What is the Brand Identity of a Fashion Business?

BluCactus - What is the Brand Identity of a Fashion Business?

What is the brand identity of a fashion business? Consider all the products that you come across in a day. Be it physical or digital. They can be infinities of products that go from food, shoes, electronics, personal objects, or in this specific case, fashion. Which carries values ​​and personality. Also, this is related to the algorithm of your life.


What´s certain is that you even buy the same brands over and over and over again. Because you trust that they will simply meet your expectations and you like the way they make you feel.


This has a logical explanation. For this reason, at BluCactus we will talk about that connection that only the identity of the brand allows. Which with time is strengthened through branding. So, a brand is any characteristic that distinguishes the products or services of a seller: logos, names, fonts, and slogans.


BluCactus - What is the Brand Identity of a Fashion Business?Branding tells you why it´s a different product from another and is essential for any owner of a fashion business. It will help you build customer loyalty and have longevity in the market. However, it´s not enough just to create a nice logo and a fancy name. Customers must connect with you, with your brand, and believe in the message behind your products.


All these favorite products have identities that communicate the lifestyle. They help you create experiences with brands. Even your fashion business if it´s starting or has been going for a while. Making the target audience feel identified.


In this sense, just as your identity makes you unique through an ID, the brand identity is what will make your business special over any other. And you achieve it with the brand identity design, which will give your company shape. Now, what exactly is brand identity? Do you know what it has to do with design?


What is the identity of a clothing brand?


BluCactus - What is the Brand Identity of a Fashion Business?First of all, we need to tackle a few issues before we catch up. We must break down what a brand is, what branding is, and what brand identity is. Because although many see it as similar, they´re not.


The brand is the perception of the company in the eyes of the world. Branding is the practice involved in marketing to actively shape a brand, in this case, your clothing brand. While the brand identity is the connection of all the elements of the brand that you created in your company. All to make the correct image of your product to the consumer.


If we go a little further than what I tell you, your brand identity is what makes it instantly recognizable to your customers. Your audience will associate or identify you with a stimulus that generates emotion. And so that identity is what helps to strengthen the most personal connection between person and clients. Because you create loyalty and how they perceive you will be determined there.


What is the identity of a brand?


Having a business without a brand identity is a huge mistake.


And while you can always find customers by promoting your brand, that’s not what you should be aiming to.


Because customers don’t just judge fashion products based on price and quality. It´s time to take into account that some of these purchasing decisions are based on lifestyle and financial position.


That´s why, to have your competitive advantage, you must consider these points that help your brand identity be stronger.


  • Customer loyalty. Many buyers choose clothing products because they´re more unique and original than others, modern and on-trend. Others, on the other hand, prefer clothing brands that, for example, may have more friendly prices, are personalized, and closer. Creating this identity is like meeting a new friend.
  • Segment your market. The clothing brand must convey the correct characteristics such as luxury, discounts, leisure, or prestige. So, segmenting your buyer persona will attract consumers who are more than willing to pay your prices. People who value what you sell.
  • Brand consistency. You need to think carefully about how your clothing brand acts. Because this is a guide for business decisions and objectives. If you and your clients are happy with the transition, provide a better service. Since you focus on making sure that everything you do satisfies your audience. Product development, promotion, customer service, and networks.
  • Brand value. A trusted brand identity becomes an asset and a free marketing tool for your fashion business. You must control your customer’s experience of your product every second. Keeping a continuous conversation with your clients depends a lot on branding, for them to be ambassadors for your brand.


What is identity? and an example


You need further evaluation. Because each marketing element and method has to reinforce the key principles and objectives of your fashion company. So, you must engage with existing consumers and employees. Because they´re the ones who will sincerely help you reinforce what you need to improve.


For this, SWOT is an excellent tool that will help you identify and choose your niche. Inside the strengths: think about what you do better than your competition and what advantage you can have over others. What makes you unique. On the other hand, there are weaknesses. And you must analyze what makes your business less attractive than the competition in terms of location, product, variety. Also, don´t forget the opportunities that refer to those trends of this emerging industry. Or what´s the need of your client and if there are opportunities to find new ones.


Finally, we find the threats. This invites us to evaluate those obstacles that make it difficult for your business to be productive. For that reason, you must write down which are those factors that threaten the ability to meet the demands of the future.


Blucactus - Linn Larsson - ContactOnce this analysis is completed, you begin to develop elements of your brand identity. And you can think about the type of customers you want to reach and the impression you want to give.


Remember that you have to keep these key elements up to date. What is your mission and why, besides your values ​​that are relevant with discovering the beliefs that drive your brand. As well as the personality of your brand, if it´s a person, what is your personality. The unique positioning is what differentiates you from your competition. And finally, the voice of your brand, which is basically how you would communicate.


At BluCactus we´re proud to say that we have the tools to help you with your fashion business brand identity. As well as all the slow marketing tools you need in order to boost it. Among these, we can describe that we will put together a beautiful website. With a blog that´s related to what you sell in your clothing store to attract your customers.


We want to position you, and this is your time to enter the main Google search engines.


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