What is and how to position your website in Google Discover?

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What is and how to position your website in Google Discover? Websites are an important element for any business.


BluCactus - What is and how to position your website in Google Discover? - important dataThese work as a letter of introduction to potential clients who may want to buy your services or products. It’s also a way to keep in touch with your loyal consumers.


However, within the same business, there may be clients with certain tastes different from others.


That’s why you must offer different content and products to suit all tastes.


Today, we will tell you what Google Discovery is, how it works, and how you can use it to boost your website.


What is Google Discover?


BluCactus - important informationAs a Google tool, this allows you to get news and articles tailored to your tastes. For this, it takes into account your previous searches and interests. In short, it lets you know about news similar to what you have already read.


Google Discover offers the option of adjusting the articles that show up in the search engine feed. This way, you can set it up to fit your interests. Besides, it isn’t hard to do it. All you have to do is let it know if you want to keep watching a certain type of content.


As you can see, this option makes it possible to manage your tastes. Thanks to this, Google will be in charge of sending you only the kind of information you want. Added to this, you can also hide the news you don’t care to know about. For example, politics or health topics.


BluCactus - important informationSome of Discover’s features include:


  • Design focused on visual content: Google Discover offers you the most relevant news. It does this in such a way that can grab the attention of people. For this, it uses larger titles and images.
  • Updated content: This Google tool prioritizes all types of content based on the interests of the reader. As a result, it doesn’t take into account how current it is but the topic it focuses on. It’s about offering material that really matches their preferences.
  • On the home page: At first, this Google tool only showed news from its app. However, developers are still working to make every article easy to view from any device.


Google Discover, Google+ and Google News: They are not the same


BluCactus - important informationMost people think that other tools such as Google +, Google News and Google Discover are the same. This, of course, isn’t true. Google Discover is a very important tool when it comes to data collections. This is because it offers users the option of setting it up for free. As a result, it provides feedback on how to increase user interaction with different topics.


Google + was a social media platform from the same search engine. However, it closed its functions in 2019. On the other hand, Google News shows general breaking news. Thus, it doesn’t focus on what the user really wants to know about. 


Simply put, Google Discover shows you what you want to see, Google News shows you the latest and greatest, while Google + was a social platform by the tech giant that is currently out of business.


Benefits of Google Discover for the marketing of companies


BluCactus - important informationHere are some of the most important benefits that Google Discover presents and that they can bring to your business:


Get a good SEO positioning


This Google tool, along with SEO tactics, allows you to position your content and news on the search results. For this, it takes into account its quality and how relevant it is to the tastes of users. By researching and planning your most relevant keywords, you’ll be able to position your content on the first pages of the search engine. Once it gets there, your news or articles will easily reach your target audience.


BluCactus - important informationYou attract visually


All your content must have images to really grab the attention of the reader.


For this, we recommend that you use high-quality photos.


This way, you will wake their interest and make them stay a lot longer. In contrast, this doesn’t happen with low-quality and low-resolution images.


Don’t be afraid to be creative! You must come up with different ideas to captivate users with a single image. For this, you can let your imagination run free.


BluCactus - important informationVanguard and trends


By creating content tailored to your clients, you can offer them the best of the best materials.


This way, you will be able to keep in touch with them for a long time.


As a result, it will enhance interaction, and you can offer them the best content for their own tastes.




How to position yourself on Google Discover?


BluCactus - important informationWhen talking about positioning, be it on social media or online search engines, we are talking about an algorithm to which all content is submitted with different characteristics and thus begins to be among the first entries or news.


What’s important to all brands is creating quality content and focusing on the interests of their target audience.


In other words, every time they publish on their websites or their social media, they research to find out which topics their readers want to know more about.



BluCactus - What is and how to position your website in Google Discover? - important dataUntil some time ago, it was easier to position yourself in Google with the help of only keywords and the more times you used them.


However, what previously worked was completely modified and tactics that were once effective have now been penalized by the search engine.


That’s why high-quality, highly relevant content is one of the most important elements when it comes to positioning yourself in Google Discover.


Here are 9 strategies to optimize your news and articles and thus obtain a better position in Google Discover.



How to optimize articles for Google Discover: 9 strategies to attract more traffic


BluCactus - What is and how to position your website in Google Discover? - important dataBefore talking about positioning we must remember that Google Discover is based on the interests and tastes of each user.


This means that the contents of your website will be positioned only among those users who are interested in the materials and topics you talk about.


Once you know and understand this, you can start to work on the lists of topics and content you’re going to offer your users.


Here we offer you 9 tips to get more traffic to your website and rank in Google Discover:


  • BluCactus - What is and how to position your website in Google Discover? - important dataUse SEO strategies What’s important is that you keep working on SEO strategies to make Google position you as a source of relevant content for your readers.
  • Create High-quality content Interesting and high-quality content doesn’t expire. You must ensure that your content can answer your readers’ questions and stays fresh over time. Remember that Google Discover not only shows the most current articles but also offers old content as long as it suits the reader’s taste.
  • Respect Google’s Guidelines Always respect Google’s publication rules. You must take a look and understand them before making any content on the internet.
  • Pay attention to metrics Keep an eye on which content is creating the most interaction within your website. The best way to do this is by checking your website’s metrics to find out what are its low bounce rates, longer time on page, higher comments, etc.
  • Use social media You can check on your social media what kind of content has the best interaction. This way, you can start to offer them within your website.
  • BluCactus - What is and how to position your website in Google Discover? - important dataBe mobile Friendly With this we want you to make web designs that adapt to each mobile and portable device. Otherwise, many readers will leave your page because they cannot access it from their cell phones.
  • Use images in your posts An image can say more than a thousand words. In Google discover, images are a crucial factor between a successful website and one that is not. This is why investing in quality images with a length of 1200px is an important tactic to increase your website’s traffic.
  • Determine your buyer persona We have talked about this before in this article, but the most important step is to know your buyer person or your target audience. If you don’t know who they are and what their needs are, you won’t be able to satisfy them.
  • Post better, not more Value quality over quantity. Many believe that creating content consistently is the key to success. However, the real differentiating point is the quality of the content they present. Don’t forget that quality will ensure that you have loyal customers to your business and your news on Google Discover.


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