Top 31 Mom Influencers in Canada


Motherhood is one of the most fulfilling yet demanding experiences. Whether it’s deciding on baby products, food, or navigating parenting challenges, moms often juggle multiple decisions and responsibilities. Here’s where insights from mom influencers can provide valuable support and guidance in coping up this phase. 

Now, at our digital marketing company, we’ve curated a handpicked list of the top 31 mom influencers in Canada. These mom influencers have taken their firsthand experiences to social media platforms, sharing their stories, tips, and advice with other parents. 

Let’s see how these voices of the top 31 mom influencers in Canada can help uplift your brand’s story.

Sarah Nicole Landry | @thebirdspapaya | 2.3m followers


BluCactus-Mom Influencers in Canada-thebirdspapaya

Meet this Canadian mom influencer who has won the hearts of millions with her authentic content and empowering messages. She’s dedicated to self-care, stylish mom fashion, and navigating the rollercoaster ride of motherhood.

But more than that, she inspires her followers about self-love and body positivity. Her posts will make you laugh and feel all the feels as she embraces her true self and motherhood journey. 

Explore her account for a dose of self-empowerment and a peek into the beautiful chaos of mom life!



Valeria Lipovetsky | @valerialipovetsky | 2.2m followers


BluCactus-Mom Influencers in Canada-valerialipovetskyValeria Lipovetsky – she’s your go-to mom influencer for fashion, self-discovery, and motherhood!

From chic outfits to personal growth inspiration, her content focuses on style, self-love and some serious mom wisdom.

Oh, and did we mention about her travel adventures? They will give you major wanderlust!




Jillian Harris | @jillian.harris | 1.4m followers



This mom influencer is a culinary expert, sharing delicious recipes and the latest cookbooks. Plus, she’s a pro at jet-setting with her babies, setting some major travel goals!

And can we talk about her amazing fashion sense? Check out her Instagram account, she has got style for days!

Oh, and don’t forget to add ‘boss babe’ to her list of titles. She’s running her own Small Business Coaching at @thejillyacademy and creating the @thejillybox! 

She’s got all the boxes checked to be on our list of top 31 mom influencers in Canada. 


Caitlin Fladager | @caitlinfladager | 663k followers


BluCactus-Mom Influencers in Canada-caitlinfladagerBased in VancouverCaitlin wears multiple hats – she’s a mother to two kids, a wife, and a mental health advocate. Scrolling through her Instagram feed, you’ll find content on family wellness, nurturing a healthy partnership, and parenting experience. 

What sets her apart is the way she challenges societal norms. By embracing self-expression with statements like ‘I’m a mom of two, and I still dress on my terms,’ this digital creator is a force for breaking stereotypes. 

Besides Instagram, she’s also sharing parenting tips on Tiktok to over 2.2 million followers.


Sasha Exeter | @sashaexeter | 158k followers


BluCactus-Mom-Influencer-sashaexeteSasha Exeter, one of the top 31 mom influencers in Canada, perfectly juggles her roles as a fitness lover, a fashion enthusiast, and an Instagram sensation, all while acing the mom life.

Her Instagram feed serves as a go-to hub, featuring guides to female trailblazers, self-care, workouts, and insightful reviews of the best gyms in Toronto, among other content.






Jessi Cruickshank | @jessicruickshank | 184k followers


BluCactus-Mom Influencers in Canada-jessicruickshank

Jessi is the content creator and TV talent who’s got the ultimate parenting profile online. From joyful family moments to her practical parenting tips and all the moments of pregnancy – you name it, she’s got it covered!

Here’s the kicker – she’s so good at the parenting stuff that she’s got her own talk show on surviving the craziness of motherhood. And, she manages it all, even with twins and a newborn in tow.




Marsida | @raisinghowells | 177k followers



This digital creator is an outdoorsy mom based in Ontario, with a great passion for adventure and travel. She’s focused on living life to the fullest, exploring the world with her kiddos and partner, and collecting memories that last a lifetime.

Also, she’s a dedicated homeschooler who believes in hands-on, nature-based learning. How cool is that? 

All in all, her Instagram account is full of travel adventures, home-schooling tips and parenting guidance. 



Priscilla Ventura | @priscillaventurablog | 138k followers



This Canadian mom YouTuber and influencer is a pro at vlogging, gives beauty product reviews, maternal guidance, and even shares her favourite recipes like banana muffins – a healthy option that kids love! She talks about her farm life, and shares all those beautiful stories on Instagram.

And have you browsed through her YouTube channel ‘La Famille Ventura’ (395K subscribers) or TikTok accounts ‘Priscilla.Ventura’ and ‘LaFamilleVentura’ (217.8K and 555.2K Followers)? You’ve got to, it’s a must-watch!




Ana Klizs | @bluebirdkisses | 122k followers



Ana is a Canadian mom blogger and a running enthusiast. She shares all the precious memories and more on her perfectly curated feed.

