All you need to know about Versace’s marketing strategy

BluCactus - All you need to know about Versace's marketing strategy

All you need to know about Versace’s marketing strategy. In the world of high-end fashion, few names command the attention and admiration that Versace does. Renowned for its amazing designs and distinctive style, Versace has not only become synonymous with luxury but has also crafted a marketing strategy that is as bold and iconic as its creations.


Briefing about the brand, Versace is an Italian fashion house founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace. Today it’s one of the world’s leading luxury brands. Like any brand, Versace’s marketing strategy aims to stay connected with its target audience. In this post, we will mention all the details of its strategic marketing plan.


To start, we must highlight the fact that this company keeps up its high visibility on Instagram through its feed. In fact, during Fashion Week, its creative director Donatella Versace through her marketing plan achieved more engagement compared to other brands. And this only makes it clear that even luxury brands need marketing to continue to succeed.


What is Versace’s marketing strategy?


BluCactus - All you need to know about Versace's marketing strategyAs mentioned earlier in the blog, Versace’s marketing strategy has had a very clear objective since its creation. This is to stay close to its target audience.


Versace’s marketing strategy is a masterclass in combining tradition with modernity, extravagance with accessibility, and exclusivity with inclusivity.


By telling a captivating brand story, maintaining a visually appealing identity, collaborating with influencers, embracing digital platforms, and offering unparalleled experiences, Versace continues to captivate the world of fashion.


On the other hand, Versace believes in being able to reach a public not often interested in fashion. For this, it aims to offer them innovative ideas that invite them to express themselves.


This way, it has been one of the most feasible ways for Donatella to capture the attention of millennials and increase the income obtained by the brand.


Next, we’ll show you the factors that have driven the marketing strategy of Versace:


The suitable tone for social media


Versace is one of the luxury brands that use social media marketing to stay connected to its target audience. In fact, by entering the brand’s Instagram we can see well-edited photos directly focused on a fashionable audience. In this way, the firm has defined the correct tone to make life through this communication channel. In the world of high-end fashion, few names command the attention and admiration that Versace does. Renowned for its opulent designs and distinctive style, Versace has not only become synonymous with luxury but has also crafted a marketing strategy that is as bold and iconic as its creations. 


Generate content with the collaboration of micro-influencers


Although this strategy isn’t directly linked to the Versace line, it was carried out through Versus de Versace, a diffusion line of the Italian fashion house that began in 1989.


The truth is that Donatella worked with a group of micro-influencers for the presentation of one of her fall/winter collections. Specifically, she worked with 8 young people who, although not well known, thanks to their creativity made a good contribution to the brand.


The English model born in the United States, Lily McMenamy, and the English singer and songwriter, Cosmo Pyke, were part of the list of micro-influencers who brought this campaign to life in 2017.


Creation of exclusive collections


Versace understands the importance of creating memorable experiences for its clientele. One way it does this is by offering exclusive collections. This is in fact, the most effective element of Versace’s marketing strategy.


Furthermore, Versace’s exclusive collections are characterized by their scarcity. By deliberately limiting the production of certain designs, the brand not only enhances the perceived value of each piece but also creates a sense of urgency among its clientele. The notion that only a select few will have access to these creations instills a feeling of exclusivity that resonates with those who seek uniqueness and rarity in their fashion choices.


In fact, if we take an example, we can go back to the year 2017, when the model Gigi Hadid collaborated with the brand and this time behind the scenes to present what would be the spring/summer collection.


Currently, the brand continues to focus on exclusivity as this is one of the principles of any haute couture firm.


BluCactus - All you need to know about Versace's marketing strategyPresentation of their collections in London


The most important luxury brands in the fashion industry participate in Milan Fashion Week. However, even though the Versace brand has had active participation in this majestic event, in 2021 it did not participate in person. But equally, he did it digitally through a film to show his fall/winter collection.


We know that the pandemic has also brought many disadvantages in the fashion sector and Versace has not escaped it either. The fact that the brand has not participated in person at Milan Fashion Week does not detract from its importance as one of the most important Italian fashion houses in the industry.


The heritage of the Versace brand is used as a marketing strategy


Luxury brands have recognized that as time goes by, consumers are more interested in knowing their history. In fact, Donatella has been one of the fashion designers to utilise this concept best in Versace’s marketing strategy. After all, apart from showing the history of Versace, she focused on making its cultural heritage known.


BluCactus - All you need to know about Versace's marketing strategyIn the same way, the designer considers that this type of content is critical to give her clients an escape from reality, without the need for them to shoot special content.


An interesting point is that this type of content is in fact cheaper. Even the elements that couldn’t be used in previous campaigns have served to be published today. Which has cost much less, unlike creating new content.


Besides, to maintain the brand’s heritage on Instagram, fascinating images from the 90s have been recovered. This has been very interesting for followers and has given a nostalgic twist.


Like Versace’s actions, many brands within their marketing strategy have recovered some campaigns from their archives to use them today, and success has been present. Also, some of these fashion giants have been Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton.


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