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Discover the latest news about Google’s algorithms. Google is the largest search engine in the world, and to get to the top, it had to make a lot of changes. Not only that, but it went through many adjustments since its inception. Both in the area of design, functionality and its most recent algorithm updates are just some of these changes. The goal of these changes was to improve the experiences of their users. Today, all its algorithms are ready to process the newest forms of use and current type of search.


Algorithm updates have been around since 2000 and every single one has been relevant to the success of the company. A fun fact is how Google has given them funny names to make them stand out from each other. However, many of these changes are unexpected by users, as the company doesn’t announce them in advance. They also don’t explain how they will affect different companies through their SEO.


That’s why today you’ll learn about the latest changes to Google’s algorithms. Here, you will see what it means for different companies and how it will affect their SEO strategy. Besides, you will also find certain points you must take into account for future marketing tactics. All this while you work with this algorithm.


What are Google algorithm changes?


We are going to delve a little more at this point and then give way to other specifications. An algorithm is a logical process that a “step-by-step” system uses to resolve a problem or concern. For Google, one of these problems is finding the results that are relevant to a user in the same search. News about Google’s algorithms. Therefore, the algorithm seeks to solve this problem. Therefore, it finds, classifies, and sends the results of a search. 


What was the first algorithm change?


BluCactus - news about Google's algorithmsAs we already mentioned, the technology company has had several changes in its algorithm since its inception. Many connoisseurs assure that their first algorithm update occurred with the Panda algorithm in 2000, the truth is that the first time an algorithm was updated was in 2004 and it was called Brandy.


At that time, Brandy’s central focus was analyzing and classifying anchor texts, also known as Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI.


Here, you could easily analyze the contents of a web page with others to reveal if the same search terms existed and create a certain relationship between them.


What are the benefits of the algorithm changes?


BluCactus - news about Google's algorithmsThere are a lot of benefits when it comes to updating algorithms, but the main one is the improvement of the user experience when searching.


Every day, the way to search, share content, position yourself, and connect with the pages is different. If your page does not meet the basic elements of the algorithms, it may get a penalty and not show your results in search engines. Some reasons why searches go through this are for plagiarism and not carrying out a quality SEO strategy.


One of the biggest changes seen by content creators is how Google favors short written materials with high PageRank links. Today, if you want to stand out and beat Google’s algorithm, you must have long and detailed content.


Latest algorithm update: Core Update June and July 2021


The most recent update by the technology company was an improvement announced at the beginning of June of this year, 2021. They did this after they implemented and distributed it. Then, they confirmed that in the next month we would have another update of the algorithm. All this since they weren’t able to make all the necessary changes. News about Google’s algorithms.


With only a few weeks that the new June update was available, many users claim to have slight changes in terms of search results and the daily visibility they had in terms of their mobile devices. The update was scheduled for July, right after the June changes kick in and users are comfortable with them.


If you have a business, a startup, or some type of website, during the next few months we will likely see a change in the metrics and analytics of your online site. However, this is not of concern since the changes given were about:


  • June 2021: in this case, we had a kernel update, of which we only had the first part.
  • July 2021: By this month, the second part of the update of the same core or the search engine will be ready. These changes are classic, but they won’t have a great impact in terms of visual aspects, more if in the metrics of each page.

A delay in the adjustment of search engines


BluCactus - news about Google's algorithmsMany webmasters and SEO experts said that once these changes were implemented, the update took much longer than expected to make some kind of adjustment in the search engines. Some reported complete website crashes, delays in implementing the changes, and the results appearing. News about Google’s algorithms.


At the moment, you should not worry about these algorithm changes and the adjustments made frequently by Google. Remember that the company only seeks to create a good web experience for each of its users and visitors. It is expected that this update will have as its main objective the elimination of content that has little value, does not meet quality standards, and does not have many searches.


That is why if you want to be one step before the algorithm and those who are your competition, you just have to continue creating quality, relevant content that is attractive enough and well worked for all those who fit your target audience.


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