12 Things to Look For Before Choosing a Web Design Agency


12 Things to Look For Before Choosing a Web Design Agency. In the digital era, having a business website has become extremely important for success. Today, most customers shop online, look for information on the internet and search about a particular brand of business on the web.


So, if your business is not having an online presence, then you’ll lose too many opportunities in terms of sales, revenue, and conversion as well.


With that in mind, if are you looking forward to creating a business, but unsure whether it is the right decision or not?


Or are you looking forward to hiring a website development or design agency but feel confused about which agency to hire?


If your answer to the above questions is yes, then you have come to the right place.


Deciding which website designing company or agency to hire can be a crucial and confusing task. So, in this blog post, we’ll take you through 12 tips that will help you in hiring a website development company for your upcoming project.


We know why you are considering hiring a website development company. You want to grow your online presence, want more sales and conversions, increase your reach and do a lot more, right?


But keep in mind that not all website designing agencies are the same. Some will take your website to the next level and some can also break it.


So, keep on reading this blog post till the end and get knowledge of how to hire a website development company.


1)  Look onto your needs


Blucactus-1-Look-onto-your-needs - 12 Things to Look For Before Choosing a Web Design AgencyUnderstanding what are your website designing and development needs and goals is very much essential before you hunt for a company. Each website designing and development company will have a different skill set and will give you different results as compared to others in the market.


Also, if you are looking to hire a full-stack website development company, then it is unlikely that you’ll find a company that is specialized in one area.


What do you need from a website development company?


The E-commerce website, static website, dynamic website, online store, blogging website, or anything else.


Evaluate your needs first, because when it comes to hiring a company, you both need to be on the same page. Your goals should fit following the company’s point of view.


Once you have identified your needs, it will be easy for you to hire the best company.


2)  Hire an experienced company


Blucactus-2-Hire-an-experienced-company - 12 Things to Look For Before Choosing a Web Design AgencyThe next thing that you should look into a web design agency for hiring is their experience in your niche or industry. It is always great to hire a company with a good amount of working experience in your industry.


If the budget is your constraint, then you can also think of hiring a newly started agency. But make sure that they don’t compromise with the quality.


In our opinion, you should always go with an experienced company.


An experienced company will know about all your pain points and they can help you craft the best and most attractive looking website ever.


Generally, you should hire a company that has over 5+ years of working experience.


If you find such a company, then ask them if they have designed a website that is similar to your expectations. For example, if you are into the e-commerce business, then check whether they have worked on the same project or not.


Ask them for case studies, reviews, and testimonials.


Hiring a website designing agency with strong working experience in your niche will give you the best results.


3)  Check out their results


Blucactus-3-Check-out-their-results - 12 Things to Look For Before Choosing a Web Design AgencyOf course, results are very important because you are paying a company to get maximum benefits and ROI. But the harsh reality is that there are many website development companies who show you the big picture in the beginning but then don’t live up to their words.


If a website development company is offering ROI-driven, 100% guaranteed, or unrealistic results, ask them to prove it first, then hire them.


Ask them what are the core values and beliefs that set them apart from other website designing agencies.


Most of the companies are looking for more clients, more money, and more revenue. Because of this, many companies might promise you to give unrealistic results.


That’s why you need to play your cards safely while hiring a website development or designing company in 2021.


Pro Tip: Check out their website and reviews on Google. You can also check their reviews on other business listing websites.


4)  Which tools are they using?


Blucactus-4-Which-tools-are-they-using - 12 Things to Look For Before Choosing a Web Design AgencyAs we already mentioned, quality results matter a lot. So, if you are hiring a website development company in 2021, you should know what tools, CMS platforms, strategies, and coding technologies they are using to craft a website.


Generally, website development and designing tools and softwares are much like any other product in marketing. They require end-to-end experience. That’s why you should know what tools, techniques, and strategies your company might use to design your website.


If you are hiring a company to create content, then check if they are using Grammarly, Copyscape, Prowiring, Buzzsumo, and other content creation tools.


If you are hiring an SEO agency, then check if they are familiar with tools like Google search console, SEMrush, Ubersuggest, Answer The Public, and a lot more.


Aside from this, you also need to check what communication tools they are using to give you an update regarding the project development. Look whether they are using tools like Zoom, Google Hangout, and Trello or not.


Yes, you might be thinking that these are unnecessary details, but they will surely help you in the future.


5)  Check their reporting


Blucactus-5-Check-their-reporting - 12 Things to Look For Before Choosing a Web Design AgencyThis is another important point that you need to keep in mind while hiring a website development company in 2021. This point will also help you in establishing your relationship with the company you will be hiring.


If you want to know whether your company is honest and transparent or not, then check out their reporting techniques and strategies.


Today, most website development companies use various reporting tools and techniques to give an update to their clients. And you should be in the loop with all those reporting tools and softwares.


