Top 9 Keyword Tracking Tools That Every SEO Expert Must Use In 2022


Top 9 Keyword Tracking Tools That Every SEO Expert Must Use In 2022. Are you looking for the best keyword tracking tool for SEO? Do you want to do keyword research for SEO? Do you want to know which keywords to focus your SEO on? If yes, then we have got your back.


In this article, you’ll come across 9 top-rated and award-winning SEO keyword tracking tools. 


Top 9 Keyword Tracking Tools 


1. Ahrefs


Blucactus-1-AhrefsAhrefs is a framework that offers clients the world’s biggest index of live backlinks. The assistance gives organizations, bloggers, SEO experts, and other business and SEO companies a strong backlink checker instrument that conveys point-by-point backlink profiles for any URL or website. 


This backlink application gives clients an exceptionally enormous and clear image of any website or URL’s experience. Ahrefs allows clients to perceive what websites link to a specific URL, what keywords are they ranking for, how solid the backlinks are and the sky’s the limit from there. 


The tool is extremely direct and simple to use and it gives clients exceptionally complete and justifiable data visualizations just as data sharing and sending capabilities. 


With their creative restrictive technology, Ahrefs can send out data into easy-to-understand arrangements and even show social measurements such as Shares, Likes, Tweets, and Google +1s close to each link.


2. SEMrush


Blucactus-2-semrushSEMrush is a 360-degree marketing toolbox for SEO experts, bloggers, webmasters, and businesses doing SEO. It is the mission of this tool to make online marketing devices simple to use as online marketing itself is.


Consequently, the tools give amazing SEO features to marketing experts in a simple-to-use interface. The key features incorporate modules for analytics reports, promoting research, keyword research, backlink research, market research, and traffic analytics, among others. 


It even incorporates an app for tracking social media insights. Also, you can even use it to make posts for all your social media channels. 


The interface is profoundly visual. It automatically creates the graphs. 


You can also contrast domains and lead cutthroat examination in a couple of clicks. There is even a SEO Writing Assistant element that assists you with streamlining your content dependent on your Google Top 10 opponents. 


With this, you can fine-tune your content’s readability and keep up with the voice of your content.

SEMrush has more than 50 software in-built, instruments, and additional tools for the online visibility of the websites. It also offers the option to add a QR code to enhance user engagement and interaction. In addition to software for search, content, social media, and statistical surveying, SEMrush provides data for over 140 countries, ensuring comprehensive insights into global online trends.

Also, SEMrush screens over 200 million interesting domains for 142 geodatabases. It additionally has 41 trillion backlinks and 20 billion keywords. More than 7 million clients have tried SEMrush.


3. SE Ranking


Blucactus-3-SE-RankingSE Ranking is a comprehensive cloud-based SEO and online marketing app trusted by more than 12000 SMEs and 4000 agencies around the world. It offers a wide cluster of SEO tools that most specialists will probably use to accomplish SEO-advanced websites, including keyword ideas, website ranking, contender analysis, SEO audit, and so forth.


SE Ranking additionally has features to assist you with amplifying your digital marketing exercises and accomplish better sales results. You can have these incredible services in an easy-to-use tool inside a similar user-friendly interface. 


SE Ranking offers an assortment of special incentives to its users, which incorporate precise ranking outcomes for most web search tools with innovative keyword analysis, keyword gathering, the capacity to show which page of your website is ranking and track Google Local and guide results. 


Moreover, the product gives programmatic admittance to the data created from the ranking. This allows users to expand huge data and make amazing SEO decisions.


The tool is helpful for experienced SEO and marketing gurus just as beginners. 


4. Moz


Blucactus-4-mozMoz Pro offers a total SEO toolset that further improves the web search ranking and visibility of a website. It uses SEO measurements, for example, Domain Authority and Page Authority that give quality data to take care of business at ease. 


Moz Pro aids organizations and people save time by smoothing out workflows and separating data for better analysis and system definition. 


