How can a Brand Book help your company?


How can a Brand Book help your company? When is a company successful? This is a point that every business owner wants to know. Now, while this is a simple answer, it also needs many elements to achieve it. First, for a company to be successful there must be a great organization. It’s because of this that putting together a Brand Book can become the best decision you could ever make for your business.


Besides, when you have a company, you must always show what your brand represents since it’s the only way to reach the audience of your interest. So, if you want to achieve good positioning on the web, you must keep your objectives clear while at the same time conveying accurate information.


Do you want to publicize your company?


BluCactus - Brand Book - important dataDeveloping a Brand Book is an excellent idea for your company to be known on the web as it should be.


However, to achieve a good organization you must commit to working under strict rules to achieve positive results. For this reason, you can use this tool to boost your marketing strategies.


The goal of a business plan is to allow you to easily carry it out.


This way, you’ll have time to cover all your company’s needs. Similarly, before using any tool for your company, you must first obtain information from it.


What is Brand Book?


BluCactus - Brand Book - important dataBefore starting to work on a Brand Book for your company, you should know what this strategy consists of.


A Brand Book works as a manual that helps to build the corporate identity of your company. 


In fact, thanks to its benefits, many companies use it today.


After all, it can include a set of guidelines that your entire team can follow to exalt everything important to your brand.


You as a business owner and the rest of your team must understand the meaning and what your brand represents. Only in this way can you carry out good management. Otherwise, your business plan will fail.


The importance of a Brand Book for any company


BluCactus - Brand Book - important dataWhen you have a company, you should think about your corporate identity. This is where creating a Brand Book becomes important. After all, thanks to this it will be easier for you to develop your marketing strategies. As a result, you’ll be able to reach your target audience just as you wanted.


Companies that don’t work together with a Brand Book can misuse their brand image. Besides, without a good organization, you won’t be able to achieve a better positioning than the competition. 


As you can see, building a Brand Book can be very helpful to your company if you haven’t been able to achieve the expected results you wanted. By now you may already want to learn how to create this amazing tool, or are we wrong? After all, you can easily use this tool for the growth of your company.


How to make a Brand Book?


BluCactus - Brand Book - important dataA Brand Book allows you to achieve the objectives of your company by creating a stable foundation for all your plans. In other words, it allows you to really convey the correct information to all your staff and everyone in the market.


This also helps to maintain the visual image and values vital to good brand positioning. When preparing a Brand Book there is no specific pattern in terms of its design. However, some points will serve as a guide to distribute the content properly.


This corporate identity manual will become one of the most important documents for your company since it will be responsible for generating trust in your brand.


Must have elements in a Brand Book


Have you already decided to make a Brand Book? If so, there are some elements that you must take into account when creating it, and here they are:


BluCactus - important dataAdd company history


Even if it may not seem like it, the public wants to learn your company’s history. They want to understand what your brand represents. Because of this, when creating a brand book, you should include a little snippet of your brand’s history. In it, you should write the beginnings of your brand and the people who participated in its foundation.


Show business values 


Values ​​show the corporate identity of a certain brand. For this reason, by showing the values ​​of your company you will make clear your ethics and other fundamental elements. This way, your audience will be able to know what the standards of behavior are exercised within your business.


BluCactus - important dataExalt the business mission


To identify a brand correctly it is important to know its mission since it is the only way to know what its competitive spin is. It’s also a way to easily determine who is the target audience. In this case, by showing the mission of your business, you will also be able to make clear the characteristics that differentiate it from the competition.


Your business mission must be made up of goals able to explain the behavior of your brand. For this, you need to create a Brand Book. In short, this tool will help you clearly state your brand’s wanted achievements and its future.


Create a verbal identity 


Verbal identity cannot be missing from your Brand Book, since having messages related to your brand will achieve the expected effect. Your brand must communicate with both its indoor and outdoor environment properly. Consequently, you will need to consider the tone of voice you intend to use and your messaging.


How do you create the verbal identity of your brand?


  • BluCactus - important dataTake care of the tone of voice 


When we talk about the tone of voice, we are referring to how you say the message to communicate with your audience and with the staff of your company.


  • Have a good messaging 


Messaging brings together all the messages you want to convey. In other words, you must summarize them to achieve consistent communication. For this, you must determine what the needs of your general audience are to connect through effective messages.


  • Specify the visual identity


BluCactus - important dataIt can be said that the visual identity of your brand is one of the most important points that you need to cover. In fact, the following elements that we will name cannot go unnoticed:



Through a Brand Book, you can show each of these components in detail. Therefore, this guide will allow you to show the visual side of your brand correctly. It will be very useful for company staff, as customers, distributors, and external companies will recognize your brand more easily.


Prepare support material for the brand


BluCactus - Brand Book - important dataYour brand’s official material is also relevant. After all, this is what will make you stand out and be at a higher level than the competition.


The official material of your brand could be made up of the following elements:


  • Brochures
  • Cards
  • Envelopes
  • T-shirts
  • Letterheads


In this type of material, you must first make good use of your company logo. Followed by this, you must make a good combination of colors. Then, you must achieve harmony between the sizes of the design to show the graphic identity of your brand efficiently.


Include contact information 


BluCactus - important dataAs we have already said at the beginning, a Brand Book works as a guide to show the corporate identity of your company.


Regarding its distribution, this point will go to the end so that the public can easily contact your company.


To create a connection with the audience you can use the following means:


Why does your company need a Brand Book?


BluCactus - important dataUsing a Brand Book is the best choice you could ever make to build your brand. Thanks to it, your collaborators and the public will be able to understand the identity of your brand to begin to have good positioning.


The great thing about it is that it helps you cover two very important points for your brand.


The first is that it helps make your brand memorable, and secondly, it will allow you to stand out from your competition.


Unquestionably, this corporate identity manual will be necessary for the growth of your brand.


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