How to create a strong brand presence and how it can help insurance companies

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How to create a strong brand presence and how it can help insurance companies. The three most important brands on the planet — Amazon, Apple, and Google — are worth near $1 trillion on the whole. While most companies don’t have to arrive to superbrand status to stand apart from others in their niche, there are a few lessons that brands can gain from these 3 top companies. 


Above all, they need a strong brand awareness strategy that will uphold a solid brand character.


Brand identity isn’t only a logo or an advertising effort, it’s simply how a brand presents to the market and communicates with its audience.


It covers everything from the item, product, or service designed for the target audience, representative relations, and client service. There’s no part of an organization that is not a piece of its brand identity.


The million-dollar question is – how to create brand awareness and how to increase brand presence online.


Keeping that in mind, here are 7 tips for creating a strong brand presence.


1. Clear Positioning and Targets


Blucactus-1-Clear-Positioning-and-TargetsAn important part of building a solid brand identity is boosting brand awareness and insight, and this must be done effectively by focusing on the correct audience. For instance, if the intended interest group is new mothers, a brand will normally show ads on nurturing sites and online health discussions forums. 


On the off chance that the audience is teenagers, then brands may run native advertisements on gaming sites or sports channels.


Having a profound knowledge of who your audience is, what is important to them, and what their necessities and difficulties are will help you deliver the right message to the right audience and at the right time.


This will surely help you in increasing the brand’s presence both in the online and offline world.


2. Engage with your customers


Blucactus-2-Engage-with-your-customersOnline ads are a predictable and results-driven approach to engage customers, regardless of whether it’s through video ads including gaming, display ads with responsive components, ads that emotionally engage customers, or versatile ads that ensure that customers can interact with the brand through their cell phones.


Research shows that customers invest 47% more energy and time with a brand by associating it with a game or watching videos, well beyond traditional advertising. This leaves customers with a solid brand fondness, which prompts positive proposals and increases sales and conversions for the business.


Hence, it is clear that online ads can also help in increasing brand presence.


3. Packaging


Blucactus-3-PackagingBranding and packaging go hand in hand.


Many large brands have their own packaging. We as a whole know and love them. However, marked packaging is only the beginning. Modern-day packaging uses QR codes, barcodes, or even picture acknowledgment through an app to connect their customers and shoppers to significant content and gives an amazing user experience.


Hence, if you want to create a strong brand presence, then make sure that you have awesome packaging for your product so that you can create a better customer experience and brand recognition. 


Apart from this, packaging also helps in the branding of a product and services.


4. Logo


Blucactus-4-LogoThe human mind can process pictures and images in 13 milliseconds, and logos give instant brand recognition. The world’s most well-known brands are recognized or known by their logo alone, which is the reason companies place such significance (thus millions in investment) in logo creation.


A brand logo should be instantly recognizable: simple, interesting, appropriate, and essential. Above all, it should pass on the company’s message. 


A company or a brand should also consider the various sizes and shapes for their logo and ensure the logo either scales easily or comes in variations that fit normal shapes and media.


5. Your presence on social media matters


Blucactus-5-Your-presence-on-social-media-mattersSocial media is an incredible source of information for businesses and brands, and the most amazing aspect of social media is that businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from it. 


At the point when you know the figures, it’s straightforward why businesses and marketers consistently accept that social media is essential to building a brand. 


Along these lines, regarding your social media branding, it’s imperative to put some ideas and investment into it.


Brand awareness is referred to as the major concern for marketers, and social media channels are a one-to-many answer for spreading the news about your products, offers, and services as well.


 By making a solid brand presence on social media, you can easily reach a wider audience.


In fact, you can also princely target your audience on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.


Hence, it is of utmost importance to have a social media strategy for brand presence. 


6. Brand values


Blucactus-6-Brand-values - Create a strong brand presence for insurance companiesNext to the brand presence on social media, brand values also play a huge role in creating a strong brand presence.


Each memorable brand represents something, regardless of whether it’s something global, like saving the climate, or something explicit, like making clothes that fit each body shape. 


These are nothing but brand values.


They help the organization focus its efforts towards a bunch of unified goals. They additionally help to solidify a brand in the minds of its targeted audience or group.


7. Employee advocacy


Blucactus-7-Employee-advocacy - Create a strong brand presence for insurance companiesToday, many brands understand the force of their employees in building a solid brand personality. Some of the research and statistics around employee advocacy are genuinely impressive and states that brand messages shared by employees got 561% higher reach than those advanced by normal brand channels. 


Besides, employee advocacy also added to a 65% increase in brand recognition.


Hence, if you want to create a strong brand presence, start focusing on employee advocacy as well.


It can take your brand to a level of awesomeness.




Blucactus - Contact usBrand presence is the most important for any business.


Whether you run a finance company or insurance business, if you don’t have a brand presence, you cannot think of making a good business. 



Having a good brand presence will help you increase revenue, getting more customers, generating leads, and improving your conversion rate. 

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