The framework does all the hard work and examines site errors, SEO opportunities and that’s just the beginning. It also gives noteworthy insights, which allow users to tailor their content and plan it more wisely. 


It keeps users abreast of SEO efforts using different tools, like audits, and focuses on every technical aspect of a site. 


The completely highlighted toolset makes complex analysis simpler with the goal that users can take SEO to the next level. 


5. Woorank, Keyword Tracking Tools


Blucactus-5-WooRank - Keyword Tracking ToolsWooRank is a digital SEO arrangement that gives automatic site reviews just as customized tips for boosting traffic, leads, and deals. 


It covers Mobile site SEO, eCommerce SEO, Social Media data, backlinks, SERP ranking, convenience, and workers streamlining. 


A pivotal tool for Web organizations, Designers, Webmasters, SEO specialists, and Digital Marketers, WooRank offers effective types of assistance to more than 40,000 companies. These companies depend on this tool to break down their sites and get straightforward, significant experiences on which activities they need to optimize. 


6. RankWatch


RankWatch is an SEO marketing stage that gives both a by and large and point-by-point perspective on every one of the parts of digital and Internet marketing used by an online business. 


Designed with a user-friendly and classy user interface, RankWatch guides users in their digital marketing efforts by showing them an inside and out analysis of their site, URL, backlinks, keywords, and other SEO components. 


The target of this online marketing tool is to help users gain as much data as could reasonably be expected by identifying the SEO parts of their online marketing efforts.


This will help them apply the fundamental modifications, changes, and plans to their SEO efforts. For example, site ranking and keyword mastery. 


With the support of this product, users can apply powerful SEO methodologies that would save quite a bit of their time and would work on the presentation of their business.


7. RankTrackr


Blucactus-7-RankTrackr - Keyword Tracking ToolsRankTrackr is a SEO rank-tracking application that works for the most well-known and most used web search tools. SEO professionals use this tool to gain granular bits of knowledge into a site’s position. 


This empowers them to observe ranking, even at the local level, with the significant details they need. 


With RankTrackr, SEO professionals are guaranteed that they have an application that is as precise as it could be. With this, they can produce reports for their customers that are in-depth and noteworthy. 


Besides, RankTrackr offers competitor analysis tools well. The tool enables users to analyze the competition ranking, keywords, backlinks, and many other aspects. This empowers them to set up systems that can help them in expanding their position and gain an edge over their rivals.


8. Serpstat, Keyword Tracking Tools


Serpstat is a top-rated tool for search engine optimization. It is designed to assist businesses with working on their website in major SEO regions, digital marketing, search analytics, content marketing, PPC, and other channels of inbound marketing as well.


With Serpstat, you realize who is ranking admirably in search engine result pages (SERPs) and how you can beat the competition. 


By using Serpstat’s analytics framework, you can determine how your competitors make progress in the SERPs rankings by acquiring the latest data and business intelligence on their advancement spending. 


You can likewise delve into the keywords they are using for their SEO efforts. With all data in your grasp, you can devise and execute compelling SEO campaigns, outrank your competitors, and drive your business towards progress.


9. Alexa


Blucactus-9-Alexa - Keyword Tracking ToolsAlexa is a website traffic investigation app that empowers clients to get critical data about their websites and that of their competitors.


These significant data incorporate traffic sources, month-to-month searches, keyword and key search terms, traffic insights, and website correlations with notice. 


Alexa gathers this data and breaks it down to assist you with finding experiences and opportunities with the most proficient method to work on your SEO.


Conclusion for Top 9 Keyword Tracking Tools That Every SEO Expert Must Use In 2022:


Blucactus-contact-usThese 9 SEO and keyword tracking tools are surely the best in the world.


We use many of them and we are getting amazing results.


We use Ahrefs for keyword research, link building, and auditing.


For technical SEO, we use SEMrush and Alexa. 


You can consider using any of these tools and take your SEO game to the next level. 

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