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Is influencer marketing effective 2022?For months, several studies have been carried out in order to know what the influencer marketing trends will be for 2022. The truth is, as time passes, the world of the internet also goes through changes that brands must take into account to to be able to advance. Therefore, if one thing has to be clear, it is that influencer marketing will continue to set the tone for the following year and all marketers know it.


It is worth noting that, according to data collected, it has been learned that influencer marketing has had a growth of 42% this year. Which means that it had a considerable turnover and by 2022 the growth percentage will be higher.


How does influencer marketing work?


BluCactus - influencer marketing effectiveHow does influencer marketing work in 2022? This question is very common, especially for brands that want to work in collaboration with an influencers to improve their visibility and reach their target audience.


In reality, there are several trends that will mark the leadership when creating a campaign through this type of marketing.


The characteristics of influencer marketing have made it clear to us that it works through the relationships between brands and influencers who share a certain audience in common. And that is why one of the main objectives is that a brand can influence the consumption habits of the audience.


So, as in 2021 by 2022 this marketing will be made up of actions that are directly intertwined with people considered influencers. That is, the actions taken are not intended for a specific audience because the public can be referred.


What advantages do influencers have?


Every year, it is common to see companies dedicated to different sectors betting on influencer marketing, since it is the most effective means to reach the target audience.


And it is thanks to the strategies that can be consolidated through this type of marketing.


A stronger bond can be created between brands and customers to increase visibility on the internet.


In fact, there are many benefits of having influencers who are dedicated to a specific community:


  • BluCactus - influencer marketing effectiveThey are generally charismatic people, and thanks to this their communication skills reach more power.
  • They have a great capacity to influence specific issues.
  • They have the necessary tools to reach their followers, through messages that fit each of their publications.
  • They know how to master the language perfectly through their communication skills.
  • They have the opportunity to have a loyal and trusting community in each publication that they show on their social networks.


Through influencer marketing, they can increase brand awareness, social media presence, reputation, and much more.


Do influencers work with brands?


BluCactus - influencer marketing effectiveInfluencers and brands make a good team through good strategies, and it is one of the reasons why they must adjust to influencer marketing trends 


in 2022. When brands work with influencers, they create collaborative links to achieve objectives.


Each company has established objectives and based on them, the influencer who has characteristics in common should be sought. For example, if you have a clothing brand, you can seek collaboration through an influencer who is dedicated to displaying fashion content. That is the idea, that between brands and influencers there is a true connection or otherwise, the influencer marketing strategy will not pay off. Similarly, although influencers have gained a lot of fame on the internet, and especially on social networks, they must adjust to trends to create interesting content and carry out successful collaborations and campaigns, once they are hired by brands or companies.


Therefore, the next task for influencers is to be guided by the influencer marketing trends for 2022, to keep the interest and interaction of your community alive.


Although there are several trends that stand out for influencer marketing next year, videos will be part of the content with the most value. But this is not about making just any video, since every day content creators invest much more when producing. Consequently, the videos that will dominate social networks in 2022 will have the following characteristics:


  • Keep them short.
  • With attractive content.
  • And easy to understand.


In fact, by next year it is estimated that 82% of frequent online traffic will be accounted for by video playback. This means that for an influencers to work with a brand and obtain good results, within the strategy of a campaign, content in video format cannot be absent.


How effective are influencer marketing statistics?


Although influencers can be found on all social networks, Instagram has become the main platform. In fact, thanks to the more than 1 billion people who use this communication channel, it has also become the preferred space for brands to reach their target audience.


To tell the truth, there are many users who trust these people who transmit credibility by touching certain topics and with a lot of dominance. In this way, users who are part of the community of each influencer, can become the prescribers that brands are looking for.


For this reason, at present it is important to know about the statistics of influencers, especially in this social network to determine if they are adjustable to the values and interests of a certain brand.


When you have knowledge of the instagram influencers statistics you can achieve a greater impact in the segment to which we want to target. Similarly, when we think about creating a marketing campaign with influencers, we must identify the target and know which influencers have their specific niche as their audience.


The good news is that there are many tools to measure your earned media, engagement, reach, and interests. Likewise, by having this approach, a more specific analysis can be achieved with reference to the sociodemographic profile of your audience, which includes age, location and interests.


Once you have this objective analysis with enough information from influencers, the next step will be to carefully observe if the influencer has content from 


quality, or not. Likewise, you should check if you have collaborated with brands that are competition for yours.


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