BluCactus - Bus Stop Shelter Ad - important data

What is a Bus Stop Shelter Ad? Although there is a wide variety of outdoor advertising, these posters have become popular thanks to technology. As its name implies, it works as a way of advertising your business’s products or services on bus shelters displaying your message in front of thousands of potential customers.

Today, this kind of advertising is present in different urban spaces. Many of them are even a bit far from the public transport stop.

What are Bus Stop Shelter Ads?

BluCactus - Bus Stop Shelter Ad - important dataThey are an effective format that helps place your advertisement in front of many customers at eye level, which means you’ll have their full attention as they wait for the bus or walk down the street.

After reviewing what are advertising posters, you can see that one of the main advantages of these types of ads is that they can exist in different sizes. In general, Bus Stop Shelter Ads measure 48″ W x 69″ H. What’s great about them is that you can add more elements to make them more eye-catching. In fact, so that they don’t go unnoticed, you can add lighting to make it attractive even if there is no natural light.

As time passes by more and more companies are renting these kinds of ads since they are getting a good return on investment. However, they only do this because they truly understand how to take full advantage of these types of ads. In general, these sorts of posters are big, so you can install them on a large surface to attract people’s attention. Also, to make your Bus Stop Shelter Ad much more striking, you can include a variety of different elements to make them stand out at any bus stop.

When is the right time to use a Bus Stop Shelter Ad?

BluCactus - Bus Stop Shelter Ad - important dataMost people know that Bus Stop Shelter Ads are commercial supports that brands can use to carry out local campaigns. Of course, each of these campaigns aims at a target audience based on different local criteria. For example, if you’re trying to reach a metropolitan audience on a local level, this type of outdoor advertising will be the most suitable.

Yes, running a campaign with Bus Stop Shelter Ads has its cost. However, they have a good return on investment as you already know, thanks to the visibility that gives to your brand. For this reason, if you decide to invest in them, you will be making a good choice. Besides, the image of your brand will be much more reinforced.

If you wanted to learn about advertising posters you may already know all the benefits that these kinds of posters offer. This kind of advertising is a wrap-around ad that appears on all sides of the shelter. This means that you can install two posters on the same support or as you prefer.

Renting a Bus Stop Shelter Ad is a very easy process

BluCactus - Bus Stop Shelter Ad - important dataKnowing what advertising posters are is important in determining whether it is the right advertising your brand needs to move forward. In the same way, renting them is a very simple process. You can even do it for weeks, per month, or for a longer time.

Knowing what a Bus Stop Shelter Ad is, and all the benefits that it provides have made many brands decide to rent them to show their products or services originally and creatively. These are some examples of what Bus Stop Shelter Ads are and how companies use them to carry out eye-catching advertising campaigns:



This international film festival uses Bus Stop Ads to convey their innovative forms of screen storytelling in Australia. Their events are held in an eleven-day celebration in October. These events have established them as one of the most boldest and innovative in the country.



The Stop, has become the pioneer of a community food center, having transformed a traditional food bank into an empowered community food center for charity. This center is responsible for distributing food to low-income communities, and one of its main purposes is to teach people how to eat healthily. That’s why they use this type of advertisings.



Topo Chico is a company located in Monterrey, and it focuses on the production of sparkling mineral water. Because Bus Stop Shelter Ads are an excellent option for advertising, this company uses them to carry out interesting campaigns that have grown them the following cult in recent years, and now that Coca-Cola has just acquired the Topo Chico brand much more surprises are yet to come.



This is definitely Budapest’s grand dame of thermal bathhouses, it surely knows how to draw people to its thermal waters. And it’s all thanks to its eye-catching ad format, that is why they’ve been using this type of outdoor advertising for some time now.



Opel is a German company dedicated to the automotive sector and remains at the heart of all automotive product development. The advertisement that this company employs through their Bus Stop Shelter ads is very creative as they allow people to engage with their ad and pretend that they are comfortably seated in a luxury car.