Social Media Manager Job Description And Responsibilities


Social Media Manager Job Description And Responsibilities.

19 Important Roles Of Social Media Manager


1. Social Media Strategy Formation


Blucactus-1-Social-Media-Strategy-FormationEveryone knows that the maximum number of customers are doing product research on social media.


According to GlobalWebIndex, 54% of social media users do product research on various social media platforms.


Hence, a social media manager must frame a perfect social media strategy to get the most out of social media.


They must be able to define the target audience, set the right goals, and select the right social media channel for marketing and promotion.


2. Managing Social Media Channels


A social media manager must be able to handle all social media accounts of a company including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Quora, LinkedIn, and more.


They must increase likes, followers, building networks, and handling customers on social media. A social media manager must also be able to manage multiple social media accounts at one time. 


For this, they must be familiar with various social media tools like Hootsuite and Buffer.


Things managers must do while managing social media channels;


  • Scheduling posts and content.
  • Creation content calendar.
  • Increasing likes, engagement, and followers.
  • Analytics management.


3. Creating Brand Awareness


Blucactus-3-Creating-Brand-AwarenessAccording to Statista, there will be 3.1 billion social media users by 2021. This means social media can be used for increasing the brand awareness of a company or product.


Hence, a social media manager must be responsible for doing this task.


They must create content that increases brand awareness of the company and engages with the audience on social media.


Important brand awareness task social media managers must do;


  • Running paid ads campaigns.
  • Engaging with the audience. (tagging, replying to comments, and conducting contests.)
  • Posting content regularly.
  • Increasing reach by employee advocacy.
  • Sharing the right content on the right channel.


4. Tracking Social Media Influencers


Did you know?


Influencer marketing budgets are increasing day by day.


Nearly 65% of the influencer marketing budget will increase in a couple of years. In fact, 17% of companies spend half of their marketing budget on influencer marketing campaigns.


Hence, one of the prime roles of social media managers is to track and connect with influencers on social media. A manager must find the right influencer who can increase sales, promote a company’s product, and increase brand awareness. They must select an influencer whose followers align with the target marketing of the company.


5. Keep up to date with Social Media Trends


Blucactus-4-Tracking-Social-Media-InfluencersThe social media landscape is dynamic and evolving.


Every day, new changes and updates happen in the world of social media.


Sometimes algorithm changes or sometimes new features get added to particular social media platforms.


So, the social media manager must be aware of all such changes and happenings in the world of social media.


6. Plan strategies to get traffic from social media


If a social media manager cannot drive traffic from social media, then they have no right to call themself a manager.


In 2021, social media is all about driving traffic.


In fact, social media can help anyone double their website traffic. Hence, a social media manager must be able to do this.


Important things managers must-do for driving traffic;


  • Sharing the right content on the right social channel.
  • Running paid ads.
  • Creating shareable content.
  • Posting at the right time.


7. Engage with Social media users/community


Blucactus-2-Managing-Social-media-ChannelsThe next important role of social media managers is to engage with customers on social media and build a community.


In doing so, it can help the company get feedback, build excellent goodwill, win customers’ trust, attract new and potential customers, and much more.


If a social media manager has built a loyal community, then it would be easy for the company to sell its product and services.


Things managers can do to engage and create a community;


  • Re-targeting website visitors.
  • Responding to comments and chats.
  • Interacting with fans and followers.
  • Publishing user-generated content.
  • Being active on social media.


8. Reach the target audience with a strong social media marketing message.


No matter how good your social media strategy is unless your message gets delivered to the right target audience, you won’t get fruitful results.


Therefore, a social media manager must always try to target the right audience with the right marketing message.


They must be able to do the following things effectively;


  • Creating the right audience personas.
  • Choosing the right social media channel by keeping the target audience in mind.
  • Leverage social media analytics tools.
  • Use the right demographic data from the analytics tool.


9. Running paid ads campaign


BluCactus - social mediaA social media manager must be able to run effective paid campaigns.


Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, a manager must be able to run paid ads on all the social media platforms.


They must not only run ads but also handle the complete paid marketing budget of the company.


