7 trends we will see in Influencer Marketing by 2022

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7 trends we will see in Influencer Marketing by 2022. The influencer industry has become very active in recent years. However, many brands still don’t know this, even if many already enjoy its benefits. That’s why today we’ll show you what are the best influencer marketing trends for 2022.


What are some trends in the influencer marketing space?


Before we start talking about the best influencer marketing trends for 2022, let’s review the trends that set the tone in 2021:


BluCactus - Influencer MarketingThe traffic verified


Before starting 2021, we saw how the use of bots in social media was becoming very common. As a result, the verification of accounts became a mandatory step. In fact, many created software tools to detect fake users. This way, they were able to find out the statistics of the best-qualified candidates to collaborate with brands.




Micro-influencers became the protagonists of 2021. After all, many who had a range of followers between 10,000 and 100,000, managed to obtain a very effective engagement. How? By having a community focused on their niche. This is because when you have a higher level of popularity the tastes of the audience are more diverse.


BluCactus - Influencer MarketingThe NotFilter trend


During this year the NotFilter trend grew. In this sense, many brands’ campaigns worked with influencers focused on inclusion and authenticity. The idea was for brands to stop working with advertising stereotypes, accepting today’s beauty.


The consolidation of certain restrictions 


Influencer marketing brought forward some regulations that served as consumer protection. Similarly, in countries such as the United States, the UK, and Spain, there are codes that both brands and influencers must follow. After all, the engagement of influencers can be a source of confusion for their followers regarding a recommendation.


What trends are there in marketing?


After taking a walk through the best influencer marketing trends in 2021, now’s the time to show you the 7 best influencer marketing trends 2022:


Higher level of influence on Tik Tok:


BluCactus - Influencer MarketingAt the moment Tik Tok has over 1 billion users, which is why it has become one of the best spaces for influencers. In fact, recent studies (SocialPubli) show that 87% of Tik Tok influencers with more followers have a greater audience on this platform than on other social media.


Also, after the pandemic, this platform became very popular. This is one of the reasons why so many people tend to spend a lot of time on it.


Similarly, for advertisers, this social space has a lot of potential. After all, brands will be able to associate with the most important Tik Tok influencers for a higher percentage of effectiveness in their marketing campaigns.


Increased opportunities for nano and micro-influencers on Instagram


We can’t deny that in 2021 there was a strong competition between Instagram and Tik Tok. Faced with this situation, Instagram has launched new features to make engagement easier for content creators.


One of the most relevant changes is flattering for nano and micro-influencers by replacing the swipe up with link stickers. Besides, there is the option of exchanging users in Stories. The latter will be a very profitable action in 2022.


In fact, micro and nano influencers with less than 10,000 followers can now direct traffic to their website or page of a certain brand from their stories. So, the funny thing about the year 2022 is that we will have the opportunity to see a larger list of influencers. All this regardless of their number of followers.


Increase in social commerce 


At this point, let’s take the United States as a reference. After all, this is a country where electronic commerce has had one of the highest growth rates. Between 2019 and 2020, the number of e-commerce buyers grew to 80 million, or 25%.


Also, according to Insider Intelligence, by 2023 the number of buyers may increase to 100 million. But this growth isn’t only in the United States. There are other countries where electronic commerce is so popular, that social media has made high investments to make it easier for commercial exchange between content creators, brands, and consumers.


The pandemic had a lot to do with this trend. This is why it’s now common for a high percentage of Tik Tok or Instagram users to purchase a product after seeing a post from someone they follow on these platforms.


More attention to videos 


Content creation is important for social media; however, content creators are now being encouraged to pay more attention to video production, taking into account that they must be of quality.


What do we mean when we talk about quality? It’s not about making a video and being done with it. Today, short, attractive, and easily understood videos will be the ones that will dominate social media.


According to data provided by Cisco, by 2022 approximately 82% of online traffic worldwide will be accounted for by video content.


For example, to date, Tik Tok videos receive millions of visits a day, while Instagram doubles its engagement for its video posts, unlike what happens with other types of posts. As a result, the popularity obtained by videos through both social media platforms makes it the star content of 2022.


Metaverse inclusion 


Since virtual reality came to light, it has been a very striking scenario to be included in influencer strategies. Because of this, experts expect many campaigns based on the virtual world by 2022. This translates as innovation among creators and greater demand in terms of creativity.


So far, many virtual influencers are active on social media, but in the short term, they are expected to dominate the metaverse world.


Besides, influencers will be able to experiment with Non-Fungible Tokens (NTFS), by selling their most viral content or by unlocking unique experiences.


More alternatives to make money 


BluCactus - Influencer MarketingInfluencers have as their main source of income the collaborations they make with different brands. But by 2022 most of them will diversify so that sponsored content is not their only revenue stream.


Therefore, social media has understood this new need for influencers and has invested in new functions that allow them to earn more money.


That is why through Instagram influencers have the opportunity to sell their own products, and in a short time, they will also be able to enjoy affiliate marketing in this same application.


But this is not the only current way to generate income, as influencers can now earn virtual tips on Instagram, YouTube, Clubhouse, Tik Tok, and Twitch. They can even take advantage of going through the badges in Instagram lives and the advantages of Patreon.


Relevance of sports influencers 


It is worth noting that 2022 is the World Cup year, which means that footballers will cause a stir on social media and brands can take advantage of it.


This influencer marketing proposal has its peculiarities, and the key is to intelligently choose those profiles that match your brand to create genuine content that meets your objectives.


What are the top 5 tips for implementing influencer marketing?


Before doing deals with an influencer, you must take into account some influencer marketing tips. This way, you will easily reach your objectives when making or promoting a campaign to make your brand visible. After all, we make our most common mistakes when we want to do a campaign with an influencer by proposing strategies that aren’t in tune with the brand and much less with the influencer.


BluCactus - Influencer MarketingThat’s why to take advantage of the best influencer trends for 2022 we have put together the most useful tips:


  • Clearly define your goals so that they and the actions you carry out through your relationship influencer campaign.
  • Get involved in creating content so it can have an impact. The best advice is to carefully analyze the type of content that will use for your campaign.
  • Choose the right influencer. For this, you must know their number of followers, the quality of their content, and other factors. All these will be decisive for the success of your campaign.
  • Measure the impact of the influencer concerning the actions carried out during the campaign. To do this, you can monitor in real-time and measure the real impact of the influencer.
  • Focus on building long-term relationships. A longer collaboration will give you greater credibility if you want to develop future campaigns.


Why is influencer marketing the next big thing?


The growth of influencer marketing is beyond dispute, and the influencer marketing trends for 2022 are very clear. Although the fact that the practices used will still be used in 2021 cannot be set aside. For example, the short video format and diversity of influencers are actions that are and will keep being trends.


Besides, by 2022 it’s important to emphasize support for social causes.


This includes influencers with creative content so that they can be useful for brands. Another point that we can’t forget is that when choosing your influencer, you must ensure attention they’re genuinely a lover of the brand.


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