How to create a winning Pinterest Marketing Strategy to get more traffic

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There is no doubt that Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms today. That’s why the time has come to learn how to create an effective Pinterest marketing strategy to increase traffic.


There are many strategies you can use to start adding more value to your community. For example, you can improve your dashboards and everything else necessary to make your website stand out from others in your niche. Starting today, you can use the best tools in the market to take advantage of all the benefits that Pinterest offers you.


Do you want to generate more traffic to your website? If the answer is yes, you must first know what this platform is about and how you use it for your website.


What is Pinterest, and how can you start using it?


BluCactus - Pinterest PlataformPinterest is now one of most of the most popular platforms among men, women, and companies that want to gain visibility on their website. This platform is perfect to advertise your business through visual content, such as:


  • Images
  • Photos
  • Infographics
  • Videos


When a company uploads graphic material to Pinterest, it does so with specific objectives in mind. And one of them is to offer quality content to users to inspire and educate them with interesting information in a visual way.


If a user feels likes your tutorials or other visual content, they are sure to become a future buyer. According to social media experts, 98% of people who visit Pinterest bring the ideas provided by this platform to reality.


This platform stands out for contributing ideas to its users


BluCactus - Pinterest marketing strategy - Happy personThis is a platform known for its motivational content which allows it to stand out from other platforms like Facebook.


Because of this, you should learn how to get your Pinterest account up and running to benefit your website.


To carry out a good marketing strategy on Pinterest you must first understand how it works.


Here are some basics about Pinterest:



BluCactus - PinsPins


Pins are a tool that works as visual markers.


Users can use them to pin the images they find most interesting.


The pin appears in the form of a pushpin, although at times it can be seen as a miniature Pinterest logo.


Besides, there are pins that users can use as ideas.


In other words, these are images that users fix or save because they like their content and want to use in the future.


BluCactus - Pinterest marketing strategy - Happy personPinners


Pinners are the most active users of this platform.


They either publish, share, or save interesting content.







BluCactus - BoardsDashboards


Dashboards function as a gallery where users can save the images they have pinned by theme and in an organized way.


For example, if you specialize in fashion content, dashboards will be perfect for you.


Now that you know the basics of Pinterest, you can start creating your marketing strategy from scratch.



Build a marketing strategy for Pinterest, and drive more traffic to your website


BluCactus - Pinterest marketing strategy - targetAre you ready to learn the steps necessary to build a marketing strategy on Pinterest?


Your website needs to generate traffic and this platform can offer many advantages.


So to start you must:


Define your goals


Before starting a marketing strategy, you must define your objectives. Some common objectives are as follows:


BluCactus - Pinterest marketing strategy - Device with important dataHave a presence through your brand 


If you want to achieve this first objective, you must set up your account perfectly, as well as customizing your dashboards and pins to your corporate image. You will also need to create a complete Pinterest bio so that the user knows everything about you.


Being able to generate more traffic to your website 


When you use creative images and attractive content, it’s a fact that you will get a higher percentage of users interested in knowing your website.


BluCactus - Pinterest marketing strategy - Device with important dataAchieve an increase in sales volume (ROI)


This is one of the most important objectives for companies who have a website.


That’s why your presence should stand out from others through good content.


Only in this way will you be able to build a better connection with users and participate with the community.



Increase your e-commerce strategy through Pinterest web traffic


BluCactus - Pinterest marketing strategy - Happy personThis platform has an advantage, and it’s that through a pin on an image you can directly access the website from which that content comes. That’s why Pinterest is one of the best platforms to motivate users to participate in a purchase process.


For this reason, Pinterest has taken a lot of value for companies that want to make themselves known on the web. In the case of companies with e-commerce, this platform is a godsend.


Experts in social media recommend all online businesses use this platform. This is because it’s the best way to connect with their target audience as long as they offer high-quality content. So, take advantage of this platform by showing your products strikingly. This way, your users will want to go to your site and buy.


Verify your account


BluCactus - Pinterest marketing strategy - Device with important dataBefore implementing your Pinterest marketing strategy, you must first verify your account. In this case, if you already have a profile created you can use the Pinterest for Business option to turn it into a company profile. On the other hand, if you don’t have a profile, you can create a company account directly.


You cannot forget to complete the verification process to make your account official. This is because verified accounts are the only ones that have access to the analysis category. Through it, you will be able to access the statistics about your users’ behaviour concerning their pins.


Also, verified company accounts turn out to be more visible in search results.


Create eye-catching content


BluCactus - Pinterest marketing strategy - Happy personOn Pinterest, you will not only perform well through e-commerce, since other businesses not related to the sale of products or services can also be successful.


Regardless of the products or services your company provides, you can make changes tailored to visual content. This platform is so effective that it will help you make the most of your creativity to achieve your goals.


You may be afraid to show your creativity, but it’s important not to be self-conscious. There are many ways in which you can demonstrate your knowledge and all the benefits that you can offer through your company.


