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How to work with influencers to boost your brand. Turning your brand into a thriving business is an arduous task that is not just about selling. That is why we must have the right people to help us promote. Which has led many companies to form strategic alliances with important figures such as influencers to make this happen.


In this sense, at BluCactus, we want to guide you through these steps and provide you with the right tools. So that you know how to work with influencers to boost your brand. And also, everything you need to know to put this task into practice that I guarantee will deliver excellent results.


First, you should know that influencer marketing has been considered for several years in branding management as a lifesaver. Which, even in the pandemic, has managed to get many out of the mud. And if you wonder why that is, it´s because this strategy manages to increase the reach, engagement, and sales of your brand as well.


How to work with influencers?


BluCactus - boost your brandI want to start this article by telling what an influencer is. And they´re nothing more than a person who has a presence on social media and a significant number of followers.


Their opinions impact and have prestige since everything they generate is shared and commented on.


They create trends, which in turn, build opinions and this ends up being called influencer marketing.


They can be celebrities, who are very famous characters with many followers for their exposure in the media. Or simply a user of social media who is known for what they show on their account. They tend to work in a specific niche.


The presence of influencers in social media has been common for quite some time. Because the recommendation that one consumer makes to another is highly valued. We live off the reviews and what people say from other places. Or it hasn’t happened to you that before going to a restaurant, you check Yelp or some internet reviews. The least you do is try a new place and recommend it. Or maybe you go there on the recommendation of another.


That happens with influencers, their opinion matters.


So, this is what we take into account when we´re trying to implement a marketing strategy in a company. Its main goal is for the character to influence the decision or behavior of the user.


How to use influencers for your brand?


The influencer promotes the brand and positions it to generate that sale. Adding this piece to the gear can have benefits, humanizing your brand and putting a face that identifies it.


Also, it manages to filter the information that circulates in your niche, which makes your opinion have great reach. It´s an immediate multiplier.


So, if your company is choosing to have one of them to generate popularity for the company in social media.


And at a low cost, I suggest you take note of some things that could help you.


What is your target audience? 


BluCactus - boost your brandYou must define it very well. First, you need to know what your audience is interested in, what are those stories catch their attention. With which brands do they interact, so you can find that right influencer. Because no, it is not just about just getting anyone. You also have to consider the age range, gender, location, level of education…


With these details, you´ll be able to understand where your expenses are going, and which posts attract attention. You should also research their beliefs, hobbies, and values ​​to post based on your common interests. If you think about age, you set the publication schedule accordingly… and so on.


What are the goals? This is another very important step that you must take when setting this campaign. This way, we increase visibility, sales, followers, or you can build a database for your brand too. Remember that the status of your current marketing campaign also depends on the location of the target audience.


Find the right influencer. 


BluCactus - boost your brandAs I told you, to choose the right influencer you must follow some guidelines. You can start by studying their ability to get reactions and generate opinions. Their interaction with followers is what characterizes them. In any case, the important thing is the quality, not the number of followers that you have. Besides, the implication in the topic.


In this sense, look for those that have a medium level and that show authentic relationships with their followers. The important thing is that you understand that everything you post has a goal. And that´s why the influencer´s brand must fit your style if it´s aligned with the idea of ​​your company. Try to know if the audience matches or approaches your ideal target. 


Follow the influencers back. 


The best way to connect with the influencer is by interacting. Follow their socials and create a relationship and then add it to the marketing plan. So, if you have no idea who it may be, turn to influencer marketing platforms to see the recommendations. That will guide you to choose the person who best suits you.


In case you think you can´t make these steps work, contact us. Because at BluCactus we have the best experts who can help you study a good influencer marketing plan for you.


  • The content plan. You must make everything very clear. The best way is through a content plan. So, establish the number of posts, the frequency, the format, the accounts to be mentioned … everything must be extremely clear and written. On top of that, you can include the hashtags, URLs, tags, and photos that you must upload. In this way, you ensure that the campaign is effective. Remember to also highlight what you don’t want to publish.
  • Analyze the scenarios. It´s not just about choosing the influencer, remember that you must evaluate other important aspects such as cost. The payment for this service should not be exorbitant. Additionally, the influencer must relate to your brand. Another thing is to define what the influencer you chose is going to publish. If it´s a review, recommendation, or just talk about your product that they already been tested. You can also try building content together to build followers and convert.


How to get influencers to recommend your product?


BluCactus - boost your brand - Linn LarssonConsidering everything that I mentioned above, you must create a link with them. It can be through an email where you show who you are and what you are looking for. Try to personalize the message and show your product, benefits, and what is the win-win of each one.


Insistence is a good weapon but never go overboard. If you´re interested in a particular influencer, you can let them know through email, DM, or just contacting their manager. But in the case, you don’t get a response, you need to know when and how to stop.


If you do not stop on time, you might annoy the influencer and they´ll only speak ill of you. So, if this person is not interested, it doesn´t benefit you to advertise with them, because they´ll not be genuine.


At BluCactus we hope that we have helped you clear your ideas on the subject. And you´re welcome to contact us for more information about our services. We also want to promote your brand. So, give us a call to find out everything we have to offer you!

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