Instructions for designing a customizable honey label in Canada

BluCactus - Instructions for designing a customizable honey label in Canada

Instructions for designing a customizable honey label in Canada. In Canada, honey has a decisive gastronomic and cultural significance. This is why a customizable honey label will be vital to the success of any national honey brand. The goal of this is to reach the target audience convincingly and creatively. At the same time, it differs and contrasts with the rest of the existing honey proposals throughout the national territory. On the other hand, the Canadian honey market is boosted by commercial globalization. Thus, the Quebec region concentrates 70% of the global maple syrup production. But, after the advent of the 2020 pandemic, the demand for honey products such as maple syrup has risen truthfully and significantly.


Based on all the factors above, a customizable honey label is an element that must resist this entire system of complex factors. The effectiveness of these proposals rests on every entrepreneur’s ability to provide their designs with a solid and particular information structure, both graphic and legally permissible. An essential description of these elements is given below:


How to make labels for honey jars? What label for honey?


BluCactus - labels for honey jarsIn Canada, the criteria for designing a customizable honey label are governed by a minimum of four legal entities. They correspond to the Safe Food for Canadians Act (SFCA) and the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR). They were followed by the Food and Drug Act (FDA) and the Food and Drug Regulations (FDR). Under such entities, a comprehensive legal framework is established for labeling all categories of honey in the Canadian national territory. This involves domestic, imported, or packaged honey for consumption in Canada, particularly emphasizing interprovincial trade.


In addition, labeling requirements may present notable variations in the interprovincial market. Between them are associated with their geographical categorization and industrial use. In the same way, at this level, only the FDA and FDR legislation will be valid. As a general measure, English and French are the only languages ​​allowed for all product ranges. These can be represented jointly and bilingually. Based on this informative data set, designing a customizable honey label requires the following eight requirements.


The common name of the product:


BluCactus - customizable honey labelThe common name represents a customizable honey label’s most essential and primary feature. The legislation establishes its constitution as the word HONEY or HONEY plus the corresponding denomination.


Thus, name variants such as lavender honey, lobster honey, honey honey, alfalfa honey, and Banksia menziesii honey are allowed. On the other hand, the word honey can be accompanied by the name of the producing honey flower.


Its location is stipulated for a superior central measurement of all labels-the latter with a font height measured at 1.60 mm.



List of ingredients:


BluCactus - List of ingredientsHoney is an organic component that, according to FDR Division 18, is classified industrially as a sweetener. They have a single ingredient.


These substances are excluded from the obligation to represent this type of customizable honey label requirements.


However, if the components of honey are declared voluntarily, the expression thereof must be represented as “Ingredients: Honey”.


In the case of adding substances, they must be included in the same expression separating the name of each using commas.


Net Quantity:


Regarding the net amount of honey, the SFCR establishes specific representation criteria. Based on these, the net quantity for this range of products must necessarily be measured in grams and kilograms. A set of standardized measures allowed for honey containers to be established; they have been established between the maximum values ​​of 5 to 1 kilograms and the minimum values ​​of 750, 500, and 375 grams. In a customizable honey label, the net content should only be on the front and prominent face of the container.


Country of origin:


BluCactus - labels for honey jarsCanadian regulations establish three main criteria for the country of origin designation on any customizable honey label. Honey produced in Canada must be declared according to the legal intentions of the RSAC. Thus, the expression “Canadian Honey” / “Miel Canadien” is mandatory.


On the other hand, for imported honey, the country’s name must be preceded by the bilingual expression “Producto de” / “Produit de”. In the latter case of imported and domestic honey blends, the representation code will be as follows: “Canadian honey blend and honey (name of the source(s))”. The honey sources added on their part must be mentioned according to their order of proportion or percentage included in the main container.



Identification of the responsible company:


The company’s identification is one of the features that the customizable honey label shares with the rest of food labeling in general. For honey, the declaration requires graphic information elements such as the fiscal name and the current address of the production company. However, any other company related to the main one is also mandatory. Or it is linked to the processes of elaboration, preparation, storage, and packaging of the product. Its appearance in the label design is allowed for any space. Only its appearance is restricted in the lower section of it.


Lot Code:


BluCactus - labels for honey jarsThe lot code for honey has similar criteria valid to the rest of the food.


Thus, this requirement must be legible and visible within the main label. It should not be hidden in any way.


On the other hand, the customizable honey label is included within the range of products that must not lead to erroneous or misleading readings regarding the designated batch.


This measure is primarily directed at imported honey products, not excluding local Canadian products.


Grade and Colour Designation: Other essential mandatory requirements for the design of a customizable honey label in the territory of Canada


BluCactus - create custom labelsNationally, Canada features three types of division grades for honey. The criteria that define the categorization of the product in such levels are defined by the document titled Compendium of Canadian Classification Standards. The latter is specifically within its number 6 section. The representation of the degree of honey is mandatory for honey within the national territory regardless of its country of origin. It must appear under the expressions of Canada No. 1, Canada No. 2, and Canada No. 3 as appropriate. The combined representation of the grade and the country of origin on any label is expressly prohibited.


This requirement for a customizable honey label must include the color description. The Compendium of Canadian Grading Standards establishes a color division that differs depending on whether they are prepackaged honey for consumers or honey for industrial use. Thus, consumer honey has four types of color. Understood as White, Gold, Amber and Dark. Honey for non-consumers is categorized into five levels: extra white, white, gold, amber and dark.


How to create custom labels? How to create a bottle label?


BluCactus - create custom labelsThe last factor in designing a customisable honey label is the possibility of being assisted by professional advice. That is, hiring a team specialized in the construction, layout, and printing of designs for product labels. The BluCactus Marketing Agency is the best example of this type of service. We have a decade of experience in the European, American, and world markets. We have helped shape product labeling for clients throughout Latin America and the world. The strategies under which we can help you are described below.


Face-to-face and online attention for business people throughout the territory of Canada.


Our service modality is based on a system of face-to-face and online interviews, according to the way that suits you. Our service coverage covers the main cities of the Kingdom of Canada. These include the metropolises of Quebec, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. When meeting with you, our specialists will gather all the information to create customizable honey label designs. All this with a powerful graphic feature that allows your product to stand out on the shelves of any commercial establishment.


Creation of comprehensive marketing campaigns to position your brand in the national and global web market.


BluCactus - labels for honey jars - customizable honey labelIntegrated with our graphic design services, we incorporate offline and online positioning plans. This includes creating original content for your website, SEO analysis in Google, and visibility in Social Media environments.


This allows us to nurture, strengthen and consolidate your brand image.


All this complements the image provided by your customizable honey label.


We turn your company into an utterly up-to-date initiative in competition with today’s international market demands.


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