How to advertise a kitchen furniture brand on Google Ads?

BluCactus - How to advertise a kitchen furniture brand on Google Ads?

How to advertise a Canadian kitchen furniture brand on Google Ads? If you need to promote your kitchen furniture brand through the internet, there are many options available to publicize a company. Among them is Google Ads. An ad platform that increases traffic to your website and generates more sales. 


Continue reading this article to find out how and when is the perfect time to advertise your kitchen furniture brand on Google Ads.


How to make a good Google Ads ad for kitchen furniture?


BluCactus - ads for your brand with google adsMarketing experts have unveiled a very curious and relevant fact. A high percentage of kitchen furniture buyers research the options online before purchasing. Therefore, having a good online presence is very important for your business. 


However, before you start advertising your brand with Google Ads, you should take into account certain points that will guide you to meet your goals: 


Define your campaign objectives and how to measure them


As a business owner, you have probably established many objectives. Such as making your brand known, generating more traffic to your website, communicating different promotions, selling your furniture online, etc. Based on your objectives, you need to guide them in different ways. 


Also, there are actions that you can measure, such as, for example, requests for quotes or product sales. You can use Google Ads, Google Analytics, or Google Analytics tracking code to do this.


Establish your target audience 


BluCactus - ads for your brand with google adsKnowing who your target audience is or where they are located allows you to build a better strategy for a Google Ads campaign.


Regardless of whether your kitchen furniture brand has one or several points of sale in the country, you must promote your brand among people who want to renovate or improve the aesthetics of their kitchen. To do this, your strategy must differ from that of a general store that uses discount coupons to attract customers. 


Google Ads is a great tool. It gives you several options to segment your target audience. Therefore, it is recommended that you define your audience and size very well to make an adequate budget. Thus, your campaign will be accompanied by a proportionate budget. 


Calculate an adequate budget 


To start your campaign, you can do it with the amount of money you want per day. However, if you start with 1 (dollar, peso, euro, etc), it is likely that you will not notice progress in your ads. The most appropriate is to define the budget you are willing to invest for a specific period. It can be for a minimum of two weeks or preferably for a month since the campaigns have a learning period that can last several days.


Have you defined your objectives? 


Once you have defined your kitchen furniture brand’s objectives, audience, and budget, you are ready to start a Google Ads campaign.


This way, you can set them up not only on the search engine but also on the Display Network.


Even on platforms such as YouTube and Gmail.


Yes, you have the opportunity to advertise on different Google properties according to your marketing goals. 


What are the Google Ads ad formats to advertise a kitchen furniture brand?


There is a buying process for kitchen furniture or other products. According to the objectives you have set, your campaign can be anchored to one of the formats belonging to Google Ads according to its phase:


  • Brand awareness: Video ads, Display with topic targeting.
  • Consideration:Display segmented by audiences, Gmail Ads.
  • Purchase intent: Display through Remarketing, and search engine ads.
  • Customer loyalty: For this phase, you can use tactics other than Google, such as email marketing and telemarketing.


How to make a video campaign for a kitchen furniture brand on Google Ads?


BluCactus - ads for your brand with google adsAs mentioned, YouTube is an excellent option to advertise your kitchen furniture brand. This is the world’s first video platform and has millions of daily users. The most interesting thing is that video ads are available for advertisers with a moderate to large budget. This way, your brand can use this platform to promote your products and reach potential customers


Generally, campaigns can have a more reasonable cost than you can imagine. The complex thing is to have a video that is interesting for users.


For kitchen furniture, it is important to show its design, type of storage, finish, whether smart technology has been used for its manufacture, and other features that will capture the target audience’s attention. 


How to advertise your brand on YouTube? 


BluCactus - ads for your brand with youtubeYou can use YouTube Ads, which, like other digital advertising networks, is managed through Google Ads.


Once you create your videos, the next step is to upload them there and then select the targeting and placement.


Finally, place a bid according to your budget for the ad to be shown.




When to use Display campaigns for a kitchen furniture brand?


BluCactus - ads for your brand with google adsMany websites use the Display Network, and you can also use this format to give more visibility to your kitchen furniture business on Google Ads


Through Google Ads, you can use this network with a reach of 90% of Internet users to cover your marketing objectives and the entire buying process. By advertising on this network, you can generate awareness of your brand by reaching users who want to buy and those who have previously entered your website.


How to advertise your brand on the Display Network? This online advertising combines text elements, visuals, and a call-to-action message in its ads. Being a set of spaces on the internet (websites, videos, apps, or other platforms), you can add your ads as banners on the landing pages. This way, users will see your brand while browsing in different digital environments. 


How to make your kitchen furniture brand appear in Google search engine?


BluCactus - ads for your brand with google adsUsers enter Google to make specific searches, which generates great value for your brand. Because you have the opportunity to reach the audience that is searching for what you sell. Therefore, if one of your objectives is to reach potential customers, it is essential to advertise and appear in the Google search engine.


Direct response search engine campaigns may generate a higher return on investment by targeting users who are closer to making a purchase.


However, paid search is also a great way to reinforce your brand, even if it already appears in the organic (free) results. By having search ads for kitchen furniture, you can display your brand’s distinctive messages to users. As well as temporary promotions, guide them to sections of interest and other actions.


How to advertise your brand on Google search engine? 


To create ads in Google Ads adaptable to the Google search engine, you must add titles and striking descriptions as an advertiser. Google Ads uses its machine learning algorithms to combine these titles and descriptions. The goal is to originate relevant ads for each search and each user.


Are you interested in advertising your kitchen furniture brand on Google Ads? 


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Google Ads allows you to target ads, keep track of costs, measure the success of your campaigns, and manage them. However, it allows your ads to appear when the user searches for what you offer.  


Need more reasons to use Google Ads?


If you are interested in promoting your kitchen furniture brand, BluCactus can help you. We are a digital marketing agency in Mexico, and our team can take care of expanding your business with Google Ads online advertising. You can contact us right now to get advice and take care of the management of your campaign.


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