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Learn how to use SEO to position yourself on Amazon. When it comes to the most popular marketplace in the world, it is impossible not to mention the giant Amazon. So, if you want to reach more clients, and increase your sales, you must use SEO as your ally.


All who have an online store are related by the same common goal which is to sell their products. That’s why knowing how to apply SEO to Amazon the best choice you can make. In fact, many elements will make your life easier from the moment you decide to implement this tool in your business.


SEO belongs to the world of marketing, and this in turn seeks to reach the target audience to generate a greater number of sales.


How to apply SEO to Amazon?


BluCactus - SEO to position yourself on Amazon - important dataFirst things first, you must understand that there’s a lot of people using SEO in this marketplace. Thanks to it, they can achieve the positioning of their brand.


As a result, this means that if you’ve been ignoring this tool, it’s time to stop. Now, the time has come to learn all about it and include it in your strategies.


Similarly, if you haven’t started to sell your products on Amazon, you can start on the right foot by including SEO strategies at once. You must take advantage of this platform since it is the most visited e-commerce by those who prefer to buy online regardless of where they are in the world.


Why is it beneficial to sell your products on Amazon?


BluCactus - SEO to position yourself on Amazon - important dataToday, many search engines adjust to the needs of each user. And although Google leads the way, these search engines are also efficient at finding everything from videos to popular products. For this reason, if you want to expand your business outside of your website, selling your products through Amazon is a great idea.


Amazon began as an online bookstore, but today, thanks to its evolution, it works as a very attractive eCommerce platform with millions of users. Best of all, Amazon has a range of products available to anyone who wants to buy online.


How has Amazon achieved so much growth? Because they have worked their goals in the right way. In other words, since its inception, its main focus has been increasing the trust of its clients. For this, they have avoided fraud and disappointments that could damage their credibility.


The number of searches for products on Amazon has been another factor in its favor. As a result, they are knowledgeable in consumer behavior and know how to keep meeting the expectations of each of them.


Think like your customers


BluCactus - SEO to position yourself on Amazon - important dataUnderstanding how your customers act during the purchase process until making the final decision will be a determining factor in increasing sales. For this reason, there will be nothing better than standing next to the user.


What do you do before buying a certain product? The safest thing is that before buying a product, you will search the web for all the information related to it. This is a point that you must take into account, and in fact, it has been taken into account by Amazon.


Therefore, to know consumer behavior Amazon has launched SEO actions. By doing this it has been able to position itself in the first places of Google, and it hasn’t fallen ever since. Now, if we go to the statistics, we can see that out of every 6 users who seek information on products for sale online, 4 of them use Amazon as a reference.


Amazon can bring many benefits to your brand


BluCactus - SEO to position yourself on Amazon - important dataStill haven’t made up your mind to sell your products on Amazon?


You may be missing out on the opportunity to sell a large number of your products.


Amazon has the power to give a lot of visibility to your brand and in large part, it’s thanks to its potential market.


For this reason, you can take advantage of this platform to position your offering and reach more customers.


Of course, due to the wide variety of products that are available in this marketplace, you must differentiate yourself from the competition.


How to use SEO to position your products on Amazon?


BluCactus - SEO to position yourself on Amazon - important dataWe have reached one of the most important points in this post.


Now it’s time to learn how to use SEO to position yourself properly on Amazon.


Just as you use marketing strategies to give your website a good positioning in search engines like Google, you must work on SEO to make your online store successful through Amazon.


Therefore, you should know that Amazon has some criteria that you must respect and understand for better use of the platform:


BluCactus - SEO to position yourself on Amazon - important dataTake into account the importance of SEO 


SEO on Amazon is more important than you can imagine, as it will be the best tool to be found in the middle of this large e-commerce. Besides, on Amazon, you can find very interesting recommendations that you can also consider.


Design a differentiation strategy


In this platform, having a good differentiation strategy is essential. In fact, the patterns used for rankings on Google are very different from those used for rankings on Amazon.


Understand your objectives


To achieve this goal, you must begin to think, not as the owner of the brand, but as a buyer. This way, you will use an effective means for buyers to find your products easily.


Now, how does Amazon work?


BluCactus - SEO to position yourself on Amazon - important dataBefore discovering how you can position your products, you must understand how Amazon works to understand various factors.


You may handle some marketing strategies for your website to get more visibility in Google search results. However, you must understand that these strategies aren’t the same as those for Amazon. Generally, Google is used to search for information while Amazon is to sell.


