The key to stand out in your industry: Learn how to create a memorable brand personality

BluCactus - The key to stand out in your industry: Learn how to create a memorable brand personality

The key to stand out in your industry: Learn how to create a memorable brand personality. A brand goes much further than a few colours, a logo, and a range of products. All the elements that represent you in a visual, sensory, emotional way or the feelings that you manage to make your clients experience are part of your brand. What happens to these brands that we cannot forget or get out of our heads? What is the fundamental factor that makes them so unique? Today, we’ll explain how to achieve a strong, memorable brand personality that is easily recognizable by your audience.


What is brand personality?


BluCactus - memorable brand personalityWe must first understand what a brand personality means. This is the name given to the set of qualities, characteristics, or emotional elements that people associate with a particular company. This can range from the brand’s behaviour with its audience to the tone with which they communicate.


As you already know, the brand personality isn’t all about the logo and the colours of the brand. In fact, these are just part of what your brand’s personality really is. If brands don’t have a unique, marked, and defined personality, they will likely pass under the table and their audience won’t identify them.


Each of these elements will help us recognize a company among thousands of others, and its values ​​will remain in our mind permanently as long as the company branding managers know their followers well.


BluCactus - memorable brand personalityBrand personality attributes


The qualities or attributes that every brand must have are divided into three groups: basic, valued, and differentiating qualities.


  • Basic: They’re those that define and cover all the brands in the same sector or industry, that is, they all have the same characteristics.
  • Valued: These are aligned with the added value of your business and aren’t always similar to those of the businesses in your industry.
  • Differentiators: Without a doubt, these are the ones that really allow you to stand out.

How to create a brand personality?


If you want to create a brand personality that really impacts and remains present with your consumers or potential clients, you must take into consideration various elements. Here are some steps that can work as a good guide to work on the personality of your business:


BluCactus - memorable brand personalityWrite the story of your brand, memorable brand personality 


Creating a story around your business and developing a storytelling strategy is an excellent way to talk about the moments that led you to where you’re today. Start from how the idea came about, what was the purpose, who was involved, thank all the members who helped you, and motivate them with your growth story.


Establish your value proposition


The value proposition is what makes you different. That extra element that you will add to the lives of your clients. This is what will make them feel better in their day-to-day. Some of the elements that you must define are your target audience. In other words, the people to whom you’re going to sell your message and values. Then comes the objective of your brand, this will be your north and the one that will help you take action at all times. After it, the main benefits, those that will satisfy the most important needs or desires of your customers. And finally, the main differentiator, that factor that makes you stand out among all brands.


Once you have defined them, you will have a clear set of steps to take. This way, the value proposition will be easier by putting all these elements together.


Create your mission, vision, and values ​​as a brand, memorable brand personality 


For the mission of your brand, you must explain who you are, why you do what you do and where you want to go with an inspiring message full of motivation for the future.


On the other hand, the vision goes a bit more towards a realistic expectation of the goals you have as a business for the future.


Values ​​are all those elements that represent your brand in the most emotional sense possible. Your brand may have a long list of values, but when explaining them to your client, try to take the three most important. This way, it will be much easier to digest.


Define your brand identity


When you have a brand, you have to think of it as if it were a person.


Your business has a first and last name, aspirations, tastes, and needs just like anyone else.


Take some time to think about how your brand would be if it were a person.


What would they like? What do they do in their day-to-day?


By having this information, you will know what it means to have a strong and memorable brand personality.


Confirm the brand personality, memorable brand personality 


By this point, you’re more than ready to define your brand personality. Now define the personality according to the adjectives or traits that your brand may have. For example, if it’s outgoing, reserved, private, shy. After all, this information is important to let your customers know who you are.


After this, study what are the words or phrases that don’t define you as a business. Once you do, avoid them at all costs. Besides, you should also understand your way of speaking and communicating with your clients. Not all businesses have to have a euphoric voice and tone, some are more sober and serious. Find out which one is yours to satisfy your customers, connect with them and create eternal links.


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