QR Codes and Their Usefulness in Digital Marketing Strategies

BluCactus - QR Codes and Their Usefulness in Digital Marketing Strategies

QR Codes and Their Usefulness in Digital Marketing Strategies. QR codes are back and are currently the focus of attention again in Canada and the rest of the world. Many mobile devices already have a built-in QR code reader, while in others, they can be read through the phone’s camera. In other cases, it is necessary to go to app stores to get a third-party application and thus have the possibility of reading this type of code at all times.


Previously, QR codes were mainly used on products to get coupons or access some content. For a time, this modality practically disappeared. However, a few years ago, they once again returned, but at a commercial level.


Many restaurants use the QR code modality to display their menu. We can say that thanks to the fact that they began to implement it, it became popular again. Then, other people and companies began to give it a new use. Thus, they would be able to provide information essential to your customers and stakeholders.


What is a QR Code?


The Quick Response Bar is a bridge between the online and offline worlds and can be read or decoded through smartphones. Its shape is a two-dimensional bar code capable of gathering information and data which can be consulted or reviewed quickly. Additionally, it offers great advantages in terms of marketing since it can be applied to various media and advertising channels.


The QR code’s main objective is that whoever uses it can access information quickly and accurately. Thus, the QR code achieves closeness with the person and with the brand, as well as the exchange of data effectively.


Indeed, QR codes are not yet as popular or proportional as a phone or another device used. However, they are rapidly gaining ground.


How do QR codes Work?


Whoever scans the code should only use a capture software that decodes the content and displays the information immediately.


As we already mentioned, many phones already have an application installed to perform this reading. In many cases, it only works with the device’s camera. In other cases, it may be necessary to install a code reader.


Types of QR Codes


Well, for those who did not know, there are several types of QR codes, namely:


BluCactus - BluCactus - QR Codes and Their Usefulness in Digital Marketing StrategiesDynamic


This type of QR code can be modified as often as desired. Because they are editable and can renew the information as often as desired. They are the favorites in the marketing area, and the strategies applied here.


It is the most used by brands and companies for their advertising campaigns, thus not having to create new codes.


So, once a dynamic QR is generated, those handling it can edit and modify the URL that leads to the information in the code.



  • The content is arranged in a short URL.
  • Demand for a single impression, which means saving time and money.
  • Can be scanned unlimited
  • Because it is dynamic and changing, the URL can be modified as often as necessary. And in the same way, users will be redirected without problems.
  • It is possible to change the function of this type of code.



This type of code is created for a specific purpose, and unlike the dynamic ones, the URL cannot be modified. So, it has a single use and a single function.


This type of QR code is mainly used for invitations to events, use of coupons, and any other use whose duration is limited or will not undergo changes or modifications.



  • The information it contains is limited.
  • It is not modifiable.
  • They are created for a single and specific purpose or objective.


Information That a QR code Must Contain


BluCactus - BluCactus - QR Codes and Their Usefulness in Digital Marketing StrategiesIf your objective is to position your brand, company, product, service, or yourself as a professional, it is essential that you include the appropriate information in the QR code to help achieve that objective. That way, the person can contact you quickly and easily, as well as know what is offered.


Contact information

Name of the person, position held in the company, company data, address, telephone numbers, users on social media, and email.

Access to Wi-Fi networks

If this is the case, you can access a place’s WIFI network through a QR code. Making it an excellent option for customers and users on the site.

Information on products and services

It is important to include information on the marketed products or services. So, it is ideal to have a link that leads to a catalog or site where you can see what is offered. And thus, avoid collapsing a chat or the person with a wealth of information. 


Where to implement a QR code effectively?


  • Events Either to access some additional information, promotion, or access pass to some area, among others.
  • Establishments Today restaurants use it a lot to publicize their menu with prices. In addition to being used in businesses of all kinds to find out additional information about the place, company, or brand.
  • Pop Material By placing it in this type of material, those with the physical paper can obtain additional information to what they already have. Such as telephone numbers, and social media, among others.


