Website Vs. social media: do I really need a domain?


Website Vs. social media: do I really need a domain? In a world where businesses must have a presence on digital platforms, some still have doubts. After all, joining can be hard for many entrepreneurs. This is because they could have many ideas zooming around in their heads but they don’t know where to start.


For many businesses, social media is the ideal place to make their purchases. On the other hand, some prefer to have a web page that is in charge of automating the processes as much as possible.


However, having a website can be an expensive tool and you may need the help of experts. Social media is like the apple that doesn’t fall far from the tree since you’ll still need specialists even in these platforms to help you manage them. Only this way will you learn how to handle them correctly.


Today, we’ll talk about the advantages of social media and websites. Besides, we will also tell you which one would be the most suitable for your business.


Most popular social media platforms


Since we´re in a rapidly evolving digital world, let’s start by showing you some of the most important platforms for your business. Here, we will explain which are the most used platforms for your brand and how you could use them as a network. You can even apply it to sell your products or services if done the right way.





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Instagram is a very popular platform among companies and brands, new or established. Thanks to it, they can attract new customers and make sales.


For many, this is their go-to choice when starting to venture into digital platforms.


After all, it offers advertisers one of the largest user bases, and it’s the second most accessed network just behind Facebook.


One of the strategies commonly used by many when adopting this platform is ads or paid advertisements.


With them, you can reach a new audience and get your publications to have a greater number of interactions.


BluCactus - important dataFacebook


This is the reigning champ of social media platforms and has the most users in the world.


Facebook had a great time of popularity and now it’s a great spot to expand your brand identity and show your human side. Because of this, it can help you promote your content, publications, and entire brand.


Besides, it’s perfect to make yourself known more widely and to a more massive audience.


On Facebook, you can carry out paid advertising, connect groups of people and create large communities to reach more customers and increase the sales of your business.



BluCactus - important dataAnother giant and favourite network that can provide you access to millions of users.


Twitter is a social media platform that allows you to make short messages but with a big impact. Here you can post some news about your brand, and connect in a much simpler and informative way with your customers.


Twitter is also ideal for those personal brands, bloggers, or public personalities.


After all, you will be able to communicate with thousands of people, whether they are your followers or not, which further broadens the reach that your brand’s publications may have.

BluCactus - important dataLinkedIn


This is a platform that keeps rising to the top ever since its birth. LinkedIn is aimed to reach out to business buyers and connect with professionals in their same area of ​​expertise.


Some use it to share work topics which makes it a little less creative and more formal.


Even if this is a less colourful social media platform, different from Instagram or Pinterest, it’s perfect to create awareness and improve your brand’s reputation. Here, what’s important is to create ties and directly talk with prospects, colleagues, peers, influencers, and business leaders around the world.

BluCactus - important dataYouTube


The favourite platform of many and the second most popular search engine in the world with more than 2 billion users, Google obviously being number one.


YouTube is known for being the place where thousands of users a day share their audiovisual content and make periodic publications to keep their audiences connected.


This can be a great option for your business. After all, it will allow you to show your products or services in a much lighter way for followers to see. Take advantage of collaborations or work together with people who are influential to support you in creating a stronger community.

Websites as a reliable option for your business


BluCactus - important dataOnline pages are those platforms where we store all the information regarding our business. When you have a website, you gain full control of your online presence which means you’ll have greater freedom of expression than with a social media platform.


Here you can create the structure you want and place it in the way that you desire. Since you have full control of the situation, you can fill it with personalized details.


It is important to bear in mind that if you have a website, you will likely have to have an expert in programming and web development on hand.


This developer will be in charge of making the layout of how your page will look so that you only have to add the content details.


Advantages of websites for your business


BluCactus - Website Vs. social media -  Important dataThe benefits of a website for your brand are endless. A website allows you to show your clients who you really are and everything you want to offer them. Here’s a list of some of the advantages that you will enjoy if you choose to use a website. 


Increase the reach of your business, Website Vs. social media


By having a website, you will have many people who will approach your business. It will also allow new people, from different parts of the globe, to see your products, get to know your company, interact with your brand and help you continue to grow. To achieve this your website need to double down on your SEO tools and organic search strategy, to make it even more effective.


BluCactus - Website Vs. social media -  Important dataImprove your brand image, Website Vs. social media


Websites are ideal for creative layouts and structures to attract the eye of your customers or potential buyers.


Besides, they will want to spend much more time on your site online if it’s eye-catching. Another important point is that this will also improve the reputation of your company.


Those brands with web pages are considered much more appreciated, and trustworthy for customers. Also, if your website has a good design, people will know that your business is serious and has a qualified staff willing to help them through their buyer journey.

BluCactus - Website Vs. social media -  Important dataIncrease your sales, Website Vs. social media


Unlike a physical store, having an online store allows you to have an all-day, everyday sales tool to capitalize on


It doesn’t really matter if it’s at 7 in the morning or midnight.


You just need your buyer to be attracted to your page and it will do the rest for you and your business.


BluCactus - Website Vs. social media -  Important dataImprove customer service, Website Vs. social media


Customer service is one of the factors that you have to pay the most attention to.


This is where you will really see if your potential buyers will want to buy from your company.


Walk alongside them at all times and offer them numbers, or contact information in case they have questions.


You can even offer them live chats where they can receive the necessary help at any time of the day.

Advantages of social media


BluCactus - Website Vs. social media -  Important dataSocial media also offers many benefits.


It helps spread the word about your value, For example, having a presence on Twitter allows you to feel even more comfortable experiencing new content and responding to questions and comments on a much more personal level.


Besides, another important factor is that social media tends to be a low-cost marketing strategy.


However, this can change if you want to implement ads, but this doesn’t really happen that often.


BluCactus - Website Vs. social media -  Important dataHere is a list of all the benefits you need to know about social media:


  • An active presence in social media helps the company to reinforce its brand.
  • Greater awareness of the organization.
  • WEB 2.0 is an alternative commercial platform.
  • Media coverage at a relatively low cost.
  • Target segmentation.
  • Increase communication channels with customers.
  • Customer service is easier.
  • Generating comments and publications with relevant content will strengthen the bond with customers.
  • The viral effect makes promotions and offers spread quickly
  • Ability to monitor conversations about the organization.
  • The identification of new business opportunities.
  • Alert of possible product or service problems


Now, even if all these channels have benefits and advantages, what’s important as an entrepreneur is to decide which one works best. For this, we recommend working with both as strategies. For example, you can use social media to capture leads and your website to make purchases and retain customers.


BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


BluCactus - Website Vs. social media -  Important dataBluCactus international marketing agency serves clients all over the world. Our specialty? The creation of web designs and SEO positioning in online searches. Our group of experts focuses on helping businesses and brands succeed in one of the most competitive sectors in the market, the digital world.


BluCactus will accompany you in every step that your brand takes. This goes from the creation of the branding of your business to the creation of content. Our focus is on supporting you with the development of your website or the administration of your accounts on social media.


This online marketing agency, based in Toronto, ON, seeks to strengthen your image as a brand and take it to the next level. Don’t wait any longer to have the help of the best specialists in digital marketing and contact us through our social media or website.


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