Learn About the Four Different Types of Fashion Photography

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Learn About the Four Different Types of Fashion Photography. Nowadays, many types of photography are used, through which people or fashion brands can show a lifestyle or their products for sale. Of course, to capture good photographs, you need a professional fashion photographer.


Did you know that photography is vital in a marketing strategy? Yes, business owners need this element to complement an action plan that suits their needs. Therefore, if you want an excellent photography service in Canada, we will explain the four different types of fashion photography you should know.


How to be a Good Fashion Photographer?


BluCactus - BluCactus - lookbook for your fashion website - important dataThere’s a lot of competition in the photography world, which is no secret. We can see new faces in modeling and new photographers every year. Additionally, it is more challenging to be part of the fashion industry. There are two types of fashion photography, which in this case is fashion and editorial. Hybrid works have allowed fashion photography to break down into four types.


Fashion photography is mainly for magazines like Cosmopolitan and Vogue. Although also they can be done in photographic studios for advertisements or catalogs. At the same time, editorial photographs get taken in a studio for different brands, logs, or magazines.


It is essential to have a photographer’s degree to make images of this style or be an assistant in this area. However, to start as a fashion photographer and learn more about this area, a fashion design course will serve as support.


What are the Types of Fashion Photography?


We will tell you what the four types of fashion photography are:


  • Catalog Photography


blucactus - types of fashion photography - catalog photography - model and photographerIn catalog photography, beauty is an essential part of the image. It is a type of photography that tries to show a single look or product. The model’s face will be the main focus, although this can use various photographed items. Only a professional photographer can ensure that the final image will convey cohesive work.


For a photography catalog, it is allowed to take pictures of the model with the same product. This way, the camera is shot in different exterior and interior environments to play with various color palettes. Furthermore, catalog photography has the most straightforward, obvious objective: to sell clothes. Therefore, it focuses on the outfits while the models take an upright posture to show them off.


Photographers often have many challenges, and for catalog, photography lighting is one of the main ones. It is more important than you can imagine since it captures the details of the clothes without changing their shades. The photographer should avoid taking pictures at night or using lights indoors.


  • High Fashion Photography


blucactus - high fashion photographyHigh fashion photography is an exciting type of photography that you should know. When we talk about high fashion or haute couture, we refer to striking clothes with perfect seams that allow any personality to be holy. Since we are referring to luxurious and expensive fabrics, it is a style that needs professional and eye-catching models to conclude with quality photographs. In general, necklines and high heels are often seen in this type of photography to define a high-class style.


Haute couture is frequently seen in magazines and on the internet. For this reason, photographers who take this type of photography usually look for famous models who know how to do the most common poses to the most exaggerated ones.


Consequently, the photographer must be concerned with location, lighting, models’ appearance, etc., if they want to capture highly professional images. In this way, the photographer can do creative and glamorous work.


  • Street Fashion


blucactus - street fashion - model and photographerIn this type of photography, beauty becomes the main image. However, both the model and fashion and trends must interact with each other. The model can wear several items in street fashion, although her personality shines when photographed. Therefore, this type of photography requires a model with many styles and good humor. Likewise, the idea is that the model can represent its image, just like when they are walking through a shopping center, but with a better scene.


Urban or street fashion is very popular, and its looks are more rugged than those seen in Haute fashion. For example, the urban style includes shirts, jeans, and sweatshirts. In turn, dresses and other pieces of clothing provide elegance and comfort.


A photographer specialized in this style can take pictures of ordinary people on the street, as long as they obtain permission to photograph a particular person. However, being street fashion photographers, everyone has their own rules.


  • Editorial Fashion Photography


blucactus - types of fashion photography - editorial photographyThe focus of attention in this type of photography is the face and body of the model. It is an effect made of funds that allows improving its beauty and appearance to highlight its characteristics. Likewise, in the image, the model can appear in a half-body or full-body photo, while a background in a neutral or complementary tone can go behind it. For editorial fashion photography, a wide variety of accessories can be an extra effect.


In short, this type of photography aims to convey the model’s personality and essence through their gaze or other characteristics that make the viewer understand what is behind each image. In addition, they work to tell stories related to a specific model or a designer. Indeed, they are also images that can link to a brand or other photography styles where there may be different hairstyles, makeup, and clothing to capture better shots.


Do You Like Fashion Photography?


BluCactus - fashion photography - modelsThe types of fashion photography fit each objective of brands that want to show their products professionally. Hiring a qualified and experienced photographer is also relevant to fulfill this objective.


Now more than ever, professionals must include photography in any marketing strategy, and at BluCactus, we can help you. Contact us right now, and we will tell you about all the services we can offer you so you can differentiate yourself from the competition, attract potential customers and improve your income.


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