17 Amazing Social Media Marketing Books


17 Amazing Social Media Marketing Books. Social media marketing is real and has changed the way brands do business. So, if you are looking for the best social media marketing books to enhance your knowledge, skill, or to grow your business, then we have got your back.


In this blog post, you’ll come across the 17 best social media marketing books of 2021.


1. The Social Media Marketing Book by Dan Zarrella


Blucactus-1-The-Social-Media-Marketing-Book-by-Dan-ZarrellaIf you are interested in growing your business with the help of social media, then this book is for you.


This book will help you in selecting the best social media platform for promoting your business. It will make you familiar with websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more.


The book also tells you the history, user interface, functionality, and rules of each social media platform.




The author of the book has done a great job by including tons of visuals and graphs in this book. This makes it easy to read and understand.


2. Social Media Marketing Workbook


Social Media Marketing Workbook is another great book to read about social media marketing.


Small & large business owners, marketing managers, and newbies can use this book. That’s why this is the best-selling social media marketing book of all time.


The book starts with an introduction to social media marketing and then takes you through each aspect of it.


The best part about the book lies in chapter 9 which is about local SEO and review marketing.


The book also lays a strong emphasis on content marketing and how you can use it on different social channels.


3. Social Media Marketing An Hour A Day


Blucactus-3-Social-Media-Marketing-An-Hour-A-DayThis book will help you in crafting an award-winning social media marketing campaign in one go.


The book gives lots of practical knowledge, has tons of exercises, case studies, and tutorials. Such resources will surely help business owners in leveraging social media marketing.


The book is also well updated and covers the latest social media platforms, such as Foursquare and Gowalla.


So, if you want to become a social media maverick, this book will help you in becoming one.


4. Social Media Explained


Blucactus-4-Social-Media-ExplainedSocial Media Explained is one of the best books on social media marketing.


The book is specifically designed for business people, entrepreneurs, marketers, and students who want to learn social media marketing.


This book contains solid strategies, tips, and techniques for implementing and measuring social media campaigns.


In this book, the author also tries to explain that behind every successful social media campaign there is a combination of three elements, i.e. connection, content, and value.


5. Social Media Marketing For Dummies


Blucactus-5-Social-Media-Marketing-For-DummiesThis social media book of 792 pages is surely one of the best books in its category.


The book is very comprehensive, in-depth and covers each aspect of social media marketing in detail.


The author teaches you how to define your goals, research your target audience and create social content. The author also lists down social media marketing tools that will help you in your campaign.


Checklists, exercises, and case studies mentioned in this book are just like icing on the cake. It will help you in capitalizing your marketing budget.


6. The Zen Of Social Media Marketing


Blucactus-6-The-Zen-Of-Social-Media-MarketingMaking your business look credible on social media is a tedious task, but this book will make it easy for you. 


The book has some surefire techniques which help you in winning your customers’ trust on social media.


The book will also teach you how to drive traffic from social media, grow your followers, and more.


Apart from social media, the book also gives advice on SEO, content, email, and video marketing.


7. Likeable Social Media


Blucactus-7-Likeable-Social-MediaLikeable Social Media is a social media marketing book for beginners.


This book will take you through each social media site, its features, and usage. It will teach you how you can integrate social media within your business.


In this book, at the end of each chapter, you will find action items. These are the tips that you can use in your social media campaign.


You will also find some case studies of brands and businesses throughout this book. These case studies teach you the same strategy and techniques which big brands use.


8. Jab Jab Jab Right Hook


Blucactus-8-Jab-Jab-Jab-Right-HookJab Jab Jab Right Hook is another great magic book by Gary Vaynerchuk.


This is the only social media book that will teach you how to connect with customers on social media. It also tells you the strategies and tips to stand apart from your competitors.


The book also highlights the hooks you can use to drive targeted traffic from social media.


Within this book, you will also find some actionable advice related to content.


Gary tells you the content creation strategy for each social media channel.


9. The Art Of Social Media 


Blucactus-9-The-Art-Of-Social-MediaDo you want to learn social media marketing from true experts?


If yes, then buy this book right now.


This book has been written by social media marketing experts like Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick


Both of them are considered an authority in the social media marketing industry.


In this book, Guy and Peg have jotted down 100+ tips and techniques of social media marketing. They will teach you how to optimize your profile, attract followers, and convert them into sales.


10. Digital And Social Media Marketing


Blucactus-10-Digital-And-Social-Media-MarketingThis book is for people who are looking for an advanced-level guide on social media marketing.


This book is jam-packed with advanced information related to digital and social media marketing. 


From understanding social media to creating strategies, the book covers everything. It also tells you how to identify the pain and trust points of buyers on social media.


It will also teach you how to measure a brand’s success on social media.


In the last two sections of this book, you will find case studies and business models.


11. One Million Followers by Branden Kane


Blucactus-11 amazon bookA business with loyal social media followers will always stay ahead of its competitors.


On social media, more followers = more money. Both of them are directly proportional to each other.


So, if you want to get maximum followers on social media, read this book by Branden Kane.


The book suggests growth hacking techniques required for increasing followers on social media.


Kane will teach you how to earn loyal, authentic, and credible social media followers from scratch.


12. The Social Media Bible


Blucactus-12-book BibleThe social media bible is a go-to guide for anyone who wants to use social media for business.


The book will teach you the art of using social media in the right way for business purposes. It tells you the exact strategies which businesses and companies are already using.


The game-changing part about the book is its five-step formula to social media success.


This five-step formula includes; 


Analyzing existing media, social media trinity, strategies, resources, and measurement.


13. Profitable Social Media Marketing


Blucactus-13- amazon bookBased on the industry insights, Profitable Social Media Marketing will help you in creating stunning social media campaigns for your business.


The epicenter of the book revolves around “How you can use social media to generate profits”. That’s why it teaches you how you can build a targeted fan base on social media and sell more products and services.


The best part of the book is that small, medium and large-scale business owners can use it.


14. Freakishly Effective Social Media for Network Marketing


Blucactus-14-Freakishly-Effective-Social-Media-for-Network-MarketingIf you are struggling to use social media for network marketing, then you must read this book.


In this book, Ray and Jessica teach you the most effective ways to use social media for network marketing. They teach you what kind of social media content you should create to maximize your network marketing earnings.


In this book, you’ll also be learning a 4-step process for conducting ROI-driven Facebook LIVE.


15. Social Media Marketing: A Practitioner’s Guide


Blucactus-15-Social-Media-Marketing-A-Practitioner_s-GuideThis is the revised and updated book on social media marketing. It will walk you through various social media platforms and tools and will guide you on how to use them effectively.


In this book, you’ll also learn the 6C model of social media marketing which will help you create award-winning social media campaigns.


The book also includes new chapters like influencer marketing, social communication, and more.


16. Secrets of Social Media Marketing by Paul Gillin


Blucactus-16-Secrets-of-Social-Media-Marketing-by-Paul-GillinThis is a very comprehensive book on social media marketing.


The author has mentioned the quality of the information in this book regarding social media tools, strategy, tools, and tactics.


The book also teaches you how you can use social media as a tool to communicate with customers. You’ll also be learning the art of storytelling in this book.


17. 500 Social Media Marketing Tips


Blucactus-17-500-Social-Media-Marketing-TipsThis no-nonsense guide will give you 500 tips, advice, and strategy on social media marketing.


It covers platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more.


By using the tips mentioned in this book, you can increase brand awareness, attract more customers, and reach your business through social media marketing.



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These 17 social media marketing books will surely take your knowledge regarding Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter marketing to the next level.


Each of these books is written by expert authors who have years of experience in the social media industry. 

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