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PowerPoint: the best tips for your company presentations. Nowadays, PowerPoint presentations have become a key piece for companies that want to develop communication actions. In fact, most companies that rely on a visual document use PowerPoint. However, we must take certain recommendations into account for a successful power point presentation.


That’s why, today we’ll give you some tips so that you can take advantage of these presentations.


What is the importance of PowerPoint presentations?


Surely you have already wondered how to make a professional power point presentation. According to the figures obtained by Microsoft, around 30,000,000 PowerPoint presentations are made every day.  In fact, there are very clear reasons for companies to trust this tool:


  • It offers many options to easily animate texts and objects.
  • PowerPoint is a very intuitive program, and in addition to being easy to use, it has many features to create different types of graphics.
  • The presentations made with this tool can be projected on large screens.
  • It allows you to control each movement of the animations and in different ways, so you can use the automatic option, the keyboard or the mouse.
  • Videos can be added to pages.
  • You can print the presentation on paper if you need to.
  • PowerPoint document can be exported in different formats including video option.


How does PowerPoint help us?


BluCactus - PowerPointOnce you’ve made your PowerPoint presentation, you can take advantage of it to give your business more visibility. For example, there is the SlideShare platform created in 2006.


On it we can upload to the cloud and share our presentations with other users. In fact, on this platform, you can upload any of the formats generated by PowerPoint.


Likewise, this platform was acquired by Linkedin in 2012 and from that moment it added new options to share content with more value for users.


Tips to Know What Features a PowerPoint Presentation Should Have


We have reached the main point of this post. Here, we will mention some recommendations for a power point presentation for your company:

Let’s see:


  • BluCactus - PowerPointStart by preparing a screenplay


When we carry out the creation of a presentation, the main objective is to be able to bring visual content and relevant information about the company, as well as products and services, to the audience.


Therefore, just as we do in other content works, in this case we must also make an initial outline. This way, we can organize all the information in the presentation. Besides, it’s important to establish the content on each slide. Al this without forgetting the development of a story and the key messages.


  • Includes graphics and images to illustrate main ideas


This is one of the tips that should be taken into account to make a power point presentation more useful. This way, you will avoid very long texts on the slides. Indeed, you can rely on the use of images and graphics that serve to illustrate or accompany the message.


  • Take care of the legibility of the presentation


PowerPoint presentations must have specific features. Therefore, we must  kept in mind that this content will be projected on a screen and must be accessible to the entire audience.


Consequently, the texts must have the appropriate size so that they can be read without difficulty and at a distance.


  • Remember that less is more


It is essential that we learn to take care of the length of the presentations if we are going to work with PowerPoint. In this sense, we must determine how much the volume of content will be for each page. After all, if it turns out to be very extensive it can cause distraction or loss of interest of the audience.


  • BluCactus - PowerPointFor no reason abuse the animations or transitions in page 


When we use transitions or animations as decoration, this can interrupt the reader’s attention, or worse, distract the audience from what really matters.


Ideally, both animations and transitions are used exclusively when we want to emphasize a specific message, but not, as the protagonists of the PowerPoint presentation.


  • Leave a space for each type of content


The slides are complemented by several elements, and the ideal is that each one of them is hierarchical and ordered correctly. If you find it very difficult, you can help yourself with power point tools and their functions, such as grids, guides, etc.


  • There must be a connection between the slides


When all slides are viewed as a set, they should look consistent. Similarly, it is most convenient that the chosen design is maintained throughout the presentation. We must also include header elements, fonts, colors and other elements that will give life to each slide.


Now, when you work with templates and styles, the work becomes less sluggish, and if you are dealing with very long blocks of information, you cannot forget to include the transition slides.


  • Try to use your own resources


To make your PowerPoint presentation look professional, we recommend using  your own designs and graphic assets. This program has many elements that you can include in your presentations, but there will be nothing better than making use of your own images, and customizing your icons and graphics.


Now, if you decide to use a default template of the program, try to make some adaptations with the colors of your company. Also, focus on your branding to make a difference and have a unique presentation.


  • BluCactus - PowerPointTry to create accessible graphics


If there is something that is essential in these presentations, it is the graphics. However, you must ensure that they do not look  loaded with information. In such a case, if you want to add a lot of information, it’s best to divide it into two slides.


  • Choose the correct font


When we talk about power point presentations, the issue of typography is usually the most sensitive. For this reason, if you already have a corporate font, the logical thing is that it is the one you always use. Why? Because this will be one of the most important elements for your branding.


In this sense, if you have to search for a font, it is essential that you select one that is legible and preferably already in the system. This way there will be no inconvenience when you open your presentation from another computer, since it will look exactly the same as you designed it and you will be able to make the corresponding edits without worrying.


As a last tip related to fonts, you should not abuse the use of several fonts in a presentation or the result will be very confusing for the audience.


  • use templates


This advice is very important, since your template must carry the colors and typographic styles of your corporate branding.


Once your template is made, you can use it whenever you need to create a new presentation.


However, when selecting the colors for the template, you must take into account the contrast study.


This with the aim of ensuring that each of the chosen colors can be distinguished with the naked eye.


Did you like this post?


These are some of the most important power point presentation recommendations, and they all have the same importance to create interesting content for your audience.


The most important thing is that you focus on building a story from beginning to end, and for this you must be precise and concise. Also, at all times you must remember that a PowerPoint presentation will serve as an auxiliary tool for the exponent and is the best option so that it can be supported by attractive visual information.


Do you want a successful PowerPoint presentation?


If you don’t have the time and knowledge to create a professional presentation, at BluCactus you can find the graphic design professionals you need, who will ensure the success your presentation deserves. You just have to contact us and we will gladly assist you.


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