10 Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube


10 Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube. There are over 31 million channels live on YouTube. It is also the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. This clearly means that YouTube has widespread popularity.


But with such popularity comes a high level of competition. With 500 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute worldwide, competition on the platform is increasing day after day. 


So, how can you grow your YouTube channel and subscriber base?


Well, you don’t need to worry about that because, in this blog post, we’ll take you through 10 surefire ways you can get more subscribers on YouTube quickly.


So, without further ado, let’s begin.


1. Keep your channel neat and clean


Blucactus-1-Keep-your-channel-neat-and-cleanBefore we dive deep into the secret tips, let’s do some cleaning first. While you may think that every video uploaded on your YouTube channel is amazing, you are not Justin Bieber, so your audience will not think so. 


We know it is hard to believe, but it is important to face the reality and get into the shoes of an outsider from time to time.


When you take a closer look at your YouTube channel, you’ll realize that there are tons of outdated or old videos that you should delete. If you find something like this, then delete such videos, as they are of no use.


This will give your channel a new and fresh look and will also impact your brand positively.


2. Create high-quality content


Blucactus-Create-high-quality-contentYes, you might have heard it again and again, but it is the reality. YouTube is full of cluttered and unrelated videos. Quality content is lacking on YouTube. This is where you can take advantage and start creating high-quality content that will help you stand apart from others and will also help you in growing your channel.


Here are the few techniques to create high-quality content;


  • Research


The first step in creating quality YouTube videos is by doing research. You can start with subscribing to your competitor’s channel and checking what kind of video content they are publishing. 


You can also jot down some interesting topics and points. 


Remember, you don’t need to copy them. Instead, you can find out ways to do content like them in a more creative way.


You can also do keyword research to help you with YouTube SEO.


For example;


You want to make a video on how to start a money-making blog, then you can take the help of YouTube autosuggest to find keyword ideas. 


You can include these keywords in your content, title, description, and thumbnail and level up your YouTube SEO game.


  • Script 


Blucactus-ScriptIt might be possible that you feel bogged away while creating videos, especially when you are creating them for the first time.


Hence, you can create a script and plan your video content accordingly.


You can write down the story and important points you want to include in your video. 


This will save your time and will also help you in recording the video in one go.


  • Equipment 


Creating good quality video content is next to impossible if you don’t have the right equipment. Hence, make sure that you have the right quality camera and video recorder, and the lighting setup is done.


3. Have a stunning channel trailer video


Blucactus-Have-a-stunning-channel-trailer-videoThis is yet another technique that you can leverage to increase your YouTube subscriber. YouTube allows you to create channel trailer videos that users can see when they land on your channel page.


This feature gives you an amazing opportunity to increase your subscriber base, if, and only if, you are creating high-quality content.


These channel trailers need to be short, sweet, and simple. Remember, you cannot upload your niche content on the channel. Since it is in a trailer format, you can include a short introductory video that can explain to your audience what your channel is all about.


4. Create short and description videos


Blucactus-Create-short-and-description-videosDo you feel that creating lengthy videos will get you more subscribers and views?


If you think so, then you are wrong. 


While long-form blog content performs well, long-form video content on YouTube will never work. No matter how informative or creative your video is, it should never exceed a 5 minutes timeline.


Want to know why?


Well, it’s science. 


Several research and studies have shown that the attention span of humans is decreasing day after day. Today, the average human attention span is 6 seconds, which is shorter than goldfish.


Hence, start creating short videos from now on. 


5. Use CTAs


Blucactus-Use-CTAs - Get More Subscribers on YouTubeAll the marketers across the globe know how to create stunning CTAs or call to action buttons. And we are 100% sure that even you might know how to create stunning CTAs.


So, why don’t you try incorporating a call to action button in your YouTube videos? Now, you might think that including CTA in YouTube videos is a technical task, but we have good news for you.


It is not.


YouTube has now made it easy for marketers and YouTubers to include end screens and cards in their videos.


Let us break down what is the difference between the two;


End screen:


As the name says, an end screen is where your call to action appears at the end of your video. Whether you want to entice your viewers to subscribe to your channel, or direct them to the website, or show them the next video, you can do all these with the end screen.




With the help of cards, you can direct the viewers to a specific URL or you can also show them your channel playlist. 


6. Promote your videos


Blucactus-Promote-your-videos - Get More Subscribers on YouTube10 Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube.


The next top-rated tip to get more subscribers is by promoting your YouTube channel and videos.


So, if you are wondering how to promote YouTube channels and videos, then pay attention to the 5 tips below;


  • Collaborate with other channels


Do you want to get exposure from a new set of audiences?


If yes, then collaborate with influencers or other social media channels in your niche. It is one of the most effective ways you can promote and grow your YouTube channel.


When other influencers share or promote your content, then it creates social proof. This persuades the other audience to follow your channel as well.


  • Promote on social media


Do you have an existing audience or a community on a social media platform?


If yes, then you can also consider publishing your YouTube content on those platforms. This will surely help you in increasing your views and subscribers quickly.


  • Publish on your blog


If you are getting a good amount of organic traffic from Google, then you can also try incorporating YouTube videos on your blog content. 


7. Post with consistency


Blucactus-6-YouTube-video-marketingYes, we understand you might not be a professional videographer who can edit and render videos within a few minutes. But if you follow our tip 2 and do proper research and script your videos, then it will become quite easy for you to upload weekly.


This will help you in creating content consistently.


You need to understand that consistency is the key. Your subscribers will not stay on your channel if they don’t see quality content regularly. They have subscribed to your channel because they feel you upload quality content regularly.


If you are into SEO, then you might have heard about the Whiteboard Friday video series by Moz.


This is a great series where Moz uploads high-quality video content every Friday on SEO-related topics. You should try to maintain consistency like Moz.


8. Promote your channel in online communities


Whether it is Twitter, LinkedIn, online forums, Facebook groups, or WhatsApp groups, you should be actively involved in all the relevant communities in your niche and promote your videos.


Let us say that you are an SEO expert and part of a community where people are talking about how to increase search engine rankings. This is the perfect time where you can come up with your video and share it with the people to help them understand how to increase SERP rankings.


Communities always work the best but make sure that you don’t spam.


9. Run ads


10 Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube. If you are serious about promoting your YouTube channel and increasing your subscribers, then why not go the extra mile and invest in YouTube ads? 


No, we are not telling you to invest thousands of dollars, but putting some amount of cash on advertisement is a fool-proof way to increase your subscriber base on YouTube.


You already know that YouTube is a crowded space and money talks, so it is important to invest some amount of cash on advertising to promote your channel.


10. Encourage people to subscribe to your channel


Blucactus - Contact usRemember your childhood days when parents used to say “If you scored 90%, you’ll get a surprise gift”.


This is quite funny, but bribery is something that we don’t completely grow out of. 


It also works today because it is human nature to love free stuff and things.


So, you can also bribe your audience to subscribe to your YouTube channel.



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