How to make a blog business plan in 2021

Blucactus - How to make a blog business plan in 2021

How to make a blog business plan in 2021. If you want to be a successful blogger, you need to have a sound blog business plan. Without having a great plan, you won’t be able to create a successful blog. We have seen tons of bloggers minting millions of money via blogging. That’s because they have an amazing blog business plan from the beginning. 


So, if you want to create a blog that generates millions of dollars, then keep on reading this article till the end. 


In this blog post, we’ll take you through a step-by-step process on how to create an award-winning blog business plan.


A blog business plan is something that will help you in navigating through the storm and will keep your blog on the top. It will also help you in turning your passion into profits.


What makes a blog a business?


Blucactus-What-makes-a-blog-a-businessA blog can easily turn into a profitable business, provided that you work hard with a good strategy. Bloggers like Pat Flynn, Harsh Agarwal, and many others have created a successful business with the help of their blogs.


If they can, even you can make a blog business easily by following the right steps and advice. Following are the basic foundations that will help you in creating a successful blog business plan.


  • Developing content strategy.
  • Learning how to drive traffic.
  • Learning how to monetize your traffic.


The monetization step is the most important one, as it will help you in generating income through your blog. And if you are serious about creating a business around a blog, your monetization strategy should be top-level.


In order to execute all three elements, you need to have a stunning blog business plan. 


What is a blog business plan all about?


Blucactus-What-is-a-blog-business-plan-all-aboutA blog business plan is the road map of your business. It outlines your blog, and it will help you in setting goals and how to achieve them easily.


Apart from this, there are four other benefits of having a blog business plan:


  • A blog business plan gives you a clear picture of what you want to get.
  • It will help you in staying ahead of your competition.
  • It will help you in dealing with challenges and issues.
  • A blog business plan will help you create a blogging business.


A smart blog business plan is just like a road map. If you follow it wisely, you’ll soon create a successful business via blogging. Of course, there is a lot of hard work and effort that is required in order to create a successful blog business plan. 


But if you have a passion for blogging, then you can easily achieve this goal.


Now let us dive deep into our core topic and understand how to create an amazing blog business plan that generates millions every year.


1. Define your goals


Blucactus-1-Define-your-goals - How to make a blog business plan in 2021First things first, you need to define your goals. This includes picking up a blogging niche, buying a domain and hosting, deciding your targeted audience, and so on. 


You need to select a blog niche in which you are passionate. When it comes to selecting a niche, the sky is the limit. There are tons of niche ideas available which include photography, marketing, finance, food, lifestyle, and so on. 


However, you should select a niche in which you have some amount of knowledge and passion to share the information.


Once you have decided on your niche, you need to understand your targeted audience. You need to know what kind of content they love, what their biggest problems are, and how you can help them in solving their problems.


After deciding your targeted audience, you can select a proven monetization method that will help you generate income. There are tons of blog monetization methods available on the market. 


BluCactus - How much does Google Ads cost? - professional personFollowing are the few top-rated methods:



We would suggest you go with affiliate marketing for blog monetization. Because that is where the real money is. Successful bloggers focus on affiliate marketing to earn money via blogging. 


2. Do competitors analysis


Blucactus-2-Do-competitors-analysis - How to make a blog business plan in 2021Without doing a competitor’s analysis, you cannot think of launching your own blog. First, you need to learn from your competitors. Later on, you can launch your blog in your own style. 


Spying on your competitors will help you get great ideas about content, as well as their blog strategy. You can also track which keywords they are targeting and how they are making money. 


We do in-depth competitor analysis just to find out the top-performing keywords of our competition. 


So, how do you start with competitor research?


Blucactus - keyword research is the key

  • Start with keyword research. Track all the top-performing keywords of your competition with the help of tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs. You can also use free tools like ubersuggest.


  • Check out their articles and blog posts. Go through each article and look at what type of content they are posting. Are they uploading how-to guides, review articles, or listicle content? 


  • Examine how they are earning money. Look for their monetization strategy. Are they using ad networks or affiliate links in their articles? 


Once you do the competitors’ research, you need to decide how to set your blog apart from your competition. With thousands of blogs being launched every day, you need to come up with the ideas and solutions that can set your blog apart from others.


3. Start and grow


Blucactus-3-Start-and-grow - How to make a blog business plan in 2021Now here comes the fun part- to start and grow your blog into a profitable business. Starting a blog is very easy, but growing it into a profitable business requires a lot of effort and hard work. 


When you start your blog, you need to play your cards wisely because your blog will be the primary business asset for you. 


