Top 31 Mom Influencers in Canada


Top 31 Mom Influencers in Canada. Although being a mother is one of the most beautiful stages of life, it´s also a complicated process. And additional support is never enough. That´s why a large group of moms has managed to stand out before millions of users on social media such as YouTube and Instagram. Becoming popular influencers, and that´s one of the reasons why they´re part of the Top 31 mom influencers in Canada.


The most interesting thing about influencer moms is that they offer very useful advice. For those women who experience the good and difficult aspects of motherhood. While some are dedicated to talking about diapers and breastfeeding, others are dedicated to creating blog content. Where you can find the most interesting facts for parenting.


Also, most of them have many followers who are waiting for recommendations. Especially regarding the brands they use to care for their babies.


Learn a little more about influencer moms in Canada through this top 31. 2.1m followers


BluCactus-Mom Influencers in Canada-thebirdspapayaSarah’s profile is the perfect journal of life and love after the massive change.


Mother, writer, creator, and speaker she inspires her big community by talking about pregnancy and motherhood like nobody else.


 1.7m followers, Top 31 Mom Influencers in Canada


BluCactus-Mom Influencers in Canada-valerialipovetskyValeria, a youtube star with makeup tutorials, health, and more, loves to share her life on Instagram and social media.


Featuring her adorable boys. 




BluCactus-Mom-Influencer-jillian.harrisJillian is a brilliant TV star and an awesome digital creator.


Her Instagram is family-based: kids, her husband, and her home fill this lovely profile.





BluCactus-Mom Influencers in Canada-caitlinfladagerLiving in Vancouver, Caitlin is a mother, wife, and mental health advocate who enjoys sharing her lifestyle on social media.


Including Instagram and Tiktok where she has 2.2 M followers.


People love her content about motherhood and marriage. 152k followers


BluCactus-Mom-Influencer-sashaexeteSasha’s profile is full of useful content like workouts, mental health, beauty, wellness, and even motherhood, it has it all!





 146k followers, Top 31 Mom Influencers in Canada


BluCactus-Mom Influencers in Canada-jessicruickshankJessi is a TV talent who has the perfect parenting profile online, family moments, tips, pregnancy, and more.


She´s so good at talking about parenting that she even has a talk show on how to survive motherhood as a twin and newborn mom.



BluCactus-Mom-Influencer-raisinghowellsTraveler, road-tripping, photographer, and mom of 5.


Isn’t that awesome?


That´s what Marsida’s life is all about.


So her Instagram is full of her family adventures, a must-follow for sure. 138k followers


BluCactus-Mom-Influencer-priscillaventurablogPriscilla enjoys sharing her life online, whether it´s on Instagram or YouTube:


La Famille Ventura (+70k subscribers), or TikTok.


Her content is French-based, and she shows how life is as a family with three adorable kids.


BluCactus-Mom-Influencer-bluebirdkissesAna is a top blogger but also a mom of three, wife, and even a runner who enjoys sharing memories and more online.


She has an organized and beautiful account with fitness, meals, photography, and family content that everyone loves.




BluCactus-Mom-Influencer-thediymommyChristina, mom to two girls is The DIY Mommy on Instagram.


There she shares budget-friendly decor & DIY ideas to create a cozy home and life.


She uploads tutorials on YouTube and owns a blog and a podcast as well.


BluCactus-Mom-Influencer-karinacabilingKarina: model, motherhood, self-care, and laughs.


That´s what her profile is all about, people love to watch her two boys online.


And they get to laugh a lot with her reels too.



BluCactus-Mom-Influencer-chloedumontThe perfect Canadian French profile, Chloe is an Instagrammer with two girls.


Her life is documented daily online on Instagram and even on YouTube.


She is passionate about travel, fashion, and beauty.


BluCactus-Mom-Influencer-maritimemommyMisty describes herself as a blogger, influencer, businesswoman but most importantly a mom of 3.


Memories, family moments, and pictures are loved by her followers on Instagram.


On her blog, articles related to lifestyle and even health are found.


BluCactus-Mom-Influencer-amidst.the.chaosChristine from Toronto is a mom of three who shares tips and hacks for home, life, and adventures.


Including her food journey and trips.


On TikTok, she has got more than 110k followers.



BluCactus-Mom-Influencer-vanessaa.giulianiVanessa’s profile is full of sales alerts, try-ons, and more.


