Learn to humanize a brand using music for your Marketing Strategy

BluCactus - Learn to humanize a brand using music for your Marketing Strategy

Learn to humanize a brand using music for your Marketing Strategy. Music is the art of organizing sounds through respect for the established precepts of melody, harmony, and rhythm, attending to psychological processes too. It is capable of making us feel both positive and negative emotions. As well as associate it with places, facts, and moments, among others. And also with brands, products, and services.


The use of music in advertising is ancient. And its advantages are still valid, thanks to the emotions it generates in the receiver of the melody.


Do you want to be remembered, along with your product or a specific advertisement? Do you want a direct relationship with your audience and to be perceived as a trusting brand? One way to achieve this is by using a memorable melody or song with which the public associates your brand. One they can recognize without having to see any advertisement or physical image.


And this relationship between music and advertising is called music branding.


What is music branding?


BluCactus - Hearing musicMusic branding is that marketing strategy that works based on the generation of emotions through music when broadcasting an advertising campaign. And it captures not only the attention of the viewing public or that receives the melody but also points to create a pleasant memory. They can immediately associate the brand or product when listening to the song.


It also seeks to achieve a sensory engagement. So that whoever receives the stimulus through music makes a connection that generates joy or any other positive feeling. They do not see just any product but the value and meaning of the brand itself.


Importance of music branding


BluCactus - Hearing musicIf you still have trouble understanding the importance of this figure, let´s tell you that it has much more relevance than you think.


Music in your marketing strategy, like other implemented options, allows you to segment the audience you want to capture. Thanks to what it (music) represents and the values ​​it transmits to people, it is possible to work on a function to a certain type of melody. So that it serves as a filter.


Thus, it also allows you to differentiate yourself from your competition with unique melodies. And give your brand or company its own identity, and this way, achieve listener loyalty.


Another important aspect is the high possibility that this type of campaign will become viral when catchy music is implemented. And have a considerable reach and transmission of the valuable content to be disseminated.


Spaces where we can implement musical branding


In Ads


BluCactus - Learn to humanize a brand using music for your Marketing StrategyOne of the main uses of musical branding is in advertisements. Constantly influencing the purchase decision of the person who receives the message.


In this category, the music can be original.


This is the one that is composed and created from scratch, specially oriented for a certain brand, and can be pure melody or with lyrics.


And the already existing ones, which are famous or well-known songs and performed by renowned artists. But to use them, you must request authorization, as well as invest much more budget than perhaps thought.


At events, concerts, and sponsorships


BluCactus - Learn to humanize a brand using music for your Marketing StrategyAn excellent way to relate to music less directly is to sponsor the brand or product in musical events.


Such as concerts, festivals, and sponsorship events, among others of this type.


It is an option with which what is promoted can be associated with the specific music present in the place and selected for that purpose.


A perfect example of these alliances is the one made by beverage brands, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. They always seek to have a presence.


In Stores


It is very common to enter a store and find that the space is decorated with music, either instrumental or with lyrics, and known. Here the important thing is that the selected musical style is consistent with the merchandise they offer. The target of the client you want to attract, as well as the type of business in question.


This strategy aims to create an environment of comfort. Positively increase the shopping experience, and make the person want to stay longer in the shop or store. Also, increasing the number of objects to be purchased.


Advantages of music branding


First, this type of element included in advertising is less intrusive than other methods. And it has a more direct reach concerning the consumer.


BluCactus - Learn to humanize a brand using music for your Marketing StrategyGet attention and create bonds


It can intervene in the consumer’s mind to capture their attention. As well as to retain them and convert them into customers through sounds capable of forming emotional bonds.


Looks for the brand to be remembered


A good melody that can reach the heart of the customer will be able to make them remember the brand and its products at all times.


Seeks to humanize the brand


It is a way to humanize brands and seek their presence through sounds of both melodies and voices. Sounds can represent the brand and encourage favourable responses regarding customer behaviour regarding the business or product.


Create brand identity


Selecting the right rhythms, songs, or melodies correctly will cause the message the brand wants to convey to arrive accurately and be perceived by the recipients.


BluCactus - Learn to humanize a brand using music for your Marketing Strategy

Build brand loyalty


To the extent that the selected music is consistent with the brand’s values, people can create a bond of loyalty and empathy concerning it and the products and other options it offers.


Seeks to provoke emotions


Even with certain melodies, we can control the type of emotion we want to create: excitement, happiness, melancholy, among others. All, so they cause an impact as soon as they are heard.


Enhance visual material


Certainly, music alone can achieve all the benefits we have been mentioning. However, when combined with images and this combination is consistent with each other, you will get better results.


How to humanize your brand through musical branding


BluCactus - Hearing musicDetermine your brand values


The main objective when implementing a music branding strategy is to produce a link between the ones who listen and the brand. As soon as we hear the melody or song anywhere, we can immediately generate a connection between one another.


For this reason, it is essential to define the brand’s values, its style, and what it means to the public. Maybe luxury, confidence, and joviality, among others. As well as determining the type of client we want. And based on this, select the tones, sounds, music, and appropriate lyrics so we can convey a message through them.


Choose the sounds well


Knowing what you want to achieve and knowing with certainty what sounds define the competition will allow the selection of sounds to be carried out correctly and accurately. With the mind and the objectives outlined in the sensations sought to be aroused from the corporate image. The one used in advertising, the corporate voice of the brand, and even the telephone waiting tones.


That is why knowing what sounds you will incorporate is so important. If high, low, slow rhythms, or faster ones. As well as knowing the audience to be aware of what attracts customers and to be able to choose other types of accessories. Like a narrator’s voice and if this is famous, or if you include a pre-existing song, among other things.


Use the correct voice


Not everything focuses on the music. Voice messages are also common both within a company and in the material broadcast abroad (musical branding, jingles, etc.). This feature a voice-off.


Therefore, choosing the right voice is as relevant as doing it with the right melody. Also, at this point, it is necessary to determine what you want to transmit and who is the target audience. Whether young or adult, in what region the company is or public, and the age range, among others.


One recommendation is to opt for a voiceover agency that offers the right people for this purpose. And achieves a professional and quality result.


Look for consistency


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510As we mentioned, you must retain coherence to maintain brand loyalty and recognition. Between the brand’s values, objectives, and the music broadcast in communication strategies.


You achieve this coherence by using memorable sounds that meet the values ​​of the brand and the profiles of the people we want to attract, retain and maintain over time. So, it is possible to change while maintaining the same essence that has characterized the melody forever.


Music in itself is lovely, unique, and memorable. And these qualities make it an excellent option for your marketing strategy. And achieve results that last over time for the brand and customers, fostering a more direct relationship and humans. You just have to contact us, and we will gladly assist you.


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