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Labeling instructions for an ice cream manufacturer in Canada. For any ice cream manufacturer, Canada is a market that offers endless possibilities. Its type of industry places it on the same podium as the countries with the highest ice cream consumption on the planet, Spain, the United States, Australia, Italy, and Japan.


However, the characteristics in terms of labeling and classification systems for this type of food differ enormously from the rest of the associated countries. Its legislation or corpus of legislation for cold products has the intention and objective of categorizing ice cream as a dairy product. Attending as its main classification to what is the “ice cream” of what is an “iced cream” or “cold dessert.” A differentiation that usually causes reading and interpretation errors by the consumer at the time of purchase in any store, establishment, or supermarket.


The global marketing agency BluCactus offers professional advisory and labeling services to satisfy these and other legal requirements. The latter is intended for all emerging ice cream entrepreneurs. From the cities of Toronto and Montreal, our system offers access to the design, printing, and development of marketing plans for your brand and product. As a sneak peek, the following text provides all the informative characteristics the modern ice cream manufacturer must consider for the safe labeling of his product and subsequent commercialization.


How do we make ice cream?


BluCactus - ice cream manufacturerLegally, an ice cream manufacturer in Canada falls under relevant rules and laws. They make up an approved system responsible for building the appropriate framework to manage both the manufacture and labeling or packaging of all ice cream brands in the national territory. At least four laws are responsible for managing the content of such products. This is how the Safe Food for Canadians Act (SFCA) and the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) are identified. Then there are also the Food and Drug Act (FDA) and the Food and Drug Regulations (FDR).


Ice cream is classified as a dairy product along with cheese, milk, and butter. Unlike frozen desserts, ice cream is made entirely of fat and materials from dairy products. This includes items like cream, skimmed milk, and whey powder. An ice cream manufacturer in the national territory must also consider that the competitive framework of the law involves imported ice cream products. Or the entire internal and interprovincial market. Based on all this legal and regulatory code, the elements that make up an ice cream label are established according to the following order and construction criteria.


What is the difference between ice cream and iced cream?


Usual Name:


BluCactus - ice cream marketThe term “ice cream” is exclusive to products with a concentration level by the legislation. The same is allowed and required only for the front side and visible face of all products. This first section of the standard differentiates an ice cream from a glazed cream.


The ice cream incorporates dairy products in a proportion of 100% of its mass. The cream, on the other hand, contains vegetable oils such as almond and coconut palms.


An ice cream manufacturer in Canada must include the blue cow logo on its labeling, which ensures that its product is made with 100% milk produced in Canada. This dramatically differentiates it from products imported from the United States.


List of ingredients:


For the ice cream branch, the nomenclatures required for the list of ingredients correspond equally to the general standard of products. Every manufacturer of ice cream within the national territory must consider the use of the nomenclature of the law for the expression of the name of each component. You can see the list of declared names in section B.01.010(2) of the Food and Drug Regulations (FDR). The names for milk components are found in B.01.010(3).


Net Content:


BluCactus - ice cream manufacturerThe measure of capacity is required for all ice creams only through the use of metric units corresponding to the International Decimal System or the Canadian Metric System. This is a piece of information that should appear only at the lower end of the front face of the product.


Name and primary address of the responsible company:


Identification of the ice cream maker is legally required by both the FDR code and the SFCR. This data must represent both the company name and the current fiscal address of the producer. Apart from this, the company’s name in charge of its storage and labeling must be added, together with the primary name of the corporation.


Country of origin:


Data attached to the identification of the producer. On average, the legend should be expressed using the standardized phrase “product of” / “produit de” accompanied by the country of origin. Such information must appear in bold font with a character height of no more than 16 millimeters.


Fat and Moisture Percentage:


BluCactus - ice cream marketIce cream is the only product in the dairy range which Canadian regulations do not require its mandatory representation. This is a factor that every ice cream maker should consider. For the rest of the country’s dairy products, their percentage printing is required only on the front face of the packaging of all pre-packaged dairy products.


Storage Instructions:


The entire range of dairy products must include the storage declarations specified by the general labeling regulations. In the case of ice cream, the instructions must specifically refer to its permanent placement in the cold and artificially cooled space. The latter is due to a greater extent to the fact that it lasts less than 90 days.


