3 Trends Beauty Customers Want to See on Social Media

BluCactus Canada - 3 Trends Beauty Customers Want to See on Social Media

3 Trends Beauty Customers in Canada Want to See on Social Media. Social media is booming with beauty consumers ready to pounce on their next perfect beauty product! Beauty Customers are always eager to participate in the latest beauty trends, and often look to social media to see those trends in action. As a business owner within the cosmetic industry, you know it’s crucial to stay on top of what’s popular, as it can make all the difference to your sales, engagement, and online presence. We’re here to make your life a whole lot easier by giving you a few of today’s top beauty trends that Customers want to see on Social Media! 


Beauty Customers Want to See #NoFilter


BluCactus - beauty productsYou heard us! It’s no longer all about the glam and the glitter, because beauty customers are currently obsessed with keeping it real. They want to see beauty brands advertise those clean and natural looks, where minimalist meets cosmetics. The #NoFilter posts and videos are trendy for a reason, and you’ll want your beauty business to take advantage of it.


There is pristine power in promoting the clean and natural look. It doesn’t necessarily mean that no makeup products or tools are being used, but rather, there is an increased focus on the concept of less is more. Many cosmetic brands and influencers may utilize this trend by sporting no-makeup makeup looks, promoting self-care skin-care days, or even being bold and taking a stand against photoshop.


Your average beauty customer is not a celebrity, or social media personality. They are your average everyday person, and want beauty brands that can relate to them. Promoting your products in an over-glamorized way can often do more harm than good, as the usual customer will most likely not use them that way. Keep your social media full of #NoFilter content!


What is the Target Audience for Beauty? 


BluCactus - beauty productsWhile it may range across all ages, genders, races, and cultures, the primary targeted audience within the beauty industry is young adult and middle-aged women.


This may come as no surprise to you, as women have always been interested in the concept of make-up and enhancing their natural beauty for decades, if not centuries. When it comes to marketing, understanding your target audience will allow you to know what strategies to utilize and prioritize.


However, keep in mind that although you may have a target audience, you will want to reach as many potential customers as possible.  


Beauty Customers Want to See Diversity and Inclusion


BluCactus - beauty productsYour beauty customers and targeted audience do not encompass one single type of person. Loyal beauty consumers want to see cosmetic businesses promote and incorporate diversity and inclusion within both their marketing and their products as well. Promoting diversity and inclusion showcases the values behind your brand’s name, a seemingly small, yet rather large component that affects how your customers perceive you. 


Making the effort to appreciate and consider your unique and diverse customers, followers, and even just viewers will make them feel heard, valued, and recognized. As many beauty brands have begun to understand the importance of advocating for diversity and inclusion, they have adjusted their marketing, product-line, and online presence to align with that understanding. This can be observed through product lines that include multiple selections to match different skin shades and tones. The advertisements for products should also display diversity, displaying different models who encompass multiple cultures and ethnicities. 


Which Social Media Platform is Best for Beauty Products?


  Beauty products thrive best on Instagram. It’s a tried and true fact and the proof can’t be ignored. Whether the beauty brand is globally popular or even just starting out as a small business, Instagram is the go-to social media platform. Not only is it the best platform for promoting beauty products, but it’s also where cosmetic patrons look first for what’s trending in beauty. Instagram is also primarily where Beauty Influencers choose to post new content such as pictures, videos, or stories. It’s the perfect social media platform for beauty product promotion. 


Beauty Customers Want to See Sustainable and Healthy Options


BluCactus - beauty productsThe cosmetic industry is no longer thriving on products that simply “work.” Beauty customers are not always convinced to purchase a beauty product from the results, reviews, or raves alone.


Many want to know what it is they are really putting on their bodies, and how it might affect them. What are the ingredients? Are they harmful or irritating? Are they environmentally friendly? These are all factors that your brand should be considering, especially before advertising a new product to your current customer base. 


In today’s world, it’s much harder to find clean beauty products than you might think. Many cosmetic brands utilize harsh chemicals, plastic-heavy packaging, and offer minimal uses per product. Beauty customers want to know that what they are buying is not hurting themselves or the planet, and will be well worth their money. It’s important to promote content that reiterates your products’ clean ingredients. 


How Can I Stay Current on Beauty Trends?


BluCactusWhile all news, no matter the industry is discussed and advertised online, it’s the one place you can count on for keeping up with what’s trending in the beauty world.


Yes, trends do not always start online, however, the web and social media alike is how trends spread the quickest. Remaining consistent on your socials is a crucial component to understanding what’s popular and most importantly, what beauty customers want to see.


Staying current on beauty trends requires diligent research amongst competing business’ and influencers content, solid engagement with your audience, and a strong and captivating social media  presence. 


Need Help with Keeping Up on Social Media Beauty Trends? 


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510As an eager beauty business owner, you only want the best for your brand, but the industry can be intimidating! With so many new products launched yearly, it creates a whole new set of trends that your business needs to be ready to pounce on! Your digital marketing campaign should be easy and successful, and we understand if you’re not sure where to start.


That’s what we’re here for! We can assist you with any and all digital marketing needs to help you conquer the unknown. With our expert services, we’ll be sure to boost your beauty brand to the success it deserves! Maybe you’re unsure of what your business actually needs to reach the sales and traffic you’re looking for? 


Take advantage of our complimentary consultation, and help us help you!


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