SEO Copywriting: the guide you need to create texts that attract users and search engines

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Surely you have heard of SEO Copywriting, after all, most companies today use it. If you ever thought that it was impossible to mix Copywriting with search engine optimization, here’s the proof it isn’t.


BluCactus -SEO Copywriting - important informationNow, if you want to use this tool, first, you must know how to do it. That’s why we created this guide to help you in the world of digital marketing. However, the help of marketing consultants or advertising copy is also worth getting.


For many people, just writing texts is enough to maintain a website, but this isn’t the case. SEO for persuasive texts goes beyond writing a text. Because of this, you must know how to apply it properly, as well as the characteristics of advertising texts.


SEO, as we all know, is that tool you can be sure Google will take into account and obtain the expected traffic. Of course, if you want to make money from traffic, it must be organic. For this reason, this tool must become one of your allies.


To do SEO Copywriting you must have a goal


Getting traffic to your website is vital to success, and knowing how to target it, even more so. All you ensure that you direct all your traffic directly to your website. In this sense, you can also direct it to a blog, a category, or a URL that keeps it well-positioned in the top positions of Google.


BluCactus - important informationFor a website to achieve visibility, apart from being optimized, it must also have a clear objective. Perhaps among its objectives are some of these:


  • Subscription
  • Sale
  • Reading
  • Monetary gain


So, if any of these is one of your key goals, you have to attract the attention of visitors. But this process isn’t as easy as it seems. For this to happen, users must first follow a series of steps to become a lead.


You have to use the most suitable tools to persuade users and thus achieve traffic. In this case, your best option will be SEO Copywriting.


But do you know what SEO Copywriting is?


The definition of SEO Copywriting


BluCactus -SEO Copywriting - important informationIf you go online and search the concept of SEO Copywriting, you will find many. However, so that you understand its definition clearly, we will explain this term to you correctly.


Most people know this strategy as a discipline, where persuasive writing takes place.


On the other hand, you must optimize these persuasive texts for search engines. This way you will meet your objectives.


To apply SEO Copywriting to your website you must know the following:



BluCactus -SEO Copywriting - important informationToday, many entrepreneurs also want to be part of the Internet.


For this, most of them start to share optimized content. Then, after some time, they hire a copywriter to improve and give a radical change to the texts.


You may wonder, isn’t it better to hire a Copywriter from the beginning to have advertising, persuasive, and optimized texts?


The answer could be yes, however, another option is to read this complete guide to create good texts for your website.


BluCactus -SEO Copywriting - important informationAs we showed you in the beginning, you must already know that you must have a set objective in mind before anything. Also, you should surprise Google with content that can actually provide solutions to the user.


Now, in the definition of advertising text, you can see how to create texts with a direct message to publicize your brand or slogan. So, both types of texts are essential for your content to be successful.


Remember, that when a user enters a search engine it’s with the hope of finding the answers to their questions. This can happen either for informational reasons or to make a purchase. As a result, users will be searching for your content, and you must offer them quality.




BluCactus -SEO Copywriting - important informationHow can you create content that Google finds interesting?


To rank well within Google, you need to have high-quality text.


How to do it?


For this, you must optimize the copywriting of your texts to make them attractive to users.


If you use the following tricks to create the texts that your visitors will see and read, you will be on the right path with your website.


How to make attractive texts to attract users and search engines?


SEO On-Page


SEO On-Page is one of the most important tools for you to position your blog or website, hence the reason it’s on this list. Even if there are people who keep talking about natural content, the reality is different. And it’s that for visitors to read content, they must first see it, for them to see it, you must optimize it.


BluCactus - important information

To put SEO On-Page to good use, you must know all its elements. Only in this way will you be able to position your content:


Web structure, the menu, and its accessibility 


Your web structure is important so that you can carry out SEO Copywriting.


Because of this, you must know what your tag is and what category your content belongs to. Besides, you must know if the structure of your website makes sense and if it can be easily understood by both users and search engines.


BluCactus -SEO Copywriting - important informationInternal linking 


Most people don’t use this element, at least not yet, since it offers many benefits. Internal linking has been an excellent plus over link building, so it’s a good idea to link some articles with others.


When you do this, you allow the user to not get stuck on a single page or single content. Besides, you can link categories from the homepage for more authority in case you want to index.


Using internal links is an opportunity that you can’t pass up. However, you must also control their use. Don’t go overboard with them, or you will get bad results rather than good ones.


Advanced SEO copywriting


BluCactus -SEO Copywriting - important informationYou are probably in a hurry to optimize by now, however, there are a few details to take into account.


Before starting this process, you should know that among the characteristics of Advertising Text are keywords. Of course, you shouldn’t place your keywords without control. Besides, if you want them to work, and we know you do, you must go through a previous analysis to choose specific keywords.


