How to use influencer marketing to boost your brand?

BluCactus - How to use influencer marketing to boost your brand?

How to use influencer marketing to boost your brand? We always talk about how if a brand doesn’t live in the digital world, it is like it doesn’t exist. Therefore, today many brands use different tools to promote themselves, and one of them is influencer marketing.


However, it cannot be denied that there are still doubts regarding the meaning of influencer marketing. Today, this is a very innovative modality belonging to digital marketing. In fact, this is why brands have been using it for years now. In other words, it’s highly relevant for brands.


When is a person an influencer?


This type of marketing is here to stay. So, if you still don’t understand why is it so important, don’t worry. Today, we’ll clear all your doubts. When we talk about influencers, we mean people with a certain facility to connect with the audience on social media.


In fact, influencers have the power to generate actions and even influence the perception and opinions of other people. Now, here’s where you may ask: How do they do it?


Today, influencers are relevant people in certain segments. This is thanks to their recognized job in the world or by knowing how to build the loyalty of their audience.


Another point to take into account is that until recently, influencers were celebrities from the world of modeling, singing, acting, and athletes. But now that times have changed, some people were totally unknown and are now important agents of influence.


The advantage is that the digital environment allows people to become known, and through the content generated by influencers they can reach millions of people.


How to do influencer marketing?


BluCactus - How to use influencer marketing to boost your brand?At the moment many influencers are collaborators of large or small businesses since they are a good option to connect with the target audience.


For this reason, influencer marketing has become very relevant, since through this tool any audience can be reached for the following reasons:



Similarly, it is also important to pay attention to the fact that influencers are not the ones who exclusively have millions of followers. Currently, the term micro-influencer is also used, and they are people who can reach smaller niches by generating conversions to benefit companies that seek a reduced target audience.


What is the role of influencers?


BluCactus - How to use influencer marketing to boost your brand?To use influencer marketing, apart from taking into account what we have talked about so far in this post, It is also important to determine that there are different forms of association, and we will explain it to you in a very simple way.


First, some influencers work by exchange, that is, they receive a free product or service and then promote it through their social media. It could be said that the exchange is usually very frequent, although there is a more profitable form of association.


When influencers manage to sign a contract with a certain brand, they can generate income, and at the same time become true representatives since they will obtain income promoting the products or services of a brand continuously.


Now, when there is a contract between a brand and the influencers, they will begin to carry out massive campaigns as an important agent of the company to strengthen the branding campaign.


In the influencers marketing also this other form of association, and in this case they would be “the ambassadors of the brand”. 


This is often the highest level for an influencer since there will be a contract in between for them to be the official brand ambassador.


Besides, as a brand ambassador, the influencer must fulfill different tasks to spread the reach of the brand.


How to use influencer marketing?


Some concepts are critical and must be understood to use influencer marketing. The idea is that brands implement an action plan based on marketing strategies consistent with their objectives. The good news is that this type of marketing can fit any brand regardless of its sector or size, although it will be necessary to take into account certain elements so that it can work:


Market Segments 


Each company belongs to a different market segment, but they all want to achieve good results through good marketing strategies. However, it cannot be denied that there are specific sectors where influencers have a greater reach:


  • Sports
  • Fashion and beauty.
  • Games
  • Politics and news.
  • Technology
  • Food and health.

Content types 


BluCactus - How to use influencer marketing to boost your brand?There are many methods that you can use to reach the audience. Besides, the advantage is that influencers can generate any type of content. This way, they can use different platforms to show that content taking into account the channel that the audience of a certain brand uses the most.


It is also necessary for brands to add value to the type of content that they want to be used to promote their products and services. In this way, the audience will be able to understand the campaigns perfectly.


This is the type of content most used by influencers to make effective campaigns:


  • Publications on social media.
  • Posts and stories on Instagram.
  • Podcasts
  • YouTube blogs.
  • Blog posts

Influence level


It’s worth noting that the level of influence of these people isn’t only to promote the desire to consume. Opinion and your ability to promote, make a brand’s campaign successful is the most important thing.


That’s why there are many levels of influencers and each of them can transmit their credibility in different ways:


  • Opinion leaders such as journalists, academics, or experts on a certain topic.
  • Famous
  • Athletes
  • Artists


These would be the key concepts to understand how to use influencer marketing. Now, you can create a specific and 100% effective campaign.


BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


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