Types of digital content:What are the types of content that exist?

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Types of digital content:What are the types of content that exist? The world of advertising andexcuse mewe promote products and services has changed dramatically over the years.


With the digital transformation, everything has taken a turn that has undoubtedly brought improvements in how to interact with the public, as well as saving time and money, since the resources used are not the same as they were 20 or 30 years ago.


But, at the same time, it has also fostered high competition between brands and companies in their attempt to position themselves and have visibility in digital media, which can make it difficult for some, especially small brands or those that do not have a high budget, this mission.


For all this, various plans or projects are created whose objective is to transmit information that encourages a person to follow an account on social networks, to want to ask about a product and the ultimate goal is to make a purchase.


Also, it seeks to arouse emotions from this information that is being provided to the viewer to achieve engagement by appealing to the feelings with which they connect.


Now, these individual plans or projects that we mentioned, when brought together, will form what we know as a digital marketing strategy, which is designed according to the needs and objectives to be achieved by a brand.


ANDIn summary, everything that is part of a digital marketing plan, no matter how simple or small it may seem to us, is: digital content.


To define it more precisely, digital content is understood as all digitized information, that is, that is not in physical form (book, magazine) and that is transmitted to others through the Internet, through different formats, such as such as: images, videos, audios, texts, blogs, applications, among others.


To get a better view ofexcuse medigital content works, let’s learn more about the types that exist.


Types of digital content




BluCactus - digital contentThe infographic is a combination of images alluding to the topic with text.


Its objective is to make a short story or give information in a summarized and didactic way to the viewer so that they have a pleasant reading, just as if we were reading a story.


It is very usefultoin social networks because it has a high popularity and acceptance, proving that in recent years this type of content has increased traffic on the internet, as well as the search for this type of specific material due to its simplicity and lightness.




Also known in its English translation, Newsletters, is a flyer-type format containing precise information or news about a brand or company, to be normally disseminated through email for the sake of email marketing.


When there is a new product or service, its dissemination is necessary so that customers know about it, therefore, the newsletter is an excellent way of informing.


Its main advantages are direct communication with customers and the power of much more precise segmentation, since we have the power to carefully choose the people we want to receive the information.




Yes you arrivedso far,you will knowWhat is this point about?


The blog is a diary, blog or writing that is made about a specific topic, because it is a non-rigid type of format, it is fantastic to create content in a relaxed way, since very valuable information can be shared, which will be translated in an increase in traffic on the website.


The blog entries are ordered chronologically and are segmented according to the topics that are discussed.they handleon the page, so you can easily locate a blog by topic quickly and easily, which are qualities that are appreciated when looking for information.


It is a very light way to get aspecific material, since, because they are not extensive, the information is precise and easy to read.


Blogs are ideal for increasing website traffic, getting customers hooked by getting subscriptions, encouraging direct communication with visitors by allowing comments on posts.


But remember, the blog should not be used as a means to sell, but to inform, educate and above all recreate, since from here it is that you want to attract the potential client by demonstrating that the information is truthful and useful. 




As their name indicates, they are electronic books that contain more information than a blog, so they tend to go much deeper about a topic and their format, being digital, is available for download, this being the anchor point with the public.


Normally, the sites where theebooksthey request a prior registration, time to get the information and add it to a directory of contacts, which will make your database grow.


If the material is good, the person will come back for more downloads and if you offer exclusive items or very difficult to find elsewhere, you will get a purchase.




The video format is the king of kings at the moment in social networks and the projection is that it stays that way for a long time.


Thanks to the birth of TikTok and its growth like wildfire, Instagram decided to adapt to this type of short videos, giving it relevance through the algorithm to such an extent that today it is the format that offers you greater visibility and positioning on networks.


The video is a visual option that has always been liked, since those who are not fond of reading are inclined to this type of material, where in the same way you can learn and know about a subject.


Now, we can find the opposite case, of those who are not lovers of videos or excessively long videos, and for them, 1-minute videos have been created that are capable of offering quality content without tiring the viewer.


Nowadays, all kinds of brands, companies, and sectors have opted for this strategy, since it has been proven that it really works, and from children to the elderly, they are video consumers, so it is an excellent way to reach a large audience.




Like the phoenix, the podcasthas wonground again in recent years.


This tool offers us all kinds of content, the duration is not long, it offers the possibility (depending on the platform) to download the chapters and listen to them later or access them at any time to catch up.


The only requirement you need is an internet connection and browse to find the podcast with the topics that interest you the most.


If the material that is talked about in the podcast is good, they will follow you and listen to what will also attract these people to look for you in other networks or media where you have a presence and help your visibility and community growth.




BluCactus - digital contentIn some cases, reports are issued from research or scientific work, such as theses, which can be published and thus offer information that has been verified through studies and that is therefore real and true.


Thus, you will be offering valuable material to your audience, increasing your reputation, credibility and seriousness to the image of the brand or company, whileentrenchthe loyalty of those who are your customers or followers.




How many did not succumb to Facebook quizzes in the beginning?


Well, if you lived through that time and remember them, you will know that this type of tool is quite fun, since it offers a moment of leisure and fun to the Internet user while giving you data about it, its tastes, preferences, and if it is the In case they have to complete any registration, you will increase your database in the future.


Frequent questions


Its translation into English is FAQs, which means Frequently Asked Questions, and it is a section that is enabled on some pages of companies that offer products or services in which the most frequent doubts that users or clients have had at some point are exposed.


The objective of this is to attack the possible doubt of a new user before it rises, or to avoid the process of the person having to personally contact someone.


And of course, what is sought is to satisfy a need or problem quickly and easily, saving the public or user time and processes that may be considered cumbersome, such as having to communicate with a customer service number.


BluCactus - digital contentIt will always be more practical to find the answer to the question without having to go very far.


Always keep in mind that the objective of each and every one of these types of content will be to connect with the audience and foster a relationship of loyalty and lasting over time.


All the resources described here add value and are really excellent, just opt ​​for the one that you consider to be the best for your business and create quality content that pleases and educates everyone.


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