Let’s look at examples of persuasive texts:


If your word is “SEO strategies”, don’t use phrases like these: “look at SEO strategies below.”


BluCactus -SEO Copywriting - important informationA keyword cannot be spelled this way, otherwise, you’re making a fatal mistake. Also, this is will annoy the user when reading the text.


If you don’t know how to make keywords, don’t worry. On our website, you can find more content about them, including how to create them. This way you can optimize your text to have more traffic within search engines.


Today, there are a lot of paid tools for this, however, you can use Google just fine. When searching for your keywords, you must ensure they relate to your content. As you already know, when creating our blog or website, you must have the objective to meet your users’ needs. For this, you must also take into account what kind of information related to your niche does your visitor want to see.


Titles and subtitles 


BluCactus -SEO Copywriting - important informationAfter you have chosen your keywords to optimize your blog or website, it’s time to plan your H1 title, as well as H2, H3, and H4 subtitles.


How can you optimize them?




The H1 is the title, and you should place your main keyword naturally, preferably on the left. The keyword must be related to the rest of the title, so that Google can understand the purpose of your content.


H2 and H3


BluCactus -SEO Copywriting - important informationTo create these subtitles you can use Google search and logic.


What do we mean by that?


When a user searches for certain information, they want to find content that can meet their needs as a reader. For this reason, you must create persuasive texts, examples, and titles that leave no doubt to users. That’s why you must choose the appropriate subtitles. These must be accompanied by good text so that the client doesn’t need to search for extra content elsewhere.


Having an orderly structure in your subtitles is also essential to achieve good traffic. When you want to use a keyword, you can get a lot of help from Google. How so? You can search your keywords to see just how effective they can be.


BluCactus - important informationRelated words 


There are many SEO tools you can use to get your keywords. In fact, many applications on the market can be used to determine which the most famous related words are.


For them to work, they must be included throughout the text. On the other hand, you can also place related words in the subtitles and if you’d like to, in bold.


Once you start using these words, you will notice just how effective they are.


Use DoFollow links


BluCactus -SEO Copywriting - important informationDoFollow links have a lot of power to achieve your goals, so you shouldn’t be afraid to use them. Of course, you have to place them in the right way, so they can work.


These links must be destined to websites with a lot of authority. Only in this way can they complement the information that is being given. This process can also be complemented with NoFollow links. This, in the case of websites with low authority and importance.


Your internal links must lead to your articles related to a certain topic.


On the other hand, the external links must be related to bloggers’ posts with authority on the subject you want to deal with.


Images and their attributes 


BluCactus - important informationAlthough the text is the key to your content, it must be accompanied by images to give a good visual touch. Also, these must be optimized for them to end with a good result.


How to do it?


  • Observe and analyze the file name.
  • Optimize your attributes. In this case, the title, description, and legend.
  • Lower the weight and size of images, so they load quickly from any device.
  • Use copyright-free images, or better yet, use original ones.


Pixabay is a well-known site that serves as an image bank. In it, you can find a lot of variety. So whether you download an image from that site, or have an original, you must prepare it. This means that you must adjust it to fit your website’s measurements and make them look perfect.


Multimedia elements


BluCactus - important informationIn this step, you must first put yourself in the user’s position to understand their needs. If the user looks for certain information and gets a text of 500 words without images, colors and no other elements, the reading of that content can be complicated.


That’s why, to your text, you must add multimedia elements such as videos, podcasts, and everything necessary so that the reader doesn’t get bored when looking at your content. For this reason, you can include in your texts:


  • Images
  • Podcast
  • Videos
  • GIFs
  • Screenshots
  • Bold
  • Colors


Also, you must ensure that each media element you use is related to your content.


Repeat keywords 


BluCactus - important informationAt the time of writing you must do it naturally, but always thinking about SEO Copywriting.


That’s why you must include your keyword in the URL, first paragraph, body of the text, and last paragraph. Besides, it must also be included in some parts of the subtitles.


However, don’t fall into keyword stuffing.


Otherwise, you can face penalties from Google, alongside discouraging the reader from reading your content.



Use Yoast SEO 


BluCactus - important informationIf you use WordPress to upload content to your blog or website, you must have this SEO plugin tool. This tool is very efficient because, with it, you can optimize your site’s URL, as well as your page and Meta description.


How to create a good title and Meta description?


  • Include your keyword to grab the user’s attention.
  • Use both uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Insert an emoji.
  • Choose a clickbait title, but without overdoing it. That is, creating expectations isn’t bad, but then you must ensure your users don’t feel cheated. If your content doesn’t meet the reader’s expectations, they won’t visit your site again.
  • You can apply the perception of scarcity, especially for a launch.


