SEO on Instagram: 10 Little Known Techniques to Increase Your Reach

BluCactus - SEO on Instagram: 10 Little Known Techniques to Increase Your Reach

SEO on Instagram: 10 little-known techniques to increase your reach. Website optimization for search engines is one of the fundamental tasks within any company as part of its marketing strategy. We can carry out SEO on any platform or means of communication.


However, social media is becoming more and more important. After all, it’s a good platform to make the sale or promotion of your business. So, if you want to be successful in the networks, you need to use a set of strategies. This way, you’ll be able to have a clear plan with the steps and actions you should take. For this, today we’ll teach you how to carry out a good SEO tactic on one of the main social media platforms, Instagram.


  • Optimize your company’s Instagram profile, SEO on Instagram 


What’s most important is to start working on optimizing your own profile. It may seem like a task and logical option, but there are certain steps you must take to do it well. For example, maintaining your public profile, placing a colorful and attractive image. Besides, you must also create an easy-to-search and recognizable username. This way, users will be able to easily find you and remember you. Other than this, you should also use your business name, register your Instagram Business account, and add a link to your profile. These are just a few of the most important tricks, the ones you must never forget.


After going through all these steps, you can start to work on the technical aspects.


  • Include the main keyword in your main name and username


BluCactus - SEO on Instagram: 10 Little Known Techniques to Increase Your ReachInstagram has its own search engine that works very similar to engines like Google.


These are what allow us to search and learn about new accounts or hashtags just by using a few keywords or terms.


Ideally, use the words that best describe what your business is, what it does, and its industry.


There are some search engines or tools that help you know the best keywords for your own brand. Take advantage of them to improve your Instagram profile.


  • BluCactus - SEO on Instagram: 10 Little Known Techniques to Increase Your ReachUse your secondary keyword in the bio


Having the main keyword is important first, but that’s not all. Work on discovering other keywords that aren’t the most important but are just as relevant to your business or your product.


If your brand is about makeup, that would be the keyword, but there are other keywords such as shadows, lipstick, palettes, among others.


Try to work with some words relevant to your clients or to some of the possible targets that you have for your company.


  • Treat your hashtags as keywords, SEO on Instagram 


You already have your Instagram profile optimized, now is the time to start working on your content and publication. This isn’t a one-time job; all your publications must be optimized as well as taken as a unique and special project.


Each of your posts has to manage its own keyword strategy and then use those terms to convert them into a hashtag.


Some clients or consumers will likely discover you through your hashtag strategy in some publications.


That’s why it’s important to implement both your primary and secondary keywords.


  • Use words keywords within the subtitles of your images


BluCactus - SEO on Instagram: 10 Little Known Techniques to Increase Your ReachAs you already know, Instagram is a fully autonomous search engine. As a result, every part of Instagram has as its center the work of keywords. Then, these turn in your experiences with the algorithms. That’s why you must keep working on placing your keyw0rds, secondary and primary, in an organized way.


Your profile must be optimized, from the biography, the copy or caption of the publications, and even the designs of each post. The most important thing is to share publications that, if they have text, have keywords alluded to the topic you are talking about or the product you are selling.


This way, the search engine identifies these images and positions them in a better way.


  • Make the most of alt text


BluCactus - SEO on Instagram: 10 Little Known Techniques to Increase Your ReachOne of Instagram’s new features is the alternative text that users are allowed to use to write the captions they want on their photos. This new element was made to facilitate the use of this platform for people with some type of visual impairment. However, many marketing experts realized that it’s an ideal element to work on SEO as well.


Your image must be relevant and consistent with the text in the caption. Otherwise, Instagram will notice it and will not take your publication seriously.


If you want to use authentic texts you have to advance to the screen and just before sharing a graphic, click on the “Advanced settings” button. Once there, go to the bottom of the options and select the one to write alternative text. Once you are at that point, you just have to write the perfect description and then everything will be easier. This will not only give you credibility, but it will also allow you to have greater visibility in search engines and therefore get more traffic.


  • BluCactus - SEO on Instagram: 10 Little Known Techniques to Increase Your ReachUse hashtags in your Stories, SEO on Instagram


Use all the extra elements that you have in your account. Network, share IGTV with your followers, make interactive stories, and add your hashtags. The most important thing is that you work with all of Instagram functions to get the most out of them.


  • Analyze and follow up


Since it will be the first time you will do some type of strategy to optimize your profile, you need to keep a record of it. In it, you must include the interactions and how your profile is growing. Added to this, you should also add the traffic percentages from the beginning of the strategy to the first month. Of course, Instagram has its own analytics feature. However, it’s good to use other tools such as Iconsquare, Unfollowgram, Followgram, Instafit, Copygram, or INK361. These will help you to better know what the results of your efforts have been to increase your reach.


  • Avoid common Black Hat SEO techniques


There are thousands of wrong ways and techniques that many people take to get better quick results, but these can only cause them to lose all their jobs.


Also, Instagram engines know very well when these bad techniques are used to grow.


You must never plagiarize content, pay bots to have more interaction, use random keywords to have more growth, buy followers and follow all possible accounts so that they will follow you back.


It’s proven that this doesn’t bring good results and that it can sink your account forever.


  • Use the Instagram search engine as an ally, SEO on Instagram


This seems obvious, but a great way to increase your reach is by using the Instagram search engine to see how your competition is doing.


Check with the hashtags you use which are the most viewed posts.


Take note of the most popular content for followers. This will give you a better understanding of what your audience is looking for, so you can stay one step ahead of the competition.


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