Instagram vs. Facebook: know the advantages of each one.

BluCactus - Instagram vs. Facebook: know the advantages of each one.

Instagram vs. Facebook: know the advantages of each one. Instagram and Facebook are currently the giants and pioneers of social networks. In a few days, exactly on April 9, it will be 10 years since the purchase by Facebook of Instagram. Its goal of it was to provide a better customer experience. According to unofficial information, the transaction was finalized in favor of Facebook to prevent Twitter from being the owner. After all, the latter had the intention of acquiring Instagram.


But let’s continue with what concerns us. Today, Facebook ranks first in terms of active users on its platform, with 2.32 billion followers. It is the platform that retains the largest volume of people worldwide compared to other social networks.


While the numbers of Instagram amount to 1 billion users, they fail to surpass Facebook.


Facebook history


Bringing back a bit of history, Facebook was a platform created to connect people.


Its algorithm offered to work towards reuniting you with that old school friend you hadn’t heard from or perhaps a distant relative or even an ex-lover. Anything was possible.


Additionally, Facebook also promotes content purely for entertainment. Another alternative was its tests or surveys and even gifts we could send to our friends within the application. Undoubtedly the novelty of Facebook, which practically ended up burying My Space, was decisive in attracting millions of people so quickly.


On the other hand, Instagram didn’t take long to be noticed, despite arriving a few years after Facebook. So, when it already had good fertile ground, it didn’t take long to become the favorite platform of many. This is because it offers purely visual content, which makes it more limited than its predecessor.


But what advantages does each one contain in itself? Let’s know about this.


Advantages of Facebook


It is important to highlight the wide variety of options that this social network offers to share content from the outset.


Since its inception, there has been the possibility of creating albums with many images. In them, we can add as much as we want. Aside from this, we can also upload videos.


Currently, it has several options regarding the responses and reactions available when interacting. Previously, we could only react to a comment, photo, or content with likes. Today, in contrast, we have reactions such as “makes me sad,” “I love it,” “makes me laugh,” and so on.


Another way is the insertion of gifs, stickers, or images when responding, making the conversation even more dynamic.


Groups and pages


Facebook offers the option of creating both open and closed groups. People can use this to discuss leisure, academic, work, and business issues.


This strategy is complemented by the pages through which the person is followed (without the need to be a “friend”), the company or brand that manages it, and information that may be of interest is placed.


Birthday reminders


And how do you get past the fact that Facebook reminds you of your friends’ birthdays and friendship anniversaries?


It is another type of engagement that the platform exercises with its users. After all, who wants to spend the pain of not having remembered a special date? I think we all agree that nobody. For this reason, many cling to that daily mail in which we know who is celebrating. Thus, we can maintain closeness with that person, even if we have years without physically seeing them.


Facebook Marketplace


Last but not least, we cannot fail to mention a product launched by Facebook that is still valid and an excellent option for entrepreneurs: The Marketplace.


The marketplace is Facebook’s virtual store. A person or company has the opportunity to promote and sell their products or services within that community. It arises from the need to provide commercial and specialized space to those who use their personal accounts for other purposes.


How did this come to be? Before, when people used to sell straight from their profile, they didn’t get the results they wanted. This is because their friends were on the platform not to buy but to distract themselves. So, to combat this, Facebook created its own marketplace.


What do those who go for this commercial option obtain: scope, support from a brand like Facebook, which provides security and confidence to the client. Besides, it’s free since Facebook doesn’t charge for this service. As a result, there’s a greater possibility of better interaction with the public and an excellent space to apply a marketing strategy and promote your business.


Advantages of Instagram


BluCactus - Instagram vs. Facebook: know the advantages of each one.Instagram is a platform that continues to grow. Every day, millions of people join and begin to make life in it.


It has been evolving in terms of the formats in which content can be shared to make it more attractive to people who are dedicated to this specifically. In the beginning, it was only possible to share 1 photo with a limited number of characters in the comments.


Currently, there is the IGTV format, which allows the playback of videos longer than 1 minute. Besides these, we have also have reels which are videos that last less than 1 minute. After this, some carousels allow us to post up to 10 photographs. Finally, we have stories where we can create an interaction. 


Instagram has managed to position itself by taking what is most attractive from another platform and launching the same options but of better quality on its own. The idea of ​​​​the reel comes from TikTok, which revolutionized the world with its short and addictive videos and the beloved and almost necessary filters that we first saw on Snapchat.


When a platform brings out an innovation, Instagram is already half a step behind to make its own, achieving the task and surpassing itself.




Another advantage is the type of public. The majority of active people are between 18 and 45 years old, speaking of a young presence. These are the ones that interact the most and can generate a positive economic movement within the platform.




Another considerable resource that Instagram has had since its inception and that continues to work is hashtags since knowing how to use them can give you greater reach to those users interested in your content.




A new and very fruitful option has been collaboration. This is where two accounts come together to publish a post (whatever its format). The goal of this is to achieve greater reach based on the followers of each one. Every day we see more of this type of publication, which allows us to know the other account if we don’t follow it.


Commercially, it is a success because if your business is not known or does not have as many followers as you would like, the alliance with someone famous or well-known could give you that necessary boost.




We already mentioned the reels. However, we do not emphasize their importance in terms of trends. Whenever there is a trend in vogue, the reel is the main format to show it in the most ingenious way possible, generating diffusion and virtualization.


In addition, this short video option has proven to be the favorite of many who avoid long texts or not very dynamic photographs and prefer visual content that gives them much more in a short time and without much effort.




Now, when it comes to likes, saying likes on Instagram is much easier. Although Facebook offers more options here (on Instagram), with a double-tap on the screen, you will have already reacted positively to the account.


Easy navigation


One facility that Instagram offers is easy browsing of profiles. Whether through a story, in the explore section by sharing via DM, or through links, the navigation is simpler and more user-friendly than Facebook.




Regarding branding, Instagram, due to the format in which its content is uploaded, which is 100% visual, allows people and companies to take advantage of the branding they have designed as a marketing strategy to show it and Hook your audience and followers with it.


This aspect could be lost a bit on Facebook, where the design of the page itself and the way you post could overshadow your brand identity.


Better interactions


Instagram also offers more direct interaction with the public through different channels. For example, either by DM, through Stories, or by comments on posts, communication is more fluid.


On the other hand, Instagram already has its own commercial store. This way, brands can create catalogs to promote their products, placing the price and showing it on the profile.




BluCactus - emailIn terms of use and determining which platform is better over another, you have to determine the use that will be given to it.


If it is for personal use only, both offer the possibility to connect and interact with people and share desired content. This area will depend on the taste of who handles it and with which of the two their interests resonate better.


Now, suppose the interest is commercial or business. In that case, the first thing to measure and establish is the audience you want to capture. How old are they? On which platform do they live? What country do you live in? Where do they live, and which platform is more popular? And in this way, decide whether to have a presence in both or choose a specific one. In the end, everything will come down to your needs and goals to achieve.


Let’s not forget that Facebook is a place where we find a much older audience, and Instagram is the place where young people live today.




BluCactus - Ken SchreckLast but not least, we can segment through Facebook and use Ads. Because of this, if you have a brand, you must have a Facebook profile.


As long as Facebook remains linked to Instagram, it will continue to exist. After all, it will keep finding ways to achieve goals for those who make a commercial life on these sites.


Both have their virtues and not so functional aspects. However, their operation continues to be successful in each case. All you have to do is select the one you feel completely comfortable with.


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