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13 inspiration sources for your website. We have already discussed the importance of having good quality web design. If a site doesn’t have enough visual appeal to generate immediate engagement upon entering, users may abandon it for a competitor’s site.


In addition to the design, the site must also be functional, and it must respond to the needs and tastes of those who visit it.


We know that designing a website is not an easy task. You may have a thousand ideas in mind and want to incorporate all of them, but if you don´t know where to start, you can make mistakes.


To avoid failure at all costs and, on the contrary, guarantee the success of your website, follow our tips to create an attractive website design. In addition, we’ve also included 13 sites that provide design ideas and templates to follow.


What should you consider when designing a website?


Give relevance to the mobile version of your site


Nowadays, most people access the Internet through their cell phones. Thanks to the world’s increasingly fast-paced lifestyle, it’s become a necessity to have everything we need right on hand. Therefore, everything from answering a simple message or requesting a taxi service or food at work has become a task that needs to be resolved quickly and easily, which we can achieve with our devices.


That the selected theme is responsive


Due to the increasing rate of mobile Internet users, websites must focus on offering a mobile version, one that adapts to any screen size and provides a good customer experience.


BluCactus - sourcesGoogle´s help


Another advantage of prioritizing the mobile version is that Google positions mobile-friendly sites higher in rankings, thanks to increased traffic from mobile usersThis means that your site will be among the first results returned by the server at the time of a search.


Single page layout


To facilitate navigation and interaction on the site in its mobile version on smaller devices, it’s recommended to limit the design to a single page. By doing so, you can optimize scrolling and the customer experience.


Choose a simple and organized design


A simple design is not synonymous with a dull or unattractive one. With simplicity, there is speed. So, if your site has fewer details to distract users, it will be easier for them to locate what they’re looking for. Additionally, simpler sites run better in the mobile versions.


BluCactus - sourcesLook for legibility


A website with legible typography will make it possible for Internet users to locate what they are looking for quickly and easily. In addition, using an attractive font consistent with the rest of the design captures the user’s attention. Legible fonts also prevent visual fatigue caused by a small or difficult to read typeface. 


Another way to achieve this legibility is by establishing a typographical hierarchy. Mainly this consists of organizing the content or text by the relevance of each section and classifying them as the following:


Titles: these indicate the overall topic your post covers. Titles must have an adequate size and be visible, legible, and perceptible immediately. 

Subtitles: in a subtitle, the title’s content is developed a little. Subtitles are usually a smaller font size than titles. 

Paragraph: paragraphs develop the idea proposed in the title. They must also be written in a legible font and be smaller than the subtitle.


Ease of navigation


Another important detail that you should always try to incorporate is the ease of navigation. When a user enters a site and doesn’t find precisely what they’re looking for, they can easily become frustrated and leave the site. If your site it easy to navigate, users will be more likely to remain on the site, thus increasing overall visits to your site and, consequently, increasing your Google ranking. 


Design harmony


Another vital factor to consider is the harmony of your web design. Essentially, does the design of the website match your brand? Your web design should be consistent in color palette, elements, and specific fonts that are applied to any area in which the brand has a presence.


Additionally, a site should be harmonious in the sense that none of the design elements clash. There should be synchronicity and a relation between the site as a whole and each of its elements. For example, a single section of the site shouldn’t have different colors and graphic elements than the ones on the main page. 


Having this coherence in terms of design is synonymous with professionalism. And this, in turn, reflects the quality of the site and suggests security to the client.


13 sources of inspiration for your website


Sometimes we need a little inspiration to create something extraordinary. So, check out these 13 sites when designing your website and create a product that stands out from the rest.




This site has it all for free!


Zyro hosts many templates designed to be used on websites that are ideal to start with if you´re a beginner. They provide both modern and elegant options that will give your site a striking, professional look.


You only have to select the template of your choice and start editing according to your taste, style, and of course, your brand.


Advantages of Zyro:

It has a variety of themes to select from.

Their designs are responsive. That is, they adapt to various devices and their sizes.

In addition to web design, it offers the option of creating a logo if you require it.



SiteInspire offers a relatively wide and diverse gallery of web designs. They carry everything from children’s designs to much more formal options. This makes it easy to ensure that you find a design perfectly suited to your tastes. 


Advantages of SiteInspire:

It offers very easy navigation.

It has search filters to make it easy to locate designs.

They offer registration to keep updated with all their new designs and they have a membership option to get first-hand news.

They have a creator’s directory, where you can keep track of other people’s work that you like the most.




Awwwards is a complete site, offering many elegant designs and new content every day. Deciding which design to choose is the biggest problem you’ll face with this site. Its engine covers multiple categories, such as colors, labels, and technologies, among others.