Following are the things that you need to look into while starting your blog:


  • Create a good design and site architecture so that users and search engines find it easy to crawl and navigate your website
  • Create all the important web pages like the about us page, contact us, privacy policy, and disclosure.
  • Select a good domain name and web hosting plan. Your web hosting will play an important role as it will help you in improving the speed of your website. 
  • Create and submit your sitemap to Google. Until and unless you submit your sitemap, you won’t be able to rank your blog posts on Google. 
  • Install all the relevant plugins on your website to make it SEO-friendly.


4. Create a traffic strategy


Blucactus-4-Create-a-traffic-strategy - How to make a blog business plan in 2021Traffic is the currency on the internet. Without having a good amount of traffic on your website, you won’t be able to generate any income via your blog. If your primary source of earning is ad networks, then you need to have a hell of a lot of traffic on your website.


If your earning source is affiliate marketing, then you can also make money with a little amount of high-quality traffic. 


So, how do you get traffic to your blog?


Well, the answer is quite simple. There are two popular ways by which you can get a good amount of traffic on your blog. First, run paid ads online. Second, do SEO and get free organic traffic. 


If you have big pockets, then you can opt for running paid ads online. Online ads will help you in getting a good amount of traffic at a quick rate. However, all your traffic will fade away once your budget is optimized. 


We suggest you go with SEO as it is the best way to increase organic traffic to your website. Also, you don’t need to spend a penny on improving your rankings with the help of SEO.


Apart from this, SEO can also help you improve your conversion rate to the next level. 


Following are the ways by which you can win the SEO game:



  • Create highly SEO optimized content that is 2000+ words long and well optimized for search engines and users as well.


  • Once you have created content, it’s time to create backlinks. According to some research and studies, backlinks are the number 1 ranking factor on Google. Although you can rank a few of your content without links, still consider making high-quality backlinks from day 1.


  • You can also start syndicating and promoting your content on social media sites Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 


5. Check for progress


Blucactus-5-Check-for-progressChecking your work progress is a critical task as it will help you take preventative steps in case of deviation. It will also help you stay on track with all your blogging activities.


Your work progress is nothing but a road map that will push you forward in achieving your blog business goals.


Following are some things that you need to keep track of.


  • First, you need to keep track of all your top-performing keywords with the help of SEO tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush. You can also take the help of Google Search Console if budget is your constraint. 
  • Have a clear content publishing pattern and follow it for life. If you have decided to upload two content per week, then make sure you follow it.
  • Monitor your traffic and SEO. 
  • Keep auditing your website so that you can get better rankings on Google and other search engines as well. 
  • Track your competitors’ SEO performance. 


You should keep on checking the progress every month. This will surely help you in creating the best blogging business ever.


6. Launch and optimize


Blucactus-6-Launch-and-optimizeThe next in this list of 7 tips for creating a blog business plan is to launch and optimize your blog. Building a profitable blog takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. So, you need to make sure that you keep on optimizing your blog again and again. 


Optimizing is not a one-day activity. It is something that you need to do continuously. When it comes to blog optimization, you need to look into on-page and off-page activities carefully.


On-page activities include title, meta, URL, image alt, and heading tags optimization. 


Off-page activities include PPT and PDF submission, link building, article submission, guest posting, social book marketing, and a lot more. 


You also need to focus on the technical aspects, as it will help you keep the overall health of your website neat and clean.


7. Do not quit


Blucactus-7-Do-not-quiteThe last in this list of blog business plan is to not quit. No matter what happens, don’t quit blogging at all. We have seen many bloggers quit after 1 year because their blog is not generating any income yet.


Remember one thing, blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is something that requires a lot of time, hard work, and, most importantly, patience. 


You need to think of blogging as a long-term strategy that will give you results after a few years of hard work and dedication. 


So, no matter what happens, do not quit blogging once you start it.


Whenever you feel like quitting blogging, watch some motivational videos or read the story of successful bloggers like Pat Flynn, Harsh Agarwal, or Neil Patel. Follow their advice and tips and learn from them. 


You can also consider following them on social media and start reading their blog.




Blucactus - Contact usBlogging is a wonderful business opportunity, especially in 2021. It can help you in generating millions of dollars online, provided that you work hard and take it seriously. 


Successful entrepreneurs have built their businesses around blogging. Pat Flynn and Darren Rowse are great examples of such bloggers. But you need a blog business plan to make millions out of blogging.


And if you follow all the 7 steps mentioned in this blog post, then no one can stop you from creating a successful blog. These steps won’t give you quick results. We already mentioned that blogging is a long-term game, and it is not a get-rich-quick scheme.


If you keep on implementing all the tips mentioned in this post on a regular basis, then you’ll surely succeed. 

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