4 creative ways to promote your product through a fashion blogger

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4 creative ways to promote your product through a fashion blogger. Advertising and public relations go hand in hand when you want to enter the world of fashion. If you have a product, a new clothing line, or a garment that you want to promote in spaces other than your own platforms, this blog is for you. Here are some of the most creative ways in which thousands of companies, clothing brands, and designers promote their products through fashion bloggers.


  • Ask bloggers if they can put your products in a clothing post


BluCactus - fashion bloggerThis may seem like a logical thing to do. However, the first step is to ask different bloggers if they are willing to promote your products in their posts or make special content for you. This is very simple, if you don’t ask you will never know if they will.


What’s important is to make sure that your product/s relates to the topic at hand. In other words, it must relate to the blogger’s usual content. Not everything is about selling. If you really want to get the results you want, you must use certain strategies.


Now, before you talk with any blogger, you must first know who you’re dealing with. For this, you can research and create a list of the bloggers that best suit your industry. After this, narrow it down to those who you think would be willing to work with you. Once this is done, select the product you want them to promote. Talk to them about its characteristics, price, how to use it, and any other tips to use it. Finally, remind them that your goal is to get them to share your social media. This way, you will increase your promotional campaign’s impact.


  • Make a video with bloggers using the product


Clients love this kind of content. After all, watching a blogger share their experience or wearing the garments can help them make a decision.


Besides, it gives your brand more credibility and makes your current clients trust you.


One of the ways to make videos can be offering bloggers the products so that they can open boxes or unbox your clothes.


Tutorials are also an excellent way to make your products known to new audiences through promotional work. This way you can teach your customers how to use their garments or products in a glamorous and unique way according to their styles.


  • Create a lookbook


BluCactus - fashion bloggerIt doesn’t necessarily have to be a printed book, it doesn’t have to be taken so literally. A lookbook is all the sets of outfits that a person can obtain with the same garment.


You can use it as a collaborative strategy between a blogger or influencer and your fashion pieces. Ideally, for this type of union, you send them a collection of clothing or different garments that you think are more suitable for the blogger style and the audience you want to attract. You must pay attention to detail when choosing clothes. Review and know very well who your bloggers are before submitting the clothes.


Some bloggers make videos to create a lookbook. Others prefer to make a set of photographs to share in a publication. And some make illustrations with the clothes they have on hand. The best way to do this is one that allows you to be creative, have fun and show the greatest potential of the garments.


  • Invite the blogger to a party at your store


BluCactus - fashion bloggerAgain, public relations is the most important thing when working in the world of fashion. If you’re about to release a new collection or new products, the goal would be to hold an event for the media and personalities from the world of fashion. Although this isn’t the cheapest strategy, it can be the most successful of all.


A fashion event can be held at your premises or if you don’t have one, you can rent a special room to present your new products to bloggers and thus get involved in the most crucial moments of your company. Not only does this make them feel important, but it also allows you as a brand to ensure that this event is engaging enough for all the guests to talk about them on their various platforms.


The proper promotional work wouldn’t be done by you as a brand directly. Let your guests feel comfortable in the space you offer them, and they will be attracted to advertise your brand by publishing everything that catches their attention within the event on their social media. This relationship must not stop there. As a brand, you must maintain frequent and friendly contact with all the people you invited and were important in the work of advertising your new fashion garments.


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