A detail that makes it very reliable is that Awwwards is also dedicated to rewarding sites with good design, appearance, and development.


Advantages of Awwwards:

Web design experts endorse its catalog of designs. At the same time, the websites that use their designs are rated based on their use, content, and creativity.

If the search filter is very broad, you can narrow it according to specific requirements.

It has an informative blog section, which allows you to stay updated about trends in web design.



Pinterest is undoubtedly a good reference site to find inspiration. Its search field is quite broad, and you can find whatever you need, from color palettes, elements, backgrounds, and anything else you require.


However, while you can find a lot of quality material and excellent resolution, you’re also likely to come across low-quality elements that are not very professional.


Advantages of Pinterest:

It is an intuitive site; as you click on an image, it will immediately show you many more related to the initial search.

The pins or images that are part of the feed are presented vertically for better and greater visibility on the outside.

It offers you the creation of boards to save everything you like and attract attention in a classified way. You can even follow other people who upload content.

It allows you to insert several keywords in your search engine for more precision.

It has a premium option if you can afford to purchase paid content.




BluCactus - sourcesThis site is very similar to Pinterest, except that Designspiration focuses only on design topics.


Like Pinterest, it allows you to browse through the feed and save what interests you.


The difference is that it presents many elements in a horizontal format, so the display is not as friendly.


Advantages of Designspiration:

It is a site dedicated to design. So, the search will focus on what you need without diverting to other types of content like sewing, confectionery making, or others.




BluCactus - sourcesBehance is a social media platform for creatives and artists in which they share their work. You can access it to find material that inspires you when creating your site.


Advantages of Behance

Even without being a designer or dedicating yourself to any activity in the creative field, you can still use the app to follow and explore the work of others.

You can generate mood boards with the content you consider helpful.

Your search field is detailed and more specific than other sites, allowing you to find items by color, time period, and even country.




BluCactus - sourcesAnother place considered one of the best to find inspiration for creating your site is 99designs.


It allows you to search among designers and their work and even connect with them.


Advantages of 99designs

If you want the best of the best, 99designs allows you to search by designer and portfolio. And if you find what you like, you can contact the creator to personally design your website.




BWG (Best Website Gallery) has been active since 2008 and hosts many designs and elements to inspire others.


In addition to offering design options, it also has elements for web development.


It’s worth mentioning that the site’s design itself is not the best, but the content you will find is beneficial and valuable.


Benefits of BWG:

It has a very exclusive search field so that you can filter the criteria by frameworks and websites oriented explicitly to website design.


The Best Designs


If you are looking for simplicity and ease in searching, this site is the one for you because it allows you to explore and get elements for your site without as much blustering as other pages.


Advantages of The Best Designs

As we already mentioned, it is a very easy-to-use site. It has a section called “Design of the day,” which means that they have new content frequently and offer the possibility of contacting designers directly.




CSSnectar is a platform that contains the design of other websites, classifying them into three categories: coding, innovation, and creativity. Users can vote for each site according to its most outstanding feature.


Therefore, you will have access to the designs that users consider the best designs and make use of them.


Advantages of CSSnectar

The user vote score for each design is visible.

Its search filter is wide, allowing segmentation by colors, country, category, etc.

The websites that converge there are of high quality, and it has a group of experts who oversee each project.

They keep their subscribers up to date with news and information about what’s new.


Template Monster


Template Monster offers a paid and a free section. It has content with thousands of templates for websites with plugins and graphics that you can access.


They have a section with the latest topics so you don’t miss anything, as well as support chat and technical support.


Advantages of Template Monster


It’s intended for people who are not designers, so handling it is very easy and accessible.

Its inventory is huge. Therefore, you have plenty of options to choose from. 

It offers template demos to give you an idea of ​​how it would work on your site.

Like others, it also has a search filter that allows you to be very specific.


Best Website Gallery


This site has more than 200 websites so that you can explore and navigate between them through its filtered system, placing it among the best options to get inspiration.


Advantages of Best Website Gallery

It offers high-quality preview screenshots, so you don’t have to log into the site if you don´t want to.

They are identified in detail and classified by theme or category.

It also contains online design and development resources.


BluCactus - sourcesGoodUI


GoodUI is not just a page to find designs.


It also gives you resources to optimize your website.


Advantages of GoodUI:

It has a section of totally free ideas to implement in web design.

It has a reasonably complete blog that shows you the work and tests carried out by brands such as Netflix, for example.

They offer a paid version with great benefits.

They have an extension called BetterUI, in which when you sign up, the team is responsible for reviewing your website to improve it.


BluCactus - graphic designWith these tips and sources of inspiration.


We are sure that you are more than ready to start website design in the right way and ally yourself with experts in the field.


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