How to increase your leads through Lead Magnets?

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How to increase your leads through Lead Magnets? When launching an Inbound Marketing strategy, it is important to include lead magnets in your content. In fact, there are many options that you can use to generate a greater number of leads, you just have to know how to take advantage of it.


What is a lead magnet?


BluCactus - important dataThis definition is very easy to handle since a lead magnet is content that can be applied through a template, an e-book, and even a webinar.


Also, all this content is offered to people who become visitors to a particular website. Similarly, in exchange for this content, the objective is for the visitor to leave their contact information to carry out the creation of a database.


There are many types of lead magnets, however, if you want this plan to be effective, it must be interesting to your target audience. What is the main idea? Getting the visitor to become a lead, and then establish a connection with them. This way, the purchase process can flow naturally, but this will require conviction through quality content.


BluCactus - important dataWhy are lead magnets important?


Now that you understand what is a magnet, you should also know its importance.


You may find the magnet process very easy.


After all, you only need to share content in exchange for collecting your user’s contact details.


However, you must know how to create interesting content to encourage your visitors to buy. In the same way, a clear example of lead magnets is e-books. This is because you can find many of them in different blogs.


Importance of lead magnets


BluCactus - important dataLead magnets are now the most important content in an inbound marketing strategy. Because of this, learning how to correctly use them is vital. After all, with good lead magnets, you will be able to easily reach your visitors. As a result, you can also accompany them throughout their purchase until they become potential clients.


If you haven’t used these resources yet, you can still use them on your blog or website.


After all, they are the best means of finding new visitors. In fact, for visitors, it is very attractive to enter a blog or a website and find a lead magnet that they can enjoy for free. Also, since it’s “free”, users can’t resist them, especially if the content offered is of high quality.


What are the most common types of lead magnets?


BluCactus - important dataTo use lead magnets, you must know which are the most common on blogs and websites. That’s why we’ll show you a list of excellent ideas:


  • Online courses
  • Guides in PDF
  • E-Books
  • Studies
  • Special offers and discounts
  • Infographics
  • Editable templates
  • Checklist
  • Product or service demos
  • Striking discounts
  • Original videos


These lead magnets are some of the most widely used on the web. However, there are many other resources that you can use through your inbound marketing strategy to pursue the same goal. But what is the objective of this? To create digital content as a strategy to offer material that can capture user data.


How to generate more leads through Lead Magnets?


Something you must never forget is that when having e-commerce, the more satisfied your visitors are, the easier it will be to increase sales and reach your target audience. For this reason, if you haven’t already done so, you should start generating better leads magnets:


Focus on user interest


BluCactus - Lead Magnets - important dataOnce you start creating the content for your website, you must think about your buyer persona, that is, their needs and what they want to find on your website. Similarly, we recommend researching the content that may be best received by your visitors.


Your target audience must feel satisfied, and for this, you must offer high-quality material adapted to trends. In the same way, as long as your content has a good elaboration, it will add more value to users.


A very professional way to find out the interests of your visitors is through the Google Analytics tool.


However, you could also add surveys on your social media to learn a little more about the tastes of your users.


Choose the right content scheme


BluCactus - Lead Magnets - important dataThe E-book format is one of the most used for blogs. This is because users will be very curious while downloading this material, expecting the content to be much better than what is offered on other pages. For this reason, this is usually a good strategy.


Regarding the structure of your content, it must be well-designed and focused on your objectives. Besides, regardless of the content, you offer on your website, it should always respond to the concerns of the audience. Only in this way will you get them to come back to your site again.


Special materials, online courses, and webinars are also resources that can work on your site.


What kind of content do users prefer?


BluCactus - Lead Magnets - important dataAdvances in technology have also influenced the world of marketing. For this reason, today’s user prefers audiovisual content, which means that videos will be an excellent format to include on your site. So, it’s best to put your creativity into practice to deliver tutorials that grab your audience’s attention.


Chances are that by this point, you are still a bit confused about what kind of content will benefit your website. However, you must have a good handle on this issue to offer free content.


You must also understand the exchange you are looking for, that is, all the free content that you offer on your site must be exchanged for the email addresses of your visitors, and to achieve this you must offer quality material.


How to create relevant content through a lead magnet?


BluCactus - important dataTo generate more leads through lead magnets, your free content must be interesting and exclusive. For this reason, we will explain which content will suit your visitors the best to convert them into customers and increase sales:


Downloadable content 


Offering downloadable content is a formula that will not fail on your website. However, for its effect to be indisputable, the content to be downloaded must be located within a publication that deals with a specific topic. Of course, this downloadable material must be of high quality and add value to the related topic.


What could be the downloadable content? An e-book or an online course, since they are contents that can solve users’ doubts quickly.


BluCactus - important dataCheck list 


These are a good resource for lead magnets, as they can be the perfect solution to a question from a particular user.


Besides, this type of content is very easy to develop and will be of great use to your audience.


When you offer certain content on your site, you can offer a checklist explaining the most relevant points of that topic. By doing this, you will be including a beneficial lead magnet for both you and the user who is reading the content.


BluCactus - Lead Magnets - important dataWebinars 


If it is about effective lead magnets, webinars are one of them, if your objective is to get new subscribers.


With webinars, you can make interesting lectures online, and include different contributors for more fun participation.


In terms of time, you can hold these conferences in real-time or delayed.


Besides, to create a more entertaining moment, you can use applications where users can also have the opportunity to participate.


BluCactus - Lead Magnets - important dataFree courses 


This is one of the most effective lead magnets for users to become customers and enter the sales funnel. In fact, when users register for a free course, it’s a big step for your brand because they will be making a connection with it.


Free courses offer many advantages for your site, so why not try them?


You may think that this is a bad idea since you won’t get any money from them. However, this is perfect to increase your site’s authority to get relevant links.


BluCactus - Lead Magnets - important dataCoupons and discounts 


If your website works like an e-commerce platform, discounts must be part of your marketing strategy. Coupons and discounts are a great option to attract new subscribers and whoever feels like entering the purchase process.


Tests and demos 


One of the best options for your site is trials and demos, as they allow your visitors to learn about your products and benefits before going through the purchase process. Of course, these trials and demos will be free, which means that they are a great way to convince users that they should buy your product or services.


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