For this reason, if you want to increase your sales on Amazon, you must constantly work on the conversion of your products. Amazon develops its positioning guided by the A9 algorithm to find the best products. This would be to place in the first place those products that can generate the most benefits for this platform.


What elements can interfere at this point? Prices are one of the characteristics that tend to be hidden, such as transport costs. This way, the product for sale will look more attractive and you could use this trick for your brand.


BluCactus - important dataWhich products does the Amazon algorithm favor?


  • The ones generate more money for the marketplace.


  • Those who leave a higher percentage of profits.


  • Those who offer a greater number of sales.


These details are important to the consumer, as the best articles and promotions will be found on A9.


What are the SEO techniques you should apply on Amazon?


BluCactus - important dataIf you already know how Google carries out the positioning of your website, this point will be familiar to you. Like this search engine, on Amazon, you must also fill in all the requested fields.


In fact, this marketplace values ​​those who structure their pages in the right way.


So, the more detailed information you include about your products, the better.


Next, we’ll show you the techniques that you should apply in Amazon to improve your positioning and increase sales:


BluCactus - important dataProduct title 


You must optimize your product’s title. In this sense, it should include items such as brand, material, size, and color.




For Amazon, the use of images is essential, and the larger they are (1000×1000 px.), the more beneficial it will be for you. Besides, this platform will be in charge of adapting the images for each view mode.


BluCactus - important dataDescription


Your product’s description should be very detailed to allow the client to understand what they’re buying. Don’t forget to place every detail, no matter how minimal, about the product for sale. In fact, in this section, you should take the opportunity to place the keywords of the product.


Positive reviews 


One of the elements most valued by Amazon is the reviews and comments of users. In fact, the highest-rated products are the ones that sell the fastest.


BluCactus - important dataCategory 


You must choose the correct category for your products; in this way, both your products and Amazon will be highly benefited.


Search terms 


The search terms must be well chosen, but first, you must bear in mind that this platform only provides you with 5 fields to fill in. That’s why you must determine which are the best keywords to place.


BluCactus - SEO to position yourself on Amazon - important dataOffers and discounts 


Amazon values these actions very well. After all, since it’s its most relevant product, it will gain better positioning.


Amazon Fulfillment Account


This cost usually makes your life easier when trying to make a profit on Amazon. By hiring this service, Amazon will take care of the entire sales process. This includes storage, packaging, order preparation, transportation, and customer service.


These actions will help you with your positioning, thanks to the visibility it offers. Besides, these practices may seem a bit difficult to carry out, but with hard work, you can achieve them. N0w, if you cannot work on your positioning on Amazon, you can seek the help of experts.


Use the best keywords


BluCactus - SEO to position yourself on Amazon - important dataOn both Google and Amazon, the use of keywords is a highly relevant topic. In the case of Amazon, before specifying your strategy you should take into account the following details:


  • You must put yourself in the shoes of your customers  . This way, you’ll be able to specify which keywords they would use to search for your products.
  • Your keywords must be clear. In other words, you must remember that this platform is available in many languages. Because of this, you must choose very specific keywords to concretely explain the description of your products.
  • Statistics will be a relevant point, so you should be aware of the search suggestions thrown by Amazon.


To identify your main and secondary keywords, you can use some effective tools. for example, you can use the following tools to be successful on Amazon:


  • Keyword Tool for Amazon.
  • Amazon keyword tools.
  • Amazon autosuggests.
  • Keyword tool for Amazon.


All of these tools have different functions. Because of this, you should try each of them to discover which one works best for you. This way, you’ll be able to get an efficient tool able to get the precise keywords for your brand.


Positive reviews are also important to Amazon


User opinions are one of the most complex actions when working on SEO. Your goal should be to get positive comments to increase feedback.


How to do it?


  • Offer good service and products, so they can add value to the customer.
  • Follow up on customer reviews continuously.
  • Offer discounts on the next purchase, as well as a raffle to catch the attention of customers.
  • Accompany your clients throughout the purchase process, until the moment of the final decision.
  • Respond to both positive and negative comments left by users to remain in good standing. In this case, you should face negative comments with serenity, and appreciate positive opinions.
  • Allow your clients to easily make comments. For this, you can leave a link that goes directly to the page or a text field.
  • Create simple questions to ask your customers for feedback, such as, what did you think of our product? or, would you recommend our product to a friend?

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