How to use Google Meet in 2021?

BluCactus - How to use Google Meet in 2021?

How to use Google Meet in 2021? The COVID-19 pandemic brought many negative things with it. However, not everything was bad, as it brought a new way of working from home, all without having to take off your pajamas.


After a few months of uncertainty and others of adaptation, we were able to begin to understand this new normal. Where having meetings from your home was a novelty and seemed almost impossible for all of us in the past. However, this also meant that many new applications, tools, and new technologies were abruptly introduced into our reality.


One of them was all the platforms to make video calls from anywhere in the world. Among them, Google Meet stood out for being owned by one of the largest search engine platforms.


Today, we offer a guide on the use of this tool. In short, this is a brief explanation of all its basic functions to start using it with your co-workers. However, we will also talk about other tools as great alternatives to make group work video calls, personal or even for yourself to record video and content.


What is Google Meet?


BluCactus - How to use Google MeetYou must first know this tool before you start using it. Google Meet is a platform for video calls created by the technology company Google.


However, Google Meet was previously known as Hangouts and it remained that way until 2017 when they changed their name after an official launch.


Through this easy-t0-use tool, you can make group video calls on different devices.




How does Google Meet work?


BluCactus - How to use Google MeetThe first step to start using Google Meet is to have an active Gmail account. By having it, you will be able to access, and use, not only Google Meet but also other tools from Google.


After this, you must have on hand a device to access your account and connect to the tool. It can be your computer or phone; you can even use a table. All you need is for your device to be compatible with this app. For this, you will need at least Android 6 or iOS 12 onwards.


If you prefer to use it on your mobile devices, the idea is to download this application on your cell phone or tablet through the Android PlayStore or the App Store for iPhones. Once you have it downloaded, it will be much easier to log in. On the other hand, if you make your video calls from your desktop computer, you only have to enter the tool’s page.


How to use Google Meet?


BluCactus - important dataHere’s a step-by-step guide to starting using Google Meet.


Pay attention to it and you will be able to meet anyone at any time!


  • Go to or from the application on your mobile device


It does not matter if you are doing it from your phone, tablet, or desktop computer, the first thing you should do is enter your Google account and once there open the Google Meet page or enter the platform application.


  • BluCactus - important dataClick on «Start new meeting».


Once inside the platform, look for the button that says “start a new meeting” and click on it.


Just below this button, you will have other options for your meetings.


For example, if you need a meeting for later, for right now, to add to your calendar.


Select the option that best suits what you need.


  • Done! Now work with the selection you took


BluCactus - How to use Google MeetOnce you have the link to your meeting, you can start adding people to the meeting using the “add others” button. By clicking it, you will be able to enter the name of the people you want to meet with. In fact, you can even add the details of the meeting, such as the date and time.


Upon completing this information, the people who have just joined will receive an email notification, which includes the direct link to your meeting. From there, they may or may not accept the invitation.


If you wish, you can select if this meeting will be recurring and send an invitation to all the people you added in the email. This will be scheduled once in your Google calendar and, if they accept, in those of the guests. Do not forget that when you hold these meetings, it is extremely important that you title the meeting and give a short description of the reason for the video call. This will allow your contacts to have a clear idea of ​​what will be discussed during it.


Alternatives to Google Meet that you should know about


BluCactus - How to use Google MeetEven if this tool is free, you need to use a premium account for some functions. For example, if you want to have a video call and record it, you will not be able to do it with a free user account.


This can be very problematic for some people who need to make frequent video calls and prefer to save them to not forget what was discussed in each session.


But 2020 gave us many tools like these to have a different experience in terms of meetings or virtual sessions.


That’s why we would like to give you a list of options with similar characteristics. Some also offer more functions and different skills that can be of great help for your future meetings:




BluCactus - important dataThere’s no doubt that this tool has stood out this year. In fact, it’s now Google’s meet direct competition in the whole market. Zoom is another video calling platform that has a free version with many features. Today is the most popular platform for online classes and work.


Among its functions, you will find that all participants can ask for words before speaking. Even if this gesture is pretty simple, it’s very useful for meetings with many people. After all, it allows you to organize and manage the development of the video call.


You can also apply a beauty filter to give your face a different look. Some users do this to be more pleasant, awake, or attractive when having an important meeting. Another very interesting function that zoom has is that it allows you to launch a live survey during the meeting to get people’s opinions while the session is developing.




BluCactus - How to use Google MeetA new small company that is gradually becoming more noticeable among internet users is Jiomeet.


This platform is a great alternative due to its endless number of controls and ways to manage a video conference session in an orderly way. Jiomeet allows you to have up to 100 people in the same call in its free version.


If you want an account for this platform, you only need a mobile number and that’s it, you have the possibility of using this tool for your video calls.


However, one of the biggest downsides to this platform is that it doesn’t have any customization options. Otherwise, this tool is an excellent option to communicate with your team, friends, or family anywhere.


BluCactus - How to use Google MeetMicrosoft Teams


A free tool designed for educational centers. With this Microsoft platform, you can create conferences for hundreds at the same time.


This is perfect for online education.


However, we must say that it isn’t very easy to use.


This is thanks to its interface, which isn’t as intuitive as others on this list.


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