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Snapchat Web, the New Social Media Mode. One of the most popular applications in the United States is Snapchat, which is close to celebrating 10 years of its launch in its mobile version. And it has been renewed by launching Snapchat Web.


In its beginnings, Snapchat’s Web revolutionized how we interact on social media, thanks to its filters. Which meant a true novelty that immediately caused a furor and quickly became popular. As well as fostering the growth of this site throughout the world.


Over time, this application has been innovating in its functions and options for sharing with others. As well as for content creation, they had the first with the vertical format, the incursion of GIFs, stickers, and video calls, among others.


Certainly, Snapchat has seen how its popularity has been declining over time. Notably, this is all due to the appearance of platforms like TikTok and the constant changes of Instagram, for putting itself on the side of other platforms, with its diversity of formats and options in generating videos.


Faced with this fall and a future that does not look very encouraging given the competition, they have decided to bet on a new modality in terms of its presentation. The web version of Snapchat has recently been launched, which offers as its main attraction the power to access all functions from the comfort of a desktop or laptop without having a mobile.


It has been reported that Snapchat users spend approximately 39 minutes a day on calls through the desktop computer. Therefore, based on these statistics, the idea of ​​offering this new convenient option arose. This is particularly attractive to those who spend part of their time on calls.


What is Snapchat?


BluCactus - Snapchat Web, the New Social Media ModeSnapchat is a social media platform for messaging, videos, and photos, which has an application for both mobile phones and now for laptops and desktops. Additionally, Snapchat offers the following: temporary messages, uploads of image or video stories for 24 hours, filters, geo-filters according to a user’s location, stickers for stories, drawings, texts, chats, and personalized avatars, GIFs, user subscriptions, which offers an interactive experience.


Currently, it offers the option of group stories or personalized lists of contacts to whom to send content. Additionally, it is possible to control the viewing time of a story and use geo-filters, which are excellent marketing tools for businesses and brands.


Snapchat Web


This is the web version of the mobile application that we already know. It is an extension of the latter since it offers the same functions. Among them the most outstanding, that of making calls from the computer.


BluCactus - Snapchat Web, the New Social Media ModeThe new web version will be available for those subscribed to the Snapchat Plus service. Later on, it will be free for the rest of the users. Also, it is compatible with Google Chrome but not with the Safari browser on Apple devices.


It is currently available in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, with plans to expand access to the rest of the world.


In this new update, Snapchat is betting everything to revive the platform’s popularity in the face of the imminent public preference for an unbeatable TikTok and an Instagram that is always one step ahead with updates and catching up with its competitors.


For this reason, they have incorporated the category of filters, customization of avatars, and the rest of the functions we can use in the mobile version.


BluCactus - Snapchat Web, the New Social Media ModeOne of the fundamental characteristics of this new version is that it will be shielded and protected. Notably, this guarantees the safety of users, integrating a security system capable of detecting if any external program is operating in the background. As well as the capturing restriction, wanting people to feel totally safe and confident when using it.


To access it, you only have to enter through With the username and password data of the mobile version, you enter the web. Furthermore, you will be viewing the same content reflected on the phone. Likewise, open chats are not lost between one option or another.


Its use will be very similar to what has been done in the mobile version since the reactions and use of filters, among others, will also be available.


What’s New on Snapchat Web?


Now let us see what is new in this platform update:


  • In the web version, all the mobile application functions will be available. From stickers, avatars, and their personalization, reactions to responses in conversations. And soon, their famous and well-known glasses for making video calls.
  • Users will be able to send snaps, and stories, directly from this desktop version, which will be available soon.
  • Another of the most attractive and innovative functions available is the availability of a privacy screen. This will hide the Snapchat window when the user is about to carry out another activity.
  • Thanks to this privacy window, you can comfortably have chat conversations and select filters for video calls on the big screen.


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510As we mentioned, this is a new way in which Snapchat remains active and current.


To continue captivating and conquering users, rescuing those away from the application, and activating them again.


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