On Pinterest, you can leverage each dashboard to accomplish your goals.


Create a calendar to plan your content


BluCactus - Create a calendarOrganization is the key to create a winning Pinterest marketing strategy. To plan your content you can create a weekly or monthly calendar. Also, you can publish daily content depending on this platform’s importance for your brand and add value.


You may not have time to focus on the management of this platform. In this case, a marketing agency could manage a good strategy for your website through Pinterest. Now, if you want to carry out this task yourself, you should spend at least 10 minutes creating ideas for your dashboards. In this sense, you can add new ideas to add more value to both your content and your brand.


Your cunning is decisive to stand out from other websites dedicated to your niche. For this reason, you must maintain a constant presence on this platform to upload content often and increase your number of followers. It’s the only way to generate more organic traffic to your website.


What tasks should you do to generate more traffic to your website?


BluCactus - Pinterest marketing strategy - Happy personDaily tasks 


  • Complete your dashboards.
  • Review your notifications.
  • Respond to comments.
  • Follow potential customers.

Frequent tasks 


  • Connect with your Pinterest followers through other social media platforms.
  • Create or participate in corporate boards.
  • Do some research to get new ideas for your dashboards.

BluCactus - Social mediaSporadic tasks 


These are special campaigns that should include:


  • Offers
  • Contests
  • Promotions
  • Festivities
  • Discount coupons.


Put these tasks into practice, and you will notice your website traffic increase considerably.



Learn to differentiate between valuable content and commercial content


What is something you must understand? That Pinterest isn’t a catalogue where you can show all your products and services. However, there’s a tactic that you can use to increase your dashboard’s followers and pins.


For your Pinterest strategy to be effective, you must offer users valuable content. Remember that as days pass, the needs of your clients also change, and today, they want useful content.


Types of dashboards


BluCactus - Pinterest marketing strategy - Device with important dataBefore creating any dashboards, you must first find out which one will be the most suitable for your website.


This way, you can combine different formats and create a dynamic board different from others.


But if you don’t know which board to start with, don’t worry.


As you use the different features of Pinterest you will discover which dashboards work best for your website and which ones should be discarded.


These are the types of dashboards you’ll find on Pinterest:


BluCactus - Pinterest marketing strategy - Device with important dataCorporate dashboards 


Corporate dashboards differ from others because they can be managed by multiple users at the same time.


It’s a very effective way to achieve better engagement with your followers.


For your followers, it will be incredible to become the protagonists of your visual content while working together.


If you want to invite other users to your dashboard, there must be a follow-for-follow. That is, you as a brand must follow the user and the user, your brand.


BluCactus - Pinterest marketing strategy - Device with important dataMap dashboards


This dashboard is just as important as the corporate one, although it has its peculiarities.


Through this type of dashboard, you can geolocate different pins from a visual map, or you can also use the Foursquare option.


How do map dashboards work? First, add the pins and then locate the image through the “add a place” button. This dashboard has been specially designed for tourism businesses. After all, it can include relevant information related to tourism and can carry out the creation of different routes.


Of course, other companies can also use map dashboards to share diverse content.


BluCactus - Pinterest marketing strategy - Device with important dataDashboards made up of other’s or your own content


The pins that are used to complete these boards are distinguished by carrying a URL that redirects to an external page.


This external page has no relation to your website, however, it’s highly valued as they help to generate more traffic to your website.


If you want to create an effective marketing strategy for Pinterest using this dashboard, you must collect material useful for potential customers. This way, you will be able to encourage the need to buy from you and thus, build customer loyalty.


Customize your cover


BluCactus - Pinterest marketing strategy - Device with important dataCustomizing your cover is very important because visuals are very relevant to this platform.


Because of this, you should take advantage of all the opportunities that this platform offers to create direct and intuitive content.


Do you want to know what the first thing that users see when they arrive at your feed is?


Your dashboards, and that’s why you should play with that visual space while customizing them according to the niche of your website.



How to customize your dashboard covers?


Name each cover 


BluCactus - Pinterest marketing strategy - Device with important dataTo reinforce your brand’s image, you must use the same typeface as your website.


Besides this, you must also include the same colour and style so that your users can match the content of your boards with your website. Also, try to match the name of your covers with your visual content.


Add a tile with dashboards 


If you have the gift of creativity, you should put it into practice by designing a cover with several images to make a mosaic or collage.


Use Pinterest Analytics


BluCactus - Pinterest marketing strategy - Device with important dataOnce you verify your Pinterest account, the next step will be to go to the “analysis” option.


In this section, you will find very useful information about the activities you carry out from your website.


You can also see the impact of your pins if you’re on the right track or need to make some improvements.


In this option, there is a drop-down panel with three points through which you can extract data while browsing.


You can even use a custom date range to get more specific data.


Measure your account’s results


BluCactus - Pinterest marketing strategy - Device with important dataSEO on Pinterest doesn’t happen overnight. However, it’s possible to achieve this by measuring the results of the count. You can do this through data, where you can see your number of followers and the pins with the highest number of impressions. Besides, you can keep an eye on the number of visitors and the clicks and impressions that users leave on your images.


