Everything you need to know about international marketing strategies and more!

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Everything you need to know about international marketing strategies and more! Many people today think that marketing can be done anywhere in the world and give good results. And yes, the spread of digital media has indeed allowed us to have an advantage. This is in terms of how easy it’s to place an advertisement around the world with paid advertisements. To this, we can also add the help of social media. However, this doesn’t mean that we are doing good international marketing.


Today we’ll explain in greater depth what international marketing is. You’ll learn about its types, how to implement them, and some examples along the way. Without further ado, let’s get started!


What is international marketing?


When we talk about international marketing, we mean the discipline focused on the creation of tactics. Their goal is to commercialize different products and services in a market outside national borders. This is one of how foreign companies manage to bring their products closer to users in other nations.


For many businesses, sometimes venturing into their own home market can be tedious work and full of hurdles. That’s why they prefer to venture into other markets. This way, users in other territories can find their products and services wherever they are.


This type of marketing isn’t at all economical. After all, it not only seeks to attract the attention of compatriots abroad. It also aims to attract some users and clients from the same countries. For this, they need to carry out many advertising campaigns, and recognition of products, things that can take months to do.


If you’re thinking about developing international marketing strategies for your company, you must begin to think about what your objectives are. Besides, keep some of these points in mind to develop them in the future. For example, you should understand what the needs of your new clientele are, determine the new market segments, identify your buyer persona, create a plan of objectives and have a large budget.


Types of international marketing strategies


Not all forms of marketing are the same, much less internationally. To achieve a good marketing strategy, you have to fully understand different types of tactics. This way, you’ll know what’s the best for you and how to get the most out of them. Next, we will give you a brief list of some relevant international marketing strategies to be successful in these tactics.


Standardization strategy


The objective here is to match a product according to the tastes and preferences of consumers in the country you want to enter.

Adaptation strategy


This tactic consists of seeking to adapt products and services to the habits, culture, and preferences of the society you want to attract. An example of this is the fast-food chain McDonald’s. They always seek to make modifications to their menus depending on the country they’re in.

Differentiation strategy


Companies that carry out a differentiation strategy, as their name implies, seek to establish many differences to obtain a clear competitive advantage, both in their brand, product, or service. This way, companies can offer their audience the best prices and segment their market into clear niches.

Growth strategy


The main goal of this tactic is to create deep growth that will then be easily evidenced in the sales numbers.

Blue ocean strategy


This is the riskiest tactic of all. After all, businesses of this type seek to generate demand in a market that previously didn’t have it.


That is, they seek to enter a product and generate the need for it before they even think about having it.





How to implement an international marketing strategy?


Now it’s time to explain what are the best ways you can implement these strategies in your business. Next, we will give you 4 fundamental tips to create an international marketing strategy and be successful.

Know and define your customers


The most important step for any business is to know your audience very well, their tastes, interests, and needs. Once you do in-depth research on who they are, it will be much easier to attract them to your products and services.

Set clear goals


Write your objectives in the various areas that you seek to achieve on a document. This way, it will be much easier for everyone to be in constant review.

Measure your progress


What isn’t measured, cannot be known well. You must constantly review the numbers, campaigns, social media, and sales of each strategy. Each number can tell you much more than a comment.

Have a plan B


Not all plans work the first time. Have a backup plan in case a strategy doesn’t work out as you had planned. This way, you can easily overcome any future challenge or problems.


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