Her Instagram account is about fitness inspiration, mouthwatering meals, photography, and family moments that everyone just can’t get enough of.

She’s the ultimate mom goals, runner’s inspiration, and fitness freak. 




Christina Dennis | @thediymommy | 131k followers



If you’re a DIY lover, Christina Dennis is the go-to mom influencer in Canada for all your DIY and home decor needs. With her ability to work wonders on a budget, she’s the one you need for that perfect cozy knit blanket or a Halloween doormat.

Having been styling homes and sharing her expertise since 2009, she’s the seasoned expert you can trust. Also, don’t forget to check out her tutorials on YouTube – you won’t be disappointed! 

Christina is a mom blogger too whom you can follow for detailed DIY hacks and tutorials, from sewing to home decor. She has also got a DIY Mommy Academy – it’s worth a try!


Karina Cabiling | @karinacabiling | 118k followers



Karina – she’s all about hair, beauty, and fashion life, just like us! Her feed is full of relatable mom moments, travel experiences and wellness tips. And have you seen her two playful boys? They’re an absolute delight!

Whether it’s about modelling, navigating motherhood, or self-care motivation, she’s the real deal that we all need on our feeds. 






Chloe Dumont | @chloedumont | 78.2k followers


BluCactus-Mom-Influencer-chloedumontThis content creator is a mama of two lovely girls. Her Instagram account is like a real-life family photo album, packed with lovely moments of her two girls and the whole family.

And have you checked out her style game? It’s on fire! From family fun to fashion, her Instagram feed has got all the love and glam you’d love.






maritimemommy |  @maritimemommy | 75.8k followers



Meet this mom influencer – her home is filled with 3 kids and a loving family. You’ll see cute and crazy moments of her lovely babies on her Instagram account – it’s pure joy!

And guess what? She’s a mom blogger too. She spills the deets about health, self-love, motherhood, lifestyle, and more. 






Christine | @amidst.the.chaos | 65.5k followers



Christine from Toronto is like one of the coolest moms out there, making it to the top 31 mom influencers in Canada. She’s got helpful tips and hacks for making life at home and every adventure a total breeze. Oh, and have you looked into her food inspirations and travel stories? They’re legit drool-worthy!

She’s also doing great on TikTok, with over 117k+ followers loving her content. Now, that’s what we call mom goals!





Vanessa Giuliani | @vanessaa.giuliani | 308k followers



Vanessa is a mom of two adorable boys, who are a key part of her oh-so-lovely feed and lifestyle shared online.

If you’re someone who loves switching up your style with the seasons, Vanessa’s your inspiration! Take a look at her Instagram profile – Her posts are all about outfit inspiration, travel packing tips, and style ideas. Truly one of the top Toronto mom influencers! 






Medge Beauvoir-Yellowlees | @myvoguishdiaries | 145k followers


BluCactus-Mom Influencers in Canada-myvoguishdiariesMedge is a Toronto-based digital creator. Her Instagram profile is like a whole mix of fashion, motherhood experiences, beauty tips, and an overall awesome lifestyle!

It’s no secret so many brands have her back – she’s the mom influencer who reflects versatility. With her two cute kids and classy outfits, her profile is a must-follow for all your fashion, beauty, and mamahood needs.





Anupa King | @denupzter | 106k followers



Anupa is a Guyanese mom of two living in Canada. She’s one of Canada’s top 31 mom influencers, sharing her unfiltered motherhood and postpartum journey with her kids on Instagram.








Chelsea Sousa | @withlovechelss | 85.4k followers



Chelsea is a versatile digital creator and a mom to four kids. Her feed is the perfect combo of everyday mom life and fashion. Her outfit ideas are seriously on point – like, total goals! No wonder she’s in the top 31 influencer moms in Canada! 

But she’s more than a fashionista. She’s always hooking us up with the cool home decor finds and seasonal must-haves that make life so much prettier. It’s not just about looking good, it’s about feeling good, you know? Chelsea’s got that vibe down pat.




Lynda McKeen | @themckeens | 47.6m followers


BluCactus-Mom-Influencer-themckeensLiving in Ontario, Lynda is a wife and mom to three boys.

She loves to share about her daily life, interior styling, and motherhood journey on Instagram.








Kristen Richardson | @topknotanddoubleshot | 80.3k followers


BluCactus-Mom-Influencer-topknotanddoubleshotKristen is one of the top Toronto mom influencers known for spreading all that good energy. Her content revolves around three things: embracing motherhood, loving yourself, and spreading body positivity.

She posts relatable mom moments and empowering words that just lift you up. I love her honest take on motherhood, yet she manages to add this funny spin that makes it all so relatable.

It’s quite clear why she’s part of the top 31 mom influencers in Canada, isn’t it?