Impressions are very important since through them, you can see the number of times your pins appear in search results. Without this element, you won’t be able to know if your users like your content or if you need to make any changes.


There are other kinds of graphs where you can see the number of Repins. This means the number of people who pinned your images from their boards. You will also be able to the Reppiners. So once you start measuring your results, you’ll be able to determine what traffic is being generated to your website.


Know your audience


BluCactus - AudienceIf you want your users to like your content, you must first know their tastes and interests. Through Pinterest Analytics you can have access to a table where you will see data from users who interact with your content.


What data can you get from the audience?


  • The average number of visitors every month.
  • The country of origin of the followers.
  • The average number of shares per month.
  • The city where they live.
  • Their genders.
  • Language


BluCactus - AudienceIn this platform, you can find a tab called “interests”. In it, you can see the most popular topics among your audience. This way you can know what your Pinterest audience likes the most and how to adapt your content to their preferences.


Besides, from the metrics of your website, you will be able to obtain data about your content’s impact. On the other hand, you’ll also be able to see your shared image traffic.


As you can see, Pinterest statistics will be very helpful since they allow you to compare your data from a desktop computer or your smartphone. However, we know that this data can be hard to understand but don’t worry. For this, you can compile a report with the collected results of Google Analytics for a better understanding.


Use measurement tools


To carry out an effective marketing strategy on Pinterest, you can’t leave out the use of measurement and monitoring tools:


  • BluCactus - Pinterest marketing strategy - Happy personPinterest Alerts: This tool is very similar to Google Alerts and you can use it for free. It allows you to obtain information on people who pin from your website through an alert system that you will receive in your email.
  • Viraltag: This program was previously known as Pingraphy, and through it, you can schedule your content on Pinterest. Although it’s paid, it has a demo version you can use to upload images from apps such as Instagram, or directly from your desktop computer.
  • ViralWoot: Through this app, you can promote your pins, and for this, you must pay a fee. According to people who use this app, once you sign in to Viral Woot, it will recommend your Pinterest account in your profile. This way, other users will be able to find it and know that it exists.
  • Tailwind: When it comes to complete analytics tools, Tailwind is a great complement to monitor Pinterest statistics. For its use you must pay a fee, however, there’s a free version and through it, you can collect information from your most influenced followers.
  • Loop88: This is a paid application where you can purchase a service. In it, influential users can provide greater visibility while making their content known.


Use tools for content creation


BluCactus - Content CreationContent creation is also essential to increase your traffic on Pinterest. That’s why you can use the following tools to offer high-quality content to all your followers:


  • Quozio: Quozio is a very easy-to-use tool, and you can take advantage of it to create images with interesting texts and phrases.
  • Pinvolve: Through this application, you can link your boards to your Facebook Fan Pages.
  • Pinstamatic: Through this tool, you can create images and then include them in your boards. In fact, with just two clicks you can convert a tweet into an image.
  • Canva: This is one of the best tools to create designs online today. In fact, you can create professional-quality images as well as covers, logos, posters, and much more. Through this app, you can create all the images you need for any of your platforms.
  • Piqora: This tool specializes in creating promotions for Pinterest. You can also track the results of promotions and view the most influential pinners through Piner360.


Access Pinterest from your mobile device


BluCactus - Pinterest PlataformYou must stay at the forefront of all your Pinterest account’s movements.


For your marketing strategy on Pinterest to be effective, you must constantly monitor it.


For this, you can access the Pinterest app from your Android or IOS phone.


Being able to view Pinterest from your smartphone allows you to monitor your followers, as well as their comments.


Besides, you can also complement your boards to improve your marketing strategy.


Use attractive titles on your boards


BluCactus - Laptop with important informationTo encourage users to visit your boards, you must place attractive titles. It’s also important that you describe each pin correctly, and don’t forget to add calls to action and keywords to stand out from your competitors.


Link this platform to your social media accounts


Linking Pinterest to your social media is also necessary to create your marketing strategy properly. If you carry out this process, you’ll be able to easily attract a greater number of users to get more visits.


How to use Pinterest on other social media platforms?


BluCactus - Pinterest PlataformFacebook 


On Facebook, you can share posts on your wall to encourage users to participate in your boards.




You can post a tweet and insert a link along with an image to gain more visibility.




Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When Creating Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy


BluCactus - Pinterest marketing strategy - Mad personIf you want your Pinterest marketing strategy to achieve the traffic you want for your website, you should avoid making the following mistakes:


  • Using Pinterest without knowing how to use its different functionalities.
  • Not answering questions or notices.
  • Not measuring your results.
  • Misusing hashtags.
  • Using the boards as catalogues of your products or services.
  • Not including keywords in the titles.
  • Using only images.
  • Not paying attention to your followers’ interactions.
  • Don’t put keywords on the pin on Pinterest.

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