BluCactus - important informationThe latest version of this SEO plugin allows you to know the legitimacy of your texts. This factor is perfect to apply SEO Copywriting.


As you can see, there are many tips and tools that you can apply to your persuasive texts to rank high on Google.


But now, you have to color the content to make it persuasive and attractive to the reader. Only in this way will you ensure that they can’t stop reading it.


In the end, SEO Copywriting is made up of many elements that you must know for the benefit of your blog and your website.


Elements of SEO Copywriting


To get started with SEO Copywriting, you must at least manage its basic elements. This way, you will keep your persuasive text optimized to persuade the reader.


What are the elements of advertisements that make up SEO Copywriting?


BluCactus - important informationTitle


The title is the key to every advertising text, and every professional Copywriter knows it very well. The title should hook the user to make them click on it and read your text. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be inappropriate and should be coordinated with the text you are going to publish.


That’s why your title must include the keyword, specifically to the left to make it look much better. What’s more:


  • It must convince the user to click
  • The title must be short and precise
  • It has to provoke curiosity in the reader
  • It must be optimized


Once you learn how to write titles that work, you will be an expert in this field.


Meta description 


BluCactus -SEO Copywriting - important informationThe Meta description is a small paragraph of approximately two lines, and to create it you can use the Yoast SEO Plugin.


Despite being a small paragraph, the Meta description is essential to grab the user’s attention and make them click on your content from the Google search engine.


In the Meta description, you must add your keyword, accompanied by words that generate curiosity in the reader.


The reader should feel that by clicking on your content, they will get all the answers to their questions.


First paragraphs 


BluCactus -SEO Copywriting - important informationYour first paragraph should be accurate, as it determines whether a user chooses to stay or leave your website. Include your keyword as far to the left as you can, and don’t forget to fit it in naturally.


Also, it’s a good idea to include synonyms and related words in your text. The Google robot takes these details into account, so you must include them.


Besides, you can help yourself through the following tips and examples of advertising texts:


  • Include the IDA (Interest, Desire, Attention, and Action) method. Remember that the intention is to grab the user’s attention.
  • Use short sentences.
  • You can use storytelling to cause curiosity in the reader.
  • Try to write paragraphs not longer than 3 lines, as this will avoid virtual fatigue to the reader.
  • Use easy-to-understand words.


To build useful and interesting content, you must know the users you want to target. You don’t need to meet them in person. All you have to do is have an idea of ​​their profile. For example, their age, gender, work field, earnings, and other details that you can discover by creating a buyer persona.


Writing style


BluCactus - important informationEach author has their own way of writing, and each one of them gets the attention of users. However, although the writing style is different, they must meet some parameters to achieve the attention of the users they want.


If you are going to write a text for a blog or a website, you must watch out for spelling mistakes and use a language that is easy to understand. Besides, you must take care of the following aspects:


  • Use paragraphs with a maximum of 3-4 lines.
  • Avoid using taglines at the beginning of a sentence.
  • Use short words.
  • Avoid long adverbs. For example, finishes in mind.
  • Use short words to separate paragraphs and with a maximum of 5 words.


Follow these tips, and you will boost your writing style 100%.


Organization of the text 


BluCactus -SEO Copywriting - important informationOn the web, you can see many types of advertising texts with paragraphs of over 10 lines. Some often don’t even have visual elements. When this happens, the Googlebot cannot detect what a particular website does.


How can you organize your text?




  • Icons and lists
  • Subtitles
  • Colors
  • Images or other multimedia elements
  • Bold


Underlines are also popular, however, you must be careful with these. Why? Because the reader may think that it’s a clickable link. In addition to these points, you can add other elements to make your text easier to understand and make your content more appealing.


Don’t forget to include the call to action


BluCactus - important informationYou should know that without a call to action, SEO Copywriting cannot work. Persuasive text has a goal, and to achieve it, you must tell your users what to do. This way you can increase your:


  • Subscribers
  • downloads
  • Comments
  • Shared
  • Sales
  • And much more.


The reader won’t just know what to do once they visit your website, they don’t read minds. Because of this, you must write persuasive text and motivate them to read the full content. For this to happen, you must include a call to action right at the end of your text. For example, a button they can click, an order, a subscription box, a link, or any other thing.


BluCactus -SEO Copywriting - important informationThere are many types of call-to-actions you can use. However, the help of an advertising copy if you want your website to boost your brand.


On the other hand, before the call to action, you should place a phrase or question to prompt the user to do what you want. Finally, to encourage the user to click, you must place clear instructions.


Also, to have good content for your business, you must know what the characteristics of advertisements are.


Advertising texts and examples of persuasive texts are essential for Google to know about your existence on the web.


BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


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