A good and honest company will give you an update from time to time. In fact, they’ll also modify the reports following your own needs and wants.


Ideally, a report should include topics like progress on the development of the website, how much time will it take to get the project completed, people working on it, cost, and a lot more.


A website development company might struggle to give honest and genuine reporting if they have not aligned your goals with their strategies. Or, they might also struggle because they are not collecting the correct data.


6)  Are they transparent and honest?


Blucactus-6-Are-they-transparent-and-honest - 12 Things to Look For Before Choosing a Web Design AgencyIf your website development company promises to create the world’s most attractive website or most creative website for your company, but they don’t have any of these for their own business, this is a warning sign.


One of the best ways to check whether an agency is truly experienced is by checking whether they have achieved success for themselves or not.


For example;


If you are looking to hire a company to create an award-winning SEO campaign, but the company itself does not rank for a single keyword. Or, if you want to create software for your business, but the company has never created that kind of software, then be alarmed.


In such cases, you should not be hiring any company that has not tried and tested its own services.


You need to investigate all these things as you are going to invest money and time in creating a website.


7)  Size of agency


Blucactus-7-Size-of-agency - 12 Things to Look For Before Choosing a Web Design AgencySome of the website development companies might have 2 members or some might have a 200+ member team. A smaller company will allow you to have direct access to the people or experts who will make your websites and vice versa.


But keep in mind that small companies tend to have less skill, human resource, and talent as compared to large companies.


Additionally, large companies will have a more skilled workforce, talent, and addons service to offer. They’ll be more professional and would also charge a hefty amount from you.


In the end, it is the quality that matters. Whether you hire a small scale or a big website development company, you should always check on the quality of their results.


8)  Pricing policy


Blucactus-8-Pricing-policyNow here comes the most important point you should look into while hiring a website development company. When you hire a company, keep in mind that low prices do not always mean better quality services.


If a company is offering its services at an extremely low price, you should investigate a little more. Ask them why they are charging such a low price and promises to offer quality services.


You need to think from a company’s point of view.


If a web design agency is offering services at a low price, then they might hamper with the quality of their services.


However, this does not mean that you need to spend a ton of money on hiring a website development company. But, chances are that higher price software companies do offer quality services by putting in a lot of effort and resources.


9)  Ask them about your queries


Blucactus-9-Ask-them-about-your-queriesThe best way to find out whether a web design agency is fit for hiring or not is by asking them relevant questions and queries related to website designing and development.


Yes, you ask them all your questions, doubts, and queries with no hesitations. After all, you are going to invest your money and time as well.


This is an extremely important step because you are going to get into a business relationship with a company. So make sure that you clear out all your doubts and queries and then hire a company.


10) Check out their reviews


Blucactus-10-Check-out-their-reviewsReview and customer testimonials will surely help you hire the best website development agency. They can surely help you decide whether to hire a company or not. Today, most online customers watch out for reviews before making any purchase decision.


And you should do the same.


If any web design agency is offering genuine services, then they must have tons of reviews listed on their site and any other business portal.


Yes, fake reviews can be uploaded on websites and testimonials as well.


That’s why it is important to check the reviews on authentic and trustworthy websites like Trustpilot. You can also ask any of their previous customers about their services and offerings.


Apart from this, you can also check reviews on local business listing websites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Hot Frog, and a lot more.


11) Ask your case studies


Blucactus-11-Ask-your-case-studiesIf any web design agency has done some amazing work in your domain, then they might have included case studies on their websites. These studies contain important tips, topics, strategies, game plans, and process the company has opted for while creating a website for their client.


You can go through such case studies and check the process through which the company creates a website. This will give you a holistic view of what workflow the company follows while making websites.


If a company is genuine and transparent, then you’ll surely find a few case studies on their websites. If not, then you directly ask the company to share their client’s success stories with you.


You can also cross-check with any of their clients to be sure.


12) Check whether they are transparent or not


Blucactus-12-Check-whether-they-are-transparent-or-notLack of transparency can be a sign of danger.


While selecting a web design agency. First, land on their website and check their address, information, team size, experience, mission, and vision, how many clients and projects they have completed, what services they are offering, and so on.


If you feel that the company is not being transparent or they are hiding something from you or some information is missing, then don’t hire them.


A web design agency with amazing work experience and an exceptional track record should have no problem in giving you all the information and case studies. If they have really done some amazing work, then they’ll surely give you all the information with no hesitations.



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A web design agency should tick all the boxes on your checklist before you plan to hire them. Before you hunt for an agency, make sure you know what you need from them in terms of quality of service, price, budget, deadline, and any other prerequisite.


Then, it is up to the company whether they want to take your project or not.


Also, keep these 12 points in mind while you are in the process of hiring a web design agency.


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