Plus, they are also responsible for generating ROI through ad campaigns.


10. Creating ad copies, captions, and textual content


A manager may also require creating stunning ad copies, captions, and text articles. Therefore, they must possess the necessary copywriting skills as well.


If a company highly depends on ad campaigns, then ad copies are the most important thing. It can either make or break a company’s paid marketing campaign.


Therefore, a social media manager must be able to create highly converting ad copies.


11. Using the best tools for measuring success


Blucactus-7-Engage-with-Social-media-users-community - Social Media ManagerManaging multiple social media accounts is a tedious task.


Hence, a social media manager must know how to use social media marketing tools. They must have practical working experience with necessary social media tools like Hootsuite and Buffer. 


Also, they must be able to select the best social media tool for the company.


Things managers must do with social media tools;


  • Scheduling posts and content.
  • Social media monitoring and listening.
  • Measuring campaign success and much more.


12. Generating Ideas for Content and creatives


Another important role of a social media manager is to generate content ideas.


If a company wants more followers, likes, retweets, sales, traffic and engagement, then social media content must be strong.


Therefore, a manager must try to bring new content ideas. In fact, they must be able to create content that has a powerful effect on people’s feelings and emotions.


They must bring compelling and persuasive content ideas.


13. Coordinating with the Creative team for the images


Blucactus-6-Plan-strategies-to-get-traffic-from-social-media - Social Media ManagerCoordination and teamwork help in achieving goals in a quick time.


Therefore, a social media manager must coordinate with in-house marketing teams to achieve a common goal.


They must work closely with graphics, content, editing, and marketing teams and come up with new ideas, strategies, and solutions.


They must also take help from top management when necessary.


14. Creating reports  


Social media can surely do wonders for any business, but if you want to use social media to the fullest, you must know what is working for you and what isn’t.


This is where social media marketing reports come into the picture.


Social media managers must create monthly reports to determine the success and failure of a campaign.


Social media reports must contain the following things;


  • Followers gain and lose.
  • The number of content posted.
  • Likes, comments, shares, and engagements on each content.
  • Clicks on ads and links.
  • Top performing content.
  • Views on videos and much more.


15. Give training and guidance to social media executives


Giving training and hiring social media executives is another important role of social media managers.


A social media manager must interact every day with social media executives and tell them about their daily tasks and goals. They must also help executives when they are facing any issues with tasks.


Plus, they must always try to maintain good relationships with each executive.


Also, they must actively take part in the hiring and training process of the company.


16. Collect social media data and analyze it


Blucactus-8-Reach-the-target-audience-with-a-strong-social-media-marketing-messageCollecting social media data can help any company take their social media marketing game to the level of awesomeness.


Social media data can help in optimizing social content, improving content strategy, identifying audience likes and dislikes, and much more.


Hence, with the help of various analytics tools, social media managers must collect such data.


Important data managers must collect;


  • Likes, followers, and shares.
  • Impressions and views on the content.
  • Engagement and reach.


17. Ensure unique & proper hashtags for all content.


Nowadays, you will hardly see a social media post or content without hashtags, especially on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Hashtags have become a social media phenomenon.


From businesses to social media influencers, everyone is using them. Hence, a social media manager must also be able to create the right hashtag strategy for their company.


They must create a hashtag strategy that helps in brand-building, increasing content views, and social media presence.


18. Share the Posts & blogs on groups and Pages


Blucactus-5-Keep-up-to-date-with-TrendsCreating content is important, but it is more important to promote it.


Unless you promote your content on social media, you won’t get high-yielding results.


Hence, a social media manager must promote every content on each social media platform. No matter what type of content it is, it must be seen on each social media channel.


Also, they must follow the rules of content creation and promotion.


19. Monitor competitors’ social media strategy


Blucactus - Contact usMonitoring competitors’ social media strategy is important to be ahead of your competitors.


Every business uses social media for marketing and promotion, and so are your competitors.


Hence, a social media manager must keep an eagle eye on their strategies and techniques.


They must find out which strategy is working for them and which isn’t.


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