How to make a corporate presentation for your skin care brand?

BluCactus - How to make a corporate presentation for your skin care brand?

How to make a corporate presentation for your skin care brand? Nowadays, people are much more concerned about skin care. In fact, skin care brands have become part of society, generating a large amount of annual revenue. That’s why, if you have a skin care brand, now is the time to reinforce your marketing strategies with creative corporate presentations.


 If you still don’t know how to make a corporate presentation, don’t worry. This article will give you the steps you should apply to show your clients a quality document.


What are the best corporate presentations for your skin care brand? 


A corporate presentation is a document that allows you to make your brand identity known. You can us it to attract the attention of customers by making important points about your company. Today, buyers are interested in skin care products that are manufactured by responsible companies. Therefore, you should focus on that aspect and develop a strong message for your brand.


What sections should you include in the corporate presentation of your skin care brand?


BluCactus - skin care brand corporate presentation on computerIt’s important to include several sections in a corporate skin care presentation. However, this will always depend on the kind of company and its needs. In the case of a skin care brand, these are the sections you can use to create an effective document:


  • About us: In this section, you should explain who you are. For example, to add value, you can explain where the brand was born, and what inspired you to design your products. The idea is that, from the beginning, the customer feels that your brand cares about producing high quality products to provide proper skin care.
  • Mission, vision, and values: Provide information on your corporate pillars. Highlight how important taking part of people’s beauty and hygiene routine is to your brand. Let your clients know how committed you are to provide them with the best advice.  

BluCactus - skin care brand corporate presentation on computer


  • History or timeline: Customers want to know the history of your company. Because of this, you can share the evolution of your skin care brand. Talk about how you have been able to bring innovative products to the market to stand out in this business.
  • The team: Here you can include information about the founders of the brand and what has been their commitment since then. In addition, you can mention the work team that accompanies you in the production and elaboration of the products. This way, the client can appreciate the experience you have in the beauty sector.
  • Added value: This section is the perfect opportunity to highlight the added value of your brand and your company. Share with your customers if you have created a new line of skin care products. Also, you can mention if your company uses sustainable packaging to help the environment.
  • Social responsibility: Explain what are the challenges of the company and the actions taken to project itself in the long term. Talk about the efforts you have made to develop quality products, and if there are any actions oriented to the use of ingredients that minimize environmental impact.

BluCactus - woman doing her skincare routine applying beauty products


  • Products or services: This is your opportunity to present your products or services in style. For example, if you are a company that produces sunscreens for sensitive skin, highlight this benefit. The goal is that, for each of your products, you focus on their benefits to evoke emotion.
  • Customers and testimonials: Testimonials have become a powerful tool, as most online shoppers rely on reviews for their purchase decision. Therefore, this is a section that you shouldn’t ignore.
  • Quality certifications: If you have certifications granted by animal cruelty prevention or environmental organizations, do not forget to include them to generate greater confidence in suppliers and future investors.
  • Contact: To market to your target audience, include your company’s contact information. You can also include email and social networks.


What should a corporate presentation of a skin care company contain?


BluCactus - skin care brand corporate presentation on computerNow we will explain you step by step how to make a corporate presentation for your skin care company:


Step 1: What is the purpose of the corporate presentation?


The first step for the elaboration of a quality skin care corporate presentation is to have a clear purpose. Keep in mind what you want to say, what you want to achieve and to whom it will be presented. Add relevant information for your clients. For example, you can add content that explains your company’s commitment to offer quality skin care products. 


Step 2: What is the structure of the corporate presentation?


This step consists in building the structure of the corporate presentation. Here, you must choose how many pages and which sections are necessary to showcase a good image of your skin care products. In general, a presentation like this should not exceed 20 or 30 pages. Here, the objective is to have a short, but clear and concise document to achieve a good presentation of the brand.


BluCactus - happy woman giving a thumbs upStep 3: What does the corporate presentation design look like? 


Once the structure of your corporate presentation is ready, filled with good content and images of your products, it’s time to pick the right platform to create it.


The good news is that there are many options to make a corporate presentation.


For example, Canva, PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Adobe Illustrator. You can pick the platform that you consider easier to use and more functional in the long run.


Step 4: How to perform the final tests? 


BluCactus - woman doing her skincare routine applying beauty productsAs soon as the design of the corporate presentation is finalized, it is essential to get feedback from your team members. They can help you detect if any mistakes have occurred or if relevant information is missing. Also, you can make a test with the corporate presentation by showing it to some people. This way, before its final use, you will determine if the order of the content is congruent and if the demonstration of the products will have the desired impact.


Step 5: What is the distribution and end use of the corporate presentation? 


The last step to make a corporate presentation of your skin care brand is to send this document to your marketing team. They will be in charge of sending or presenting the corporate presentation to prospective clients. Therefore, it must be a quality and light file.


Do you need a corporate presentation for your skin care brand?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Corporate presentations are a must in your marketing strategy. They are effective for all skin care brands that want to grow. Because they help you reach important investors and your target audience.


We at BluCactus are a digital marketing agency that can help you create the corporate presentation that fits your brand the best for its success. Contact us right now to provide you with a service that will differentiate you from other skincare brands.


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