She is a Toronto’s Instagrammer, mother of two boys who are part of her lovely feed and lifestyle shown online.




BluCactus-Mom Influencers in Canada-myvoguishdiariesMedge is a Toronto-based Instagrammer.


Fashion, motherhood, beauty, and lifestyle are what her profile is about.


Many brands have trusted her as she is the ideal profile everyone loves: mom of two with awesome outfits and a lifestyle worth following. 


BluCactus-Mom-Influencer-denupzterAnupa, a Guyanese living in Canada, mother of two who shares her motherhood and postpartum journey with her Instagram community. 






BluCactus-Mom-Influencer-withlovechelssChelsea, a digital creator who is also a mother of four.


Her profile is all about motherhood, fashion, and everything in between.


She inspires mothers to be fashionable and her feed is pleasant to look at, sounds like the perfect profile.
 52.9k followers, Top 31 Mom Influencers in Canada


BluCactus-Mom-Influencer-themckeensLiving in Ontario, Lynda is a wife and mom to three boys.


She loves to show her daily life, interior styling, and motherhood journey on Instagram.





BluCactus-Mom-Influencer-topknotanddoubleshotKristen is a content creator whose intention is to share the truth about motherhood through humor and relatability.


She has two kids and is a self-love content creator that is worth following.




BluCactus-Mom-Influencer-katusha_coKatusha is from Vancouver.


Mom of girls, designer, lover, and travel addict who documents her life on Instagram with a perfect feed.





BluCactus-Mom-Influencer-topknotlivingCaroline is the owner of Top Knot Living, the store and lifestyle blog.


Before becoming a mama she worked for almost seven years in the digital marketing industry.


Now, she stays most days at home with her kids while working online.


Her lifestyle is shown in her Instagram profile where posts and content are filled with decor and kids, the perfect combination. 41.8k followers


BluCactus-Mom-Influencer-whatdreamsmaybecomeMichele is raising 5 lovely kids in a beautiful house surrounded by nature (and even horses!).


Her Instagram feed and stories are as unique as her life is.





BluCactus-Mom Influencers in Canada-trishaenriquezTrisha’s profile is all about health, fitness, inspiring others, and of course, motherhood!


Her content includes a podcast, a blog, trips, workshops, recipes, and even meditation.





BluCactus-Mom-Influencer-loveandsundaysThanh, digital creator, mommy, and entrepreneur.


Her profile is full of beautiful photos and family memories featuring a lovely couple and two girls whose lifestyle is worth following.

 30.5k followers, Top 31 Mom Influencers in Canada


BluCactus-Mom-Influencer-amandamuseStoryteller. Extrovert. Cool Mom. Virtual BFF is how Amanda describes herself for her Youtube Channel community of more than 100k. AmandaMuse has become a lifestyle brand.


Where she shares her views on life through videos on YouTube, traditional media, social media, a web series, her live online shows and now hosting a podcast called “Friendo”.


In 2018, Amanda was featured on She speaks at conferences about social media and was nominated for the Livestream of the Year Iris Award (2018).


Also Podcast of the Year (2019 & 2020) & Best Use of Video with YouTube (2021). On Instagram, she shares everything about motherhood, self-care, and real life. 26.9k followers


BluCactus-Mom Influencers in Canada-elle.lindquistElle is a digital creator who is a cozy and style-obsessed woman with 3 kids.


She loves to document her life on Instagram.






BluCactus-Mom-Influencer-jamiescrimgeourJamie, from Ontario, is the stepmom coach.


Her account, loved by many, is full of life tips and it is the kind of inspirational profile that everyone must follow.





BluCactus-Mom Influencers in Canada-ourclassichouseSabrina, also from Ontario, has a perfect deco and family profile.


Her family of 5 is living in and renovating their 90s style dream house.


And she´s documenting everything on her Instagram.
 19.8k followers, Top 31 Mom Influencers in Canada


BluCactus-Mom-Influencer-nellecreationsJenelle is a Canadian girl mom who is passionate about sharing her motherhood and life on social media.


Including TikTok, where she has got 25k followers, and Youtube with 8k subscribers.




BluCactus-Mom Influencers in Canada-brittdarlingBritt enjoys sharing her motherhood life online, her Instagram is full of experiences at home, with three kids and lovely marriage.










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