What are consumer habits, and what factors influence them?

BluCactus - What are consumer habits, and what factors influence them?

What are consumer habits, and what factors influence them? Each consumer is particular and each one of them is different. Customers have unique and diverse needs, styles and behaviors. That’s why, within marketing and sales strategies, the departments must have a broad knowledge of who their consumers are.


Having a good understanding of what all your customer segments needs and how they work will make it easier for you to try to approach a similar market and satisfy their desires. Among some of the most important elements that any organization must know are consumption habits.


Today, we will give you information on consumer habits, the factors that influence them, and the types of habits that exist. Without further ado, let’s get started!


What are consumer habits?


BluCactus - What are consumer habits, and what factors influence them?When referring to consumer habits, we talk about all the trends that customers and consumers have when purchasing a product, good, or service. These affect how they follow the purchase, the object they buy and when they do it.


Most of these types of consumption habits begin once the customer realizes that they have a need or want to purchase some type of product. After this, they have to follow a different number of steps to complete the purchase and carry out the transaction.


Having a clear idea about our customers’ consumption habits have great benefits when it comes to creating strategies and tactics that work best for them as a company to get closer to customers, attract their attention and offer them the best products and services.


6 factors that influence consumer habits


Consumption habits aren’t only the attitudes that some customers may have when buying a product or service. In these habits, certain factors influence how a shopping journey takes place. This, from the moment the consumer realizes that they need it until they make the purchase.


That’s why we will give you a step-through of some factors that influence the consumption habits of your customers.


  • Internal factors


Coming largely from the person themselves, their needs, desires, experiences and the expectations they have with the products.


  • External factors


This factor is influenced by the opinions of friends, family, world trends, what is happening with the economy in the world, and any other type of desire that has been promoted by your community or people around you.


  • Psychological factors


Here it depends merely on the attitude and expectations that the customer has about the product, good, or service they intend to purchase.



  • Economic factors


When we talk about economic factors, these play an important role in terms of customer decision-making because depending on the purchasing power they have, they may or may not purchase various products and services.


  • Marketing factors


How a purchase communicates with its customers through its marketing strategies can be an important factor in persuading your customers to buy your products, goods, and services.


  • BluCactus - What are consumer habits, and what factors influence them?Brand loyalty factors.


If a buyer feels loyalty to a brand because in the past they made some type of transaction and it was successful.


Their consumption habits will likely tell them to go for a well-known business.


That they have already experienced in the past.




Some types of consumption habits


BluCactus - What are consumer habits, and what factors influence them?Consumption habits are very varied and look different in each person. However, some types of habits are more common and easier for members of the marketing area to recognize. Here we talk about some of the most common types of consumer habits.




This type of consumer makes purchases from the emotional and not from the need. They rarely have a real desire and are only motivated by some emotion that causes them to purchase a product without thinking too much about it.


BluCactus - What are consumer habits, and what factors influence them?Compulsive


These buyers have no real control over their spending, and they are buying the products just because they want to or think it is the right thing to do.




A rational consumer takes the time to research the product or service they want. They repeatedly wonder if they need it for their life, or if it is a simple whim. They do in-depth research to find the company that can satisfy their needs the best. Only then will they make any sort of purchase.


BluCactus - What are consumer habits, and what factors influence them?Reminder


These customers don’t tend to think about their purchases much until they remember to do so.


They are not fans of researching the company or brand that will help them.


They just make the purchase and forget about it again.




A buyer like this only makes a transaction after being attracted by digital marketing strategies. This way, they get caught up in the product or service.


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