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Telemarketing: How to Sell Over the Phone?

Telemarketing: How to Sell Over the Phone? If you have a company in Canada and want to learn how to sell by phone, you need to know some strategies to get successful campaigns. However, it is essential to consider that it is not an easy task. Because there are different types of users, and not […]

How to run a successful telemarketing campaign

How to run a successful telemarketing campaign. Today, the immediate response of the customer is of great importance for any company. That is why telemarketing has not ceased to be a trend in an effective campaign. In Canada, this is the preferred communication channel for many companies successfully selling their products or services.   Therefore, […]

Competitive advantages of telemarketing

Competitive advantages of telemarketing. Today, companies aspire to have direct contact with their users to show their products and services without downsizing. The reason is that the customer’s opinion lets us know if there is any fault to be resolved, so effective communication must be generated. Therefore, marketing specialists recommend that a strategy based on […]

What are the telemarketing trends of 2022?

What are the telemarketing trends of 2022? After not knowing how long we would be in lockdown, it is essential to catch up with today’s trends across all sectors. This form of direct and digital marketing has resulted in many company innovations and has prevailed since the arrival of Covid-19.   In Canada, companies can also use telemarketing to stand out from the […]