Learn how to advertise on TikTok 2022

BluCactus - Learn how to advertise on TikTok 2022

Learn how to advertise on TikTok 2022. TikTok has achieved incredible popularity in recent years. The bulk of subscribers and users is no longer limited only to young people. More adults and older people join this platform to be entertained or educated. All thanks to the diverse content we can find there.


For this reason, advertising in this place has become a key objective. And a winning strategy to achieve reach, visibility, and positioning, among others.


TikTok has an excellent engagement and a relatively high rate of daily use. Covering, as we already mentioned, people corresponding to different generations, as well as a presence in 155 countries.


Ad formats on TikTok


TikTok offers various formats through which you can advertise. So that you can choose according to your needs and those of your brand, namely:


Brand Takeover


It is an ad that appears on the screen immediately when you open the application. And even before you can watch the recommended videos. These advertisements may well consist of a fixed image of 3 seconds. Or videos without audio between 3 to 5 seconds approximately. This type of format is the most appropriate when looking for brand recognition due to its presence. However, its price is high compared to the frequency in which it is shown daily, as well as the duration of the ad.


BluCactus - Learn how to advertise on TikTok 2022Top View


It differs from Brand Takeover in that Top View-type ads do not appear immediately when you open the application.


But burst onto the screen after several seconds of browsing.


Another feature is that it can display a still image for 3 seconds and then a video for up to 60 seconds.


The ads have a presence in specific locations for users to interact with them.


BluCactus - Learn how to advertise on TikTok 2022In Feed


It is a format with which we are already familiar.


Due to the similarity to those shown on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.


On TikTok, it appears in the “For you” section once you are inside the application exploring.


And can contain videos of up to 60 seconds and is jumpable after about 9 to 15 seconds have elapsed.


Branded Hashtag Challenge


The use of hashtags has been a constant since the beginning of the application. This has always been a way to position yourself, even on other social media. However, at TikTok, we are given another job far beyond the ordinary. The platform promotes user-generated content through hashtags, which are often associated with viral trending challenges.


Likewise, some brands promote or support these challenges through these tags, which can be found in segmented searching. Thus, showing all the videos created occasionally promotes a product or brand.


Currently, this type of format has several participants of 35% of the total users on the platform. And 16% of the content of TikTok corresponds to this category. I am giving the option of placing a banner in the section and s to the challenge page.


Branded Effect


Brand effects, a format we are also used to since we frequently see Snapchat.


Are all those graphic elements that serve to accompany the created content, such as filters, stickers, lenses, and other effects that go to stop at the feeds.


These resources are found in the filter panel and can also be searched if they do not appear visibly. In terms of their acceptance, more than 65% of users resort to this type of format to generate content. Therefore, the answer is obvious.


Campaign Objectives


  • First, brand recognition is achieved.
  • That the application is considered in terms of traffic, downloads, and navigation and is a reference among social media.


BluCactus - Learn how to advertise on TikTok 2022Tips for creating an effective campaign


  • Be creative and authentic. Look for the content to be unique and not the same as the rest.
  • As far as possible, rely on the figures of the influencers according to their reach and the market in which they are popular.
  • Use trending music and apply music for each video cut and effects applied.
  • Carry out challenges in which users can actively participate.
  • Schedule the ads and monitor the metrics.

TikTok ads


BluCactus - Learn how to advertise on TikTok 2022Like Facebook, ads in the business or commercial version serve the platform to make ads through it. It is in charge of offering the necessary tools to create the advertising campaigns to be displayed within the application.


These tools are the generated formats (Top View, Brand Takeover, hashtag Challenge, etc.) so that the brand can select which one it considers best. All according to the results and costs to achieve that necessary interaction to be visible among that sea of ​​videos that are diary posted on the app.


This is one of the best options when you decide to advertise on TikTok. Due to the large number of users who live on this social media. This, translates into a high probability of viewing and engagement, offering even a percentage of highest growth compared to other platforms.


Brands advertising on TikTok


Advertising on TikTok is no longer a field for only influencers and born content creators who became known through this platform. Today, many renowned companies and brands make a living. Not only with a presence in content but also with advertising.


From the smallest businesses in a locality to the most prestigious fashion houses, they are advertising and taking advantage of this valuable space to display their products or services.


Therefore, it is increasingly common to see brands such as Burberry, Gucci, and YSL captivating the audience with their content.


Likewise, we find technological giants such as Apple and important food companies such as McDonald’s and Wendy’s, having a presence through advertising. And trying to be striking and attractive to this audience. Encouraging them to consume and grow in networks in favour of the account of the brand.


On TikTok, many brands have found a creative way to effectively cover spaces and reach this type of audience.


BluCactus - Learn how to advertise on TikTok 2022Reach Conversion


It goes through a conversion process when a user goes from viewer to follower. When they stop looking at your content and ads and decide to start following the account to be part of it more closely and directly.


Faced with this behaviour on the part of users, the brand can well take reciprocal actions with them. And establish feedback with comments, share advertising or the much-loved likes and thus carry out a study and analysis about what steps lead a user to become a follower and potential customer.


How much does it cost to advertise on TikTok?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Ad costs are variable and will depend in the first place on the type of brand or company. And of course, the reach it has achieved. We are talking about a large or small company. There are also amounts determined by the number of impressions a content receives. As well as the number of clicks it receives and the views, which range from $10 per 1,000 visits, among others. The possibilities are vast. And everything will also depend on what the brand wants to achieve and the budget it is willing to invest in.


Many brands are growing on TikTok thanks to its varied services and possibilities that it offers due to its large number of active users and, of course, its addictive content that attracts more and more people.


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