These will have different costs to position your website’s positioning.
  • The number of ads: this is very simple, depending on the number of ads you want to place the cost of the campaign will increase or decrease.

Types of LinkedIn Ads campaigns


BluCactus - how to create a linkedin ads strategy - computer with important informationLinkedIn’s campaigns and ads aren’t the same. The first is the set of actions and tactics that help you to advertise your business, brand, product, or service. On the other hand, ads can be images or texts to promote the product or service that you want. Here we explain the different campaigns you can run with LinkedIn Ads:


  • LinkedIn sponsored content campaign: these are all the ads found on the dashboard of the selected target.
  • Text ad campaign: These ads appear in the sidebar of your LinkedIn account feed.
  • Sponsored InMail campaigns: these types of ads are more direct and personalized since they straight-up reach the mailbox of your audience.

Take a look at the different types of LinkedIn Ads 


All the ads on this platform have different advantages, but before using them, you must first discover each one. Once you do this, you must figure out which one is the most appropriate for your business. Some different types of ads are:


Image Ads


BluCactus - how to create a linkedin ads strategy - computer with important informationThey are very popular on this platform tend to be highly visible so that every visitor can see them. Image ads are recognizable because they work with visuals, a title, or headline of up to 50 characters, and an intro text that uses up to 150 characters.


Each of these images has dimensions of 1200 × 627 pixels. Today, the CTR obtained by this type of advertising is between 0.5% and 1%.


This means that they have a very good performance and work excellent to make yourself known on this platform. Besides, they are a great strategy to generate leads or visits to your website and thus increase the traffic of your site.


Text Ads


BluCactus - how to create a linkedin ads strategy - computer with important informationThese types of ads are entirely created by texts. LinkedIn ads of this type have three elements within their structure:


  • Title: 25 characters maximum.
  • Copy: 75 characters maximum.
  • Image: 50 × 50 pixels.


Although these types of ads are less visible than those that contain images or videos, their conversion rate is still powerful.


A well-written text ad can attract many new customers and more leads to all your communication channels.

Carousel Ads


BluCactus - ADSAs the name implies, these types of paid ads contain multiple images displayed together and one after the other like a carousel. This type of publication and ads has become popular since Instagram began to implement them. These ads have these characteristics:


  • Text: 150 characters maximum.
  • Images: There is no limitation for these images, also known as cards.


Each card has a structure of:


  • Title: 45 characters maximum.
  • Image: 1080 × 1080 pixels.
  • Destination page: each page can be redirected to the same site or a new page for each one.


These types of ads are ideal to show the history of a company or its progress in one of its projects as a sequence.


Video ads


BluCactus - how to create a linkedin ads strategy - computer with important informationThese ads are shown in the feed or on the home page of your LinkedIn account. They are short videos with attractive images and sounds able to grab the attention of your customers. The structure for this type of ad is:


  • Video
  • Qualification
  • Text at the top.


Once you have this structure in place, these are the requirements that your ad must meet to be truly effective:


  • It must be in MP4 format.
  • It should not exceed 200 MB.
  • Dynamic ads.


Video ads, or better known as dynamic ads, work based on dimensions of   pixels and are ideal for capturing the attention of your users and potential customers.


How to create your LinkedIn ads strategy step by step


BluCactus - how to create a linkedin ads strategy - people workingCreating paid ads isn’t easy, and it’s one of the elements most sought after by professionals in the area. After all, paid advertising has been proven to offer great benefits for businesses in all sectors.


In this blog, we taught you the types of ads that you can use to create your LinkedIn Ads strategy and grab the attention of new clients. In fact, this type of strategy has been very successful when promoting new brands, products, or services. This is because paid ads increase customers, the percentage of sales conversions, and the number of interactions within each of your business channels.


Here is a basic guide to create your own LinkedIn ads strategy and convert more B2B customers:


  • Create an account in the Campaign Manager


BluCactus - how to create a linkedin ads strategy - person workingFrom the moment you create your LinkedIn profile, you should start working on your LinkedIn campaign manager account.


