Learn about the Metaverse and its influence on digital marketing

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Learn about the Metaverse and its influence on digital marketing. Technology and its changes are dynamic and changing. For this reason, every day, we find new updates and options to venture into digital media, and the Metaverse is an example of this.


This virtual world has been gaining strength and importance over time. Today, it has been leading the digital environment to evolve and adapt to the demands of users. After all, a large number of companies carry out their activities online. Because of this, their experience must be satisfactory and useful.


What is the Metaverse?


The Metaverse is a fusion between the physical and the virtual. This is where the internet evolves and augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence converge.


This is also a virtual space used by digital environments. In other words, we can interact with it through social media and game platforms. So, it connects the physical world with the virtual one.


This technological world also allows generating, buying, and exchanging digital assets through cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens known as NFTs. Thus, the Metaverse is also a stock market.


This wide universe continues to expand over time, hosting new forms of interaction. It’s even projected to improve the productivity of companies in their digital environments.


Benefits of the Metaverse


At the business level, the Metaverse is also applicable, and we tell you that it offers many benefits to the environment and labor productivity, such as:


  • Create social groups from your work team.
  • Compatibility with various multimedia formats.
  • It customizes users’ experiences.
  • Through an avatar, the members of your work team can perform their tasks.
  • There may be a log out and follow the active task or action.
  • It is multi-user, and the voice and data interactions are high quality.
  • It is capable of integrating with other professional help tools or platforms.
  • Users can see 3D objects.
  • The consumer can have a satisfactory experience through what this virtual world offers him with a simple purchase.

Marketing and Metaverse How does it work?


In this virtual world, many communities come to life. There are endless growth possibilities for your company or business within the Metaverse in conjunction with your digital marketing strategy.


One of the main actions carried out within this system is to publicize brands and their products and encourage purchase by users.


Video game platforms are one of the best proofs of how this digital marketing dynamic works in the Metaverse.


In it, we find many products created and designed by tangible brands in real life. They offer these products to market and sell them within the same platform.


Another option is advertising within this virtual reality, normally presented in video formats. Videos are more or less short that sometimes we cannot jump or that are offered to be viewed in exchange for some reward, to which we always succumb, which is a way to make yourself known in this community.


Benefits of Digital Marketing in the Metaverse


It creates the possibility of reaching and capturing a totally different and new audience than the real world.


The content to be generated is in digital formats aimed specifically at the virtual world, where augmented and virtual reality must be considered. Come in others, so we will not see the typical Post or ebooks that we are used to.


Opportunity to generate media visibility for our brand or product in virtual reality.


Direct connection with generation Z, who are the main users of the Metaverse and thus cover a field that in the real world is difficult to conquer. 


How to advertise effectively in the Metaverse?


One aspect, namely, is that the Metaverse is also a complex world to which not everyone has access.. therefore, advertising must be managed very precisely and with a well-structured organization and strategy.


Fort, we talk to you about what you shoulders to consider when launching to advertise in this virtual medium.




BluCactus - MetaverseWe cannot work on something that we do not master or do not understand 100%, and in this case, the Metaverse requires an absolute understanding. For this reason, it is necessary to educate ourselves enough to fully understand the operation of this virtual reality and how we can work with it. 


Regardless of how you obtain the information, it is more relevant than the content is of quality, is verified as accurate, and that whoever created it is people of an acceptable and respectable reputation and thus you are successful in learning.


As a bonus, we leave you 3 names of people who are currently considered experts in the field and can help you learn more about this environment: Lisa Buyer, Cathy Hackl, considered “the godmother of the Metaverse,” Matthew Ball and Theo Priestley, are some of the references to support and learn more about this topic.


SWOT Analysis


The SWOT analysis, which means strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, is a technique implemented at the business level to know and analyze the real and current situation and establish the strategies to be implemented.


Before starting your path to the world of the Metaverse, carry out an analysis and check what would be the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that your brand or company has a presence in virtual reality. According to the result, you will be able to elaborate on the most effective marketing strategy according to your niche and what you want to achieve.


Marketing actions


BluCactus - MetaverseAs we well know, there are many advertising options that we can apply in the real world. However, in the Metaverse, the situation changes a bit.


Because it is a 100% virtual world, there are some strategies that we cannot implement as in the physical plane.


Thus, these are some of the modalities brands can execute within this digital plane:


Repeat what you do in the real world


This strategy has worked for many brands that have a presence in the Metaverse.


The same campaign they use in the real world, they also have in the virtual one.


An example of this could be promoting a concert that will take place in reality and in the Metaverse. After all, brands can apply the campaign to both realities, and the sponsors of the event will actively participate and thus achieve visibility.


BluCactus - MetaverseVirtual fashion and other merchandise


This is not something new. In fact, it’s been a while since avatars have been. Even simple applications such as Snapchat and, more recently, WhatsApp and Instagram have them.


In the same way, it has been happening for much longer in video games, where we have the possibility of creating our player and customizing it as we want.


These avatars are our representation and the way we have a presence in the Metaverse, and so, as in real life, we need clothes and accessories to change our outfits daily. The same thing happens in this digital medium.


Many people are constantly updating their profiles with the latest implementations in terms of clothing and virtual footwear.


Due to this need, many brands currently produce collections exclusively for the Metaverse. Some have even replicated clothing from physical reality to virtual reality. Thus, obtaining even more than double what the clothing actually costs. 


BluCactus - Metaverse

Some are free to access and use, and others are paid.


Associate with those who know


In the real world and on social media, you often work with digital marketers and famous figures, celebrities, or influencers.


But in the Metaverse, one choice is to work or paint with those who develop content and work on advertising campaigns to learn to better understand and manage this environment.


Observe the competition


BluCactus - Metaverse

It is not a new practice, and it takes place in the real world.


One of the actions of marketing strategies is to observe the competition. This way, you will know how it acts and its actions. Added to this, you’ll figure out what works for them and where their success comes from. 


In this case, it would be practically the same. You must look closely at your competitors and how they present themselves in this virtual medium. This includes what they focus on, what they have, and the type of campaigns they launch.


There is a wide range of opportunities to grow your business in this virtual world. You must only take firm steps and, above all safe when incurring in this field. This way, you’ll have the best of experiences and excellent results.


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