Nutritional Labeling:


The proportions, portion size, and nutritional elements for the nutritional table correspond to those required for foods in general. This equals 3/4 cup (188 ml) per serving. An ice cream manufacturer must not omit any part of such requirements. Only this part of the regulation is excluded for pre-packaged individual portions or dairy products sold in reusable glass containers.


Lot Code:


BluCactus - ice cream manufacturerThe lot code is required for all ice cream manufacturers in Canada solely for compliance with industry traceability criteria. On the other hand, it is necessary to avoid printing misleading or misleading codes. It is known that the readability of such information requirements constitutes an essential part of the system.


Complaints and voluntary mentions:


In this section, the declaration of origin of the fundamental dairy component of the compound is made. Such a measure can be expressed by the phrases “100% Canadian milk”, “made with 100% Canadian milk,” and “100% Canadian dairy product”. All this if it is required. Such expressions are only allowed under conditions that affirm a truthful and non-misleading environment.


What are the different types of ice cream?


BluCactus - milkcowWithin Canada’s body of ice cream labeling laws, an additional requirement is called a “Category Name.” Specific descriptions of such a requirement appear in volume 4 of the Compendium of Canadian Classification Standards. Volume 9 of the same document describes the grades at their importation. As a general measure, Canadian dairy products are classified into Grade 1 and 2. For all ice cream manufacturers, the regulations refer only to the physical appearance and way of preservation of each food.


On the other hand, the industry also allows generic categories to sell ice cream in said territory. They incorporate the following nomenclatures. «Water-based ice cream,» «Ice cream,» «Milk ice cream,» «Ice cream,» «Fruit ice cream, » and «Sorbet.» The latter, according to its ingredients and mode of composition. Ultimately, every ice cream maker in Canada must, through their blue cow certification, ensure the quality of their genuine cream or natural milk. The latter intends to leave legal proof that your product lacks growth hormones such as bovine somatotropin (BST), very characteristic elements of today’s American ice cream product.


What are the main trends in the ice cream market?


BluCactus - milkcowCanada is a potential source of innovation for the artisanal ice cream market on the planet. Undoubtedly, such status is reinforced based on the study carried out by multiple statistical sources. This describes how trends and the current Canadian ice cream manufacturer have evolved. The most important of these is the web source, OEC. Through this analysis, it is known that by 2020 Canada had an import capacity measured at about 14.4 million dollars. This fact places that nation as the world’s thirty-ninth exporter of ice cream. In the national domestic market, ice cream was positioned, in the same period, as the 662nd most exported product in that nation.


On the other hand, Canada’s trade relations with other countries are undoubtedly remarkable. Thus, its markets with the largest imports correspond to the countries of the United States, Australia, and the Philippines. Regarding its ice cream import section, the Asian countries of China, Taiwan, and South Korea stand out mainly, with sales figures of more than 972 million dollars. Finally, the most characteristic trend in the Canadian market is undoubtedly the digitization of products. The ice cream manufacturer now has a set of digital tools that will allow more effective sales actions. All of which help its expansion, strengthening, and globalization.


Where to print labels?


BluCactus - Ken Scherck - Contact usThe BluCactus marketing agency is a globally consolidated company. We have more than ten years of growth, expansion, and acceptance in different markets worldwide. We have a presence in Canada, the United States, and Mexico for North America. Montreal and Toronto are the main cities where you can locate our services. If you are outside said region, do not worry! You can schedule an online interview with any of our expert agents. They are empowered to offer any ice cream manufacturer the business opportunity it deserves. We build for you valuable packaging design proposals for both ice cream and a wide range of foods.


Of course, BluCactus is much more than a Print center. Our multidisciplinary team allows you to integrate promotional plans and strategies into your product’s image. This will enable you to provide your company with a solid, comprehensive marketing platform, allowing you greater and better positioning in the international market. All of this undoubtedly makes BluCactus an excellent opportunity to boost any Canadian ice cream manufacturer today. We invite you to contact us today for more information about our plans and services. You will be able to receive valuable and practical information on web marketing news both in our official newsletter and through our profiles on social media. So do not wait any longer! The global market is advancing by leaps and bounds, and at BluCactus, we have all the keys to guide you through this demanding process! Contact us right now! Do not miss the opportunity!

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