BluCactus - BluCactus - QR Codes and Their Usefulness in Digital Marketing Strategies

Details to Consider in Implementing QR Codes


Although it is an easy-to-use tool, it is necessary to take into account the following details:


  • Verify that the code works correctly by scanning it through different ways (applications, phone camera) and that all the information uploaded is displayed correctly.
  • That the size of the code is adequate. This implies that it is not very large and cannot be completely scanned or so small that it cannot be viewed.
  • Draw the attention of others with attractive words and texts that encourage them to perform the scan and want to know more information.

Importance of the QR Code in a Marketing Strategy


Despite having been in the shadows for a long time after their first appearance in the 90s, QR codes currently represent a very effective system and option for storing information, being recognized as a last-generation barcode.


Today, companies and brands consider it a strong tool for marketing strategies.  QR codes not only serve to share important information about the place or products, but they also give an image that the brand is at the forefront of technological changes and works to modernize.


The QR code has managed to be relevant in the digital marketing world thanks to what its use implies:


  • You can get more information without spending so many resources.
  • Through a QR code, you can share crucial information, as well as substantial, without the need to use physical resources such as business cards, which usually end up lost or in the trash, as well as the money used in it, being able to give the same data more easily, quickly, and for less.
  • It is possible to synthesize the information in one place, including not only the primary data, links to catalogs of products, services, pages, or websites, and even include some interactive advertising.

Benefits of Using QR Codes in Digital Marketing


BluCactus - BluCactus - QR Codes and Their Usefulness in Digital Marketing StrategiesThese types of codes have already managed to position themselves among us again. With more force, for the sake of the benefit it represents for digital marketing strategies, among which we can highlight:


Arouse Interest in the Client


When they see a QR code, it must be recognized that many are curious to know the information contained there. So they will feel the impulse to scan and understand what it offers.


Saving of Resources


The QR code may be placed on advertising pamphlets. However, it does not represent a saving of materials and, of course, money. Since a high circulation of business cards is not necessary to publicize a company’s or person’s information. While also causes less impact on the environment, thanks to the reduction in paper use.


Instant Information


It is a quick way to have the information at hand. Also, it only takes a second to scan and appears on your screen.


Helpful for Promotions


Applying QR codes is ideal for this purpose when promoting a discount, a promotion, or something similar. They can be activated and accessed from any mobile device.


They Spread Easily


The QR code is an image that is very easy to spread, which is why it represents another advantage in its use.




The information in the code can be personalized, and whoever has it can access it whenever they want.


Low-Cost Strategy


Truly, the cost of including QR codes in an advertising or commercial activity is minimal. If you have a website, it is very easy to generate a code of this type that can refer the recipient to it.


This would be one of the simplest tactical marketing actions we can carry out with a QR. We have already told you that augmented reality could be the most complex action.


How to Implement the QR code in Digital Marketing Strategies


The options are pretty extensive, and here we show you which are the best to apply this action:


BluCactus - BluCactus - QR Codes and Their Usefulness in Digital Marketing StrategiesIn Products and Their Packaging


It is a strategy that many brands are using. This is to place the QR code on their packaging and in aces to share more information and an attractive bonus such as recipes, promotions, and contests, among others.


Including Audiovisual Material


For promotions, it is possible to include audiovisual content to complement what you want to publicize. And thus achieve a more professional and well-cared image.


Business Cards


Another very innovative option for companies and those who work independently is smart cards, in which the QR code is printed. The client only has to scan it to obtain instant information about the company and the person they are trying.


They are practical, and you just have to take them with you, ready to show.


Carry Out Advertising Actions


Through QR codes, it is possible to spread promotions, contests, discounts, offers, and coupons, among others, quickly. In addition to generating expectations and curiosity in users and wanting to go for them.


Positively Encourage Personal Contact


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Sharing personal and professional information through a QR code is a quick and easy way to generate contacts, increase a database, and generate interest in the company.


As we explained, QR codes are a powerful element in a digital marketing strategy. Which will also positively improve your image. If you desire to reduce material costs, do not stop trying to practice this tool’s application.


Contact us if you want to know what other strategies can work for your company or brand.


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