For this, you must first go to the “products” button and then click on the “advertise” button.


The platform will then ask you for certain information for your account and to start working on your ads.


Some of the most basic information that you will have to provide will be the name of your account, the LinkedIn page you will use and the currency your clients will use to pay. You must be very careful when filling in this information since some parts of it can’t be changed once added.


  • Select your goal


BluCactus - TargetSelecting the objective of your campaign will be the next step.


Here, you’ll also have to disclose information about whether you have carried out any type of campaign like this on any other social platform such as Instagram, Facebook, or Google.


Once you define your objectives, you’ll have to select the type of campaign that best suits them. The available objectives are the following:


  • Knowledge: brand awareness.
  • Perception: website visits, interaction, and views.
  • Conversions: lead generation, website conversions, and job applications.


  • Define the right audience


BluCactus - how to create a linkedin ads strategy - person workingSegmentation is an aspect vital for the success of any advertising campaign. By knowing your audience, you’ll be able to target them and achieve your goals quickly. To define your ideal audience you must:


  • Select language: the language in which you are going to create the ad. This language will determine the audience you’re going to address
  • Select location: country, province, town, etc.
  • Select the basic characteristics of your audience: company, demographic characteristics, education, work experience, interests, etc.


If you’re having some difficulty defining your audience, you can also do it through Matched Audiences. This is a LinkedIn retargeting functionality that uses the data you input to segment the users who visit your website.


  • Choose your favourite ad format.


BluCactus - how to create a linkedin ads strategy - person workingNow comes a much more fun part of the process, which is selecting the format or type of ad that you’ll use for your campaign.


In this campaign, you can choose many kinds of formats.


For example, text-only ads, videos, and carousels among others.


We recommend working with the type of paid advertising that fits your target audience the best. By doing this you’ll be able to create the best LinkedIn ads strategy.



  • Set up conversions


BluCactus - how to create a linkedin ads strategy - computer with important informationOnce you have selected the schedule of your ads along with the type of work that you’ll do, you can set up the conversions.


To carry out this configuration, you must have the conversion tracking option enabled within your campaign manager (in the first step of our guide). Then, you must add the code of the website you want to analyze. For this, you have to fill in the data that the platform requests. Once everything is set up, you’re ready to start making your first LinkedIn ads.


You must take your time to perform every step within the configuration and programming process of your campaign. This is because this kind of data can be changed once written. In other words, don’t make any mistakes as you won’t be able to change the information provided.


  • Create your ad


BluCactus - how to create a linkedin ads strategy - person workingOnce you have each of your elements defined, it’s time to start working on your ad. We recommend creating several ads for the same advertising campaign and switch them from time to time. This way your followers won’t get bored, and you’ll be able to grab their attention.


To create your ad you will only need:


  1. The introductory text.
  2. The landing page.
  3. The designs.
  4. The owner.
  5. The description of each of the images.


Create each of these ads along with their description to have your own LinkedIn Ads campaign.


Tips for making better ads on LinkedIn


BluCactus - how to create a linkedin ads strategy - person workingWe know that creating campaigns like these isn’t the easiest thing to do. Getting your ads to meet your goals and reach your target audience can be a challenge. Because of this, here we offer you some tips that will allow you to create a successful LinkedIn ads strategy.


  • Segment your audience by groups: reduce your audience into small groups according to their needs and tastes. This way you will be able to reach your audience efficiently.
  • Create Eye-Catching Texts: Although this is a professional platform, not everything should be about your field. Don’t be afraid to play with dynamism and colours, dare to be eye-catching to catch the eye of your followers.
  • Good images: what’s important is to invest in high-quality images since these are going to be your cover letter. It’s proven that an image says more than a thousand words and if an image is pixelated, you won’t have much to say to your clients.
  • Perform tests: tests are important to know which the types of ads that work best with your audience are. On the other hand, you can also perform A / B testing to find out how to get closer to your prospects and industries. It’s about testing until you find one that has the highest number of interactions.

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