How to Embed YouTube Videos in PowerPoint?

blucactus - How to Embed YouTube Videos in PowerPoint?

How to embed YouTube videos in PowerPoint. Microsoft Office is a very popular set of applications because it allows us to display any information. Companies in Canada can use PowerPoint to create amazing presentations, even adding YouTube videos. Now, the question would be: “How do I embed YouTube videos in PowerPoint?”


In this post, we will explain the steps to follow to add YouTube videos in PowerPoint. In this way, you will be able to get the most out of your presentations by adjusting them to the needs of your business model. The truth is that, by doing this task, you can start, pause, or use other options to display videos on your slides with outstanding professionalism.


How to add YouTube videos in PowerPoint


By following the steps below, you will know how to insert YouTube videos into PowerPoint in a very easy way:


  • Open PowerPoint 


blucactus - embed youtube videos in powerpoint - ppt presentationsFirst, we must open the Office program where we want to add the video.


In this case, it will be PowerPoint. Once the tool is open, we must go where the video will be inserted.


Then, we click to place the cursor and select the “insert” option that appears in the main menu of PPT.


This way, we can choose the video option in the multimedia section.


  • Select the Online Video Option


blucactus - person using laptopAfter clicking on the tab below the video option, we find two sub-options. The first is an online video, and the second is a video on your PC. In this case, we must opt ​​for the online video option because it is the one that interests us.


After clicking on the online video, a small window will appear where we must write the online URL. Therefore, we must go to YouTube to choose the video we want to add. To comply with this step, we can copy the URL or link.


However, those who have Microsoft 365 or PowerPoint 2019 can upload a video directly from YouTube, and it is much easier to speed up the work. This is because you only have to choose this option and use the magnifying glass to search for the video’s title.


Following this, we must paste the URL into the PowerPoint window and click on the “impulse” option. This way, we will see how a selected control automatically appears with the video. Thus, we have the opportunity to resize to the size we want. Also, we can add the video in a specific place to appear in the presentation. Once we have completed this step, when playing the presentation, click on the video so it can be played within the same presentation.


  • In Case of Adding a Video Without an Internet Connection


blucactus - person using laptopThere may also be the case where we prefer to put a YouTube video to PowerPoint without an internet connection for playback. To do this, we must download the video we want for our presentation previously from YouTube. In this way, once it is saved on our computer, we can add it to PPT.


Notably, to comply with this step, it is crucial to know how we can download a video from YouTube. The good news is that many reliable pages or apps do this type of download.


In this way, once we have downloaded the video to our hard drive, the steps to follow are similar to those already mentioned:


blucactus - embed youtube videos in powerpoint - ppt presentations

  1. We open the presentation where we want to add a YouTube video.
  2. We are located in the exact part where we want to place our video.
  3. We select the menu option Insert> Multimedia> Video, and then the option of Video on my PC.
  4. Then, we select the video from the folder where it has been saved, and we will see how it is added automatically.


Likewise, we can follow these steps to add more videos on different slides in case we need to add more multimedia content. However, it is essential not to abuse it to guarantee the quality of our presentation. Remember that less is more, and there is no need to clutter our slides with lots of videos.


Embedding YouTube videos in PowerPoint is Very Easy


blucactus - person using computersAs you can see, adding YouTube videos to your PPT presentations is very easy. Just add it in the location and size you want.


Additionally, you can add the video of your choice and play it without needing an internet connection. Keeping the video in the corresponding path is essential to avoid any inconvenience when playing it.


However, the same YouTube company clarifies that Internet Explorer 11 must be installed to play YouTube videos in PowerPoint. It is not necessary to carry out an Internet search, but it is a function that must be on the computer to do it—the functions above. Therefore, you can do it online if you still have not downloaded it.


Do You Need to Embed Videos in Your PPT Presentations?


blucactus - embed youtube videos in powerpoint - ppt presentationsEvery day more companies use PowerPoint. It is one of the most effective tools for creating easy and simple presentations to reinforce your company’s marketing strategy. With the steps we have given you, you can embed YouTube videos in PowerPoint to give accurate information to your audience. In addition, it is a way to expose content that is easier to understand.


If you do not have time to make this type of presentation for your company, at BluCactus, we can help you. Our marketing specialists and content creators are at your disposal to design the presentations you need as a business owner.


Did you know that PowerPoint presentations provide many benefits for your company? It does not matter what your industry is, as there are different materials you can use to display ideas and accurate information. Contact us now to discuss your project and give you the advice you need.


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