Kat Henderson | @katusha_co | 47.6m followers



This Vancouver native content creator is a dedicated girl mom, travel lover and total foodie.

Her Instagram has a picture-perfect feed having delicious dishes, beautiful travel destinations and stunning home decor – capturing the vibrancy of her life. 







Caroline Serpe | @topknotliving | 56k followers



A Canadian mom influencer who is pro at managing daily errands and online entrepreneurship while nurturing her little one.

With the digital marketing expertise from back in the day (think 7+ years), Caroline is now bossing it with her own online gig, The TKL Shop, a home decor store.

Oh, and her feed? It’s a perfect place for home decor ideas and the cutest kiddo moments. It’s like a daily dose of warmth and inspiration! 




Michele Phillips | @whatdreamsmaybecome | 39.2k followers



A content creator who’s living the dream on the picturesque farm with her five kids, with horses and all! Her Instagram feed is a glimpse into the magical land with a modern country home, adorable kids, and ponies. 

Plus, on her Instagram highlights, she’s got quick makeup tutorials perfect for us busy moms, along with fantastic travel tips, healthy recipes, and must-visit places.

She’s a go-to mom influencer for all things life and style! 




Trisha Enriquez | @trishaenriquez | 39.5k followers


BluCactus-Mom Influencers in Canada-trishaenriquez

Trisha is a multi-tasker who’s into podcasts, blogging, and creating digital content. She talks about health, fitness, and motherhood.

But what really makes her stand out? The beginner-friendly home workout guides she does with her kids! It’s not just cute; it’s a great way to bond and stay fit all at once.

No wonder she’s up there with the top 31 mom influencers in Canada!






Thanh Phung |  @loveandsundays | 32.6k followers



You’ve got to check out this amazing digital creator who manages many roles! She’s an entrepreneur, a creator, a PhC, and of course, a mom.

And if you ever need lunchbox or meal ideas, her Insta highlights are a lifesaver. Plus, don’t miss her traveling with a baby tips. She’s like the perfect guide for mom life! 





Amanda Mulherin | @amandamuse | 32.4k followers



This mom influencer has been sharing her life online for over 11 years now! On Instagram, she shares quick recipes and back-to-school organization tips. And if you’re into all things baby and parenting, she’s got some helpful hacks and a real talk about her pregnancy journey.

Amanda, a top Canadian mom YouTuber, has over 127k+ subscribers and is known for her podcast “Friendo”. She also made it to in 2018, was nominated for the Livestream of the Year Iris Award (2018), Podcast of the Year (2019 & 2020) & Best Use of Video with YouTube (2021). 


Elle Lindquist | @elle.lindquist | 27.1k followers


BluCactus-Mom Influencers in Canada-elle.lindquistElle is living her passion for horse riding to the fullest! Not only does she ride like a pro, but also shares some fantastic riding tips. Her journey encourages other moms to take out time for the things they love. No doubt why she’s one of the top 31 mom influencers in Canada!

And if that’s not enough, she always shares seasonal outfit ideas on her Instagram – perfect for fashion inspiration. 

This digital creator is also a potter at West Cottage and has been crowned the World’s Best Witty Banter Champion of 2023.



Jamie Scrimgeour | @ jamiescrimgeour | 31.5k followers



If you’re living the stepmom life, you’ve got to know Jamie from Ontario!

She’s like your trusted stepmom coach, always there with supportive advice and real talk.

For coaching, podcasts, and more, you can join her KICK-ASS Community. 







Sabrina Maulucci | @ourclassichouse | 22.6k followers


BluCactus-Mom Influencers in Canada-ourclassichouse

Looking for home and family inspiration? Sabrina’s Instagram profile is the place to be. With kid’s outfit ideas and home makeovers, her feed is a complete joy! 

Living with her family of five, she is turning their 90s-style dream house into a modern-classic masterpiece. 

Her renovation tours are the highlight. Whether it’s the main floor, bedroom, or the basement, Sabrina’s got the best tips. No surprise that she’s among the top 31 mom influencers in Canada. 

Lastly, if you’re into DIY, her easy custom art tips are a must-watch for beginners!


Jenelle Nicole | @nellecreations | 51.5k followers



Meet Jenelle, the Canadian mom influencer who candidly shares the nuances of motherhood and life on social media.

You’ll also find her on TikTok with a following of 25k and on YouTube with 9k subscribers, sharing mom content and more.

Oh, and don’t miss her reviews on baby essentials like car seats, strollers, and other must-have baby items! They’re really helpful for new moms. 





Britt Darling | @brittdarling | 10.1k followers


BluCactus-Mom Influencers in Canada-brittdarling

  • For unfiltered mamahood moments, and tips on side hustles and making money from the comfort of home – check out Britt’s content.
  • Plus, this content creator’s posts with